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One Piece: Ice God Resurrection

One Piece: Ice God Resurrection

Native Languagechinesse

On the Great Line, the legend of the Ice God is still circulating.

He is a person with the frozen fruit ability of the previous generation. He is alone, invincible, and rules the entire era. The Rocks Pirates, who were at the height of their power back then, were also defeated by the Ice God.

Whitebeard, Roger, Big Mom, and Golden Lion are all the descendants of the Ice God.

One day, the Ice God died unexpectedly, and the frozen fruit returned to the sea and was eaten by a little boy named Kuzan.

Decades later, the Ice God was resurrected…

The frozen fruit ability is still retained, and the ice demon-destroying magic, demonic appearance and devil’s essence, ice soul cold light sword, and diamond star fist are gradually awakening…

“This world will feel cold again!”

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