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On the first day of divorce, reward a restaurant

On the first day of divorce, reward a restaurant

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After Jiang Feng divorced his wife Xu Na, who was worth 50 million and despised him, he obtained custody of his daughter and unlocked the full-level human system!
Earn money to earn points and unlock various full-level abilities!
Sign in to a restaurant at the beginning and unlock the full-level steamed bun skills!
On the first day of business, business was booming, profits were crazy, and people almost died!
In just one week, Jiang Feng’s shop has become famous in the surrounding area, with neighbors fighting over a steamed bun!
Ex-wife Xu Na came to see her daughter and wanted to mock Jiang Feng for not making any money, but she was directly shocked by the scene in front of her!
Jiang Feng opened more shops along the way!
Catering, clothing, finance, information!
Xu Na went on blind dates many times and felt more and more that Jiang Feng was the best. She missed the best man!
When she came to Jiang Yang in the middle of the night and wanted to remarry, it was Jiang Youyou’s goddess teacher Rong Shuang who opened the door…

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