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Naruto: Three thousand jounin started, shocking Konoha!

Naruto: Three thousand jounin started, shocking Konoha!

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[Uchiha] + [Invincible Side Push] + [Kaleidoscope] + [System] + [Black Belly] + [Decisive Killing] + [Cao Thief]

Su Yi traveled through the world of Naruto and became a member of the Uchiha tribe, but happened to catch up with the night of the genocide!

Fortunately, the system has received the account, and three thousand jounin are given at the beginning, and they take off on the spot!

The Third Hokage: What? Wasn’t the Uchiha family wiped out? How come even the gatekeeper was a jounin?

The Fourth Raikage: You are better at using lightning escape than I am, so I might as well let you be the Raikage!

Major countries: Oh my god, even the Uchiha family’s dogs can shoot Susanoo, and even give them a hair!

Su Yi expanded his power while enjoying life.

Mitarashi red beans? Tsunade? Terumi Mei?

Take them all!

A few years later, Su Yi unified the ninja world.

“I, Uchiha Suyi, am the only god in the ninja world!”

[The introduction is too weak, please move to the main text. 】

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