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Naruto: The return of the dirty land reincarnation

Naruto: The return of the dirty land reincarnation

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He was born in the Hyuga branch family.

He rose to prominence during the Third Ninja War and achieved outstanding military exploits.

However, when he tried to break free from the shackles of the caged bird, he alerted the Hyuga clan who controlled the curse seal, causing him to fall short and unfortunately died from the caged bird curse seal.

In the plan to collapse Konoha, he was able to stand side by side with Shadow, but was summoned back by Orochimaru using the forbidden technique – Earth Reincarnation.

“Sarutobi-sensei, there seems to be something wrong with the Fourth Generation guy and he can’t be summoned, but it doesn’t matter. This guy is as famous as the Golden Flash. He even killed the Third Raikage of Kumogakure Village head-on in the Third Ninja War. His silver lightning is no worse than him, right?”

“Orochimaru, how about we make a deal?”

After walking out of the third coffin, the expressionless figure suddenly spoke.

“Hyuga Kamizuki, are you going to betray Konoha?” The Third Hokage, with his beard and hair standing on end, glared angrily.

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  1. Mbeju01 says:

    Chapter 81 is not here and chapter 82 is not complete, it was seriously a good part!! I would like to know what happened there!!

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