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Naruto: My Sharingan can cultivate automatically

Naruto: My Sharingan can cultivate automatically

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(To say that the timeline is wrong is embarrassing)

Traveling through the world of Naruto, he became Sora Uchiha, a member of the Uchiha clan. He was the same generation as Itachi, but had no talent.

Facing the impending genocide, fortunately Uchiha Sora awakened the automatic training system.

“Ding! Your Sharingan was inspired by knowledge and automatically awakened Shan Magatama!”

“Ding! Your Sharingan was crushed by Shisui’s illusion. Not to be outdone, you evolved into a three-magatama and successfully awakened your illusion immunity talent!”

“Ding! You feel that your physique is not enough. After practicing hard, you have successfully evolved into a fairy human body!”

Uchiha Sora discovered that becoming stronger turns out to be so easy

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