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My black beard is the protagonist

My black beard is the protagonist

Native Languagechinesse

Lin Feng travels through the world of pirates and gets a character selection system. He can choose a character and perfect it.

He chose to seize Blackbeard Tikki and became Luffy’s villain, and he just wanted to be crazier than Tikki!

He wants to prove in this pirate world that Tariqi is not the villain, but the protagonist.

He wants everyone to understand that a thief should look like a thief.

“I have a picky personality, a ruthless heart, and a bad heart.”

“The only thing I’m good at is causing trouble. I like when my opponents get angry.”

“I like it when people call me a pirate with a frightened look on their face.”

“I’m Marshall D. Teach, a new Teach.”

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