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Minecraft: Only I know the crafting list

Minecraft: Only I know the crafting list

Native Languagechinesse

Xu Yuan traveled to a parallel world where the game industry is the most developed.

The new holographic game “Minecraft” developed by the industry giant is entering open beta.

After entering the game world, Xu Yuan was delighted to discover that this game was “Minecraft” that he had played for 8 years.

But no one else in this world knows how to play the game.


While everyone was running for their lives every night, being chased around by zombies and noobs, Xu Yuan’s monster spawning tower was completed.

When everyone was feeling complacent about digging a piece of iron ore, Xu Yuan’s iron brushing factory had already begun batch operations.

When everyone discovered that they could exchange things with villagers, Xu Yuan had already opened the villagers’ trade door.

When everyone was suffering from too few emeralds, Xu Yuan’s predator farm had already overflowed with emeralds.

When everyone was still living in matchboxes, Xu Yuan’s home had become like this…

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