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Military tycoons: from cyberenterprises to global oligarchs

Military tycoons: from cyberenterprises to global oligarchs

Native Languagechinesse

Unemployed vagrant Chen Xuan accidentally holds the Cyber Terminator System.

Get the Cyberpunk 2077 Enterprise template at the beginning and build a monopoly from scratch!

Arasaka, Ichiji Optics, Fuyutsuki Electronics…

Chen Xuan chose to start a military monopoly from the private security giant – Trauma Group!

Recruit Task Force 141 and form a trauma team!


After the establishment of the group, the first customer turned out to be a little girl.

The goal is to keep her mother safe!

A few days later, the criminal group traded the scene.

Enron’s undercover identity was accidentally exposed and he was wounded by a gunshot!

Just as it was about to happen, a group of burly and heavily armed mercenaries appeared.

Kill the gangsters cleanly and rescue Enron who is in danger like lightning.

“Excuse me… Who sent you? ”

“Your daughter purchased a Trauma Team Platinum membership for you, and from now on, we will protect your life!”

Feilu Fiction Network exclusive signed novel: “Military Tycoon: From Cyber Enterprise to Global Oligarch”; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.

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