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Metropolis: I am an investment genius

Metropolis: I am an investment genius

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“The latest 2020 Furun Rich List is announced.”

“Among this year’s cohort of Yuzhou entrepreneurs, Su Yu made it onto the rich list for the first time with a wealth of 5.1 billion yuan, ranking 1,113th on the 100 Rich List.”

“It is said that Su Yu is only 18 years old this year, but he has entered the rich list through stock trading!”

Reporters rushed to Su’s house for interviews as soon as possible.

Reporter: “How much start-up capital did Mr. Su give Su Yu at that time?”

Su’s father: “I only gave him 10,000 yuan.”

Everyone was dumbfounded, what kind of monster is this?

With only 10,000 yuan, he earned 5.1 billion in wealth in just half a year.

Reporter: “Does Mr. Su Yu have any investment tips?”

Su Yu: “I was just betting randomly, and who knew it would hit the daily limit continuously, which caught me off guard.”

Su Yu was on the rich list by stock trading and had a net worth of 5.1 billion at the age of 18. Su Yu was directly searched on the Internet, and his words made him a new generation of bully king.


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