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Master: This rebellious disciple is not the Son of the Holy Son.

Master: This rebellious disciple is not the Son of the Holy Son.

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[Villain Reborn + Tianjiao + Kendo + Empress + Master and Disciple + Invincible + System + More]

Also known as “Please!” Master” “Fantasy, I can break through with one click”

Chu Xiu from Blue Star traveled to the Sky Continent a hundred years ago, bound to the Destiny Villain System, beheaded the Holy Sons of the Holy Land and gave birth to countless daughters, and became invincible among his peers.

In the end, he was surrounded and killed by the stronger men of the older generation, died by self-destruction, and was reborn as the disciple of Yunxia Peak in the Holy Land of Taisu.

This time, he decided to be “cowardly” and grow secretly.

How about setting a small goal first, to become a holy son respected by thousands of people?

Qi Mengdie: I am the master of Yunxia Peak, a powerful person in the Great Saint Realm, but my cultivation has been banned by Chu Xiu, a traitor, and I have become his double experience package?

No, I want to get rid of this dark life, I want to resist, I want to kill the rebels and clean up the family.

Half a year later, Qi Mengdie: Why didn’t the traitor come to improve his qualifications today?

One year later: Why haven’t the traitors come yet? Do you think I am old?

Two years later, Qi Mengdie couldn’t help but call Chu Xiu.

Chu Xiu looked disgusted.

Finally, an angry Qi Mengdie walked up to people and revealed Chu Xiu’s true face.

“Chu Xiu is a traitor. He does all kinds of evil and has a vicious heart. He is not the great and upright Son of God you think he is. If you don’t believe me, look at my belly.”

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