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Ke Xuezhenjiu starts from hypnotizing Belmode

Ke Xuezhenjiu starts from hypnotizing Belmode

Native Languagechinesse

Traveling through the world of science, Gu De found himself a student of Belmode.

The system appears, and as long as it causes emotional fluctuations in plot tasks, you can get emotional points, and then draw rewards!

Hypnosis pocket watch, stand-in dummy, 10 million yen, disguise cream, any door key…

In the first draw, you get a hypnotic pocket watch, which directly hypnotizes Belmod to make cream puffs.

Mao Lilan: “Every time I’m with Brother Gu De, I feel relaxed physically and mentally, and I seem to be growing up with him.”

Miwako Sato: “Why do I always feel a bit strange after finishing the transcript for Mr. Tanori, but I like it so much.”

Fei Yingli: “Why do I like the feeling of Gu De being around? I will provide him with all support including legal support!”

Miyano Shiho: “Gutoku is the leader of the resistance organization, and I am willing to follow him!”

As his status improves, Gu De discovers that the Universe Group in the Korean comics is also a branch of the organization. Is Jin Meiting his subordinate?

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