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I, the Great Swordsman of the Ninja World

I, the Great Swordsman of the Ninja World

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Traveling through the world of Naruto, Uchiha Qiu activates the swordsman system. As long as he swings his sword, he can become stronger and obtain rewards.

Fujitora’s smile template, the eagle eye template, the blade like fire…the final crescent moon sky rush…the breath of thunder, the breath of the sun…

From then on, a great swordsman with the Samsara Eye points his sword at the whole world in order to fulfill his ambition and revenge to unify the ninja world!

“In terms of swordsmanship, I, Madara, would like to call you the strongest Wei, but in front of my power of six paths, any tricks are meaningless. Qiu, you are destined to fail!” Six Paths Madara.

“All things are mortal, and your death is determined by my thoughts and swords.” Uchiha Qiu used the Death Eye.

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