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I! Elf supplier! Start the era of mythical beasts!

I! Elf supplier! Start the era of mythical beasts!

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This is a parallel world without Pokémon, but Jiang Bai has obtained an elf shop, which contains various black technologies related to elves. As an elf businessman, in order to open the elf era, he began to popularize elf knowledge. By the way, Make a little money.

Jiang Bai: “The elf gashapon machine costs 100,000 yuan per time. It can extract elves from various regions, but there is a chance of failure.”

A beautiful anchor: I try to gacha once every 100,000 times, and there is a chance of failure. Boss, do you think I’m stupid? ”

In response to many doubts, Jiang Bai just showed off his magical beast, and then——

A beautiful anchor said: “Boss, I think I’m quite stupid now. Can I pay for ten consecutive rounds? Do I get a mythical beast for ten consecutive rounds? If not, I can just use that yellow-skinned rat that can discharge electricity!”

Audience in the live broadcast room: “Dog anchor, hurry up and get the address! Let’s go draw gashapon right now!”

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