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I am the Mudun Experimental Subject!

I am the Mudun Experimental Subject!

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When he woke up, he took the game system with him and traveled to the world of Naruto, becoming one of the 60 subjects in Orochimaru’s wood escape experiment. He had all the attributes of wood escape and chakra at the beginning, and became the only player in the ninja world.

As long as you keep using abilities, you can increase your proficiency and then break through to new levels.

He is the candidate of the fifth generation, inheriting the ‘power of God’ and the inheritance of previous generations of Hokage, and will lead Konoha back to the towering tree in its heyday.

He is Akatsuki’s coffin bearer, Uchiha Obito’s ‘right-hand man’, and is known for his mysterious skills in sea escape and earth reincarnation.

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