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Hogwarts: The drugged devil, the enemy of wizards

Hogwarts: The drugged devil, the enemy of wizards

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Traveling through the world of Harry Potter, he became an international student of the American Ministry of Magic studying at Hogwarts. Before graduation, he was imprisoned in Azkaban because a bottle of potion helped the entire British wizarding world enjoy a night of bliss.

Titled Silver Devil.

Fortunately, he has the [Heart of All Wisdom] mage growth auxiliary core.

[Alchemy Research], [Magic Upgrade], [Pharmacion Development] are all at full level

Hermione: Professor Romond is such a wise person. Even if he makes mistakes, it is to give love to others.

Harry: What did he mean when he said he had a hand in my birth?

Snape: Shameless man! How many times are you going to use Lily to threaten and use me!

Until, when Harry Potter was about to kill Voldemort and become the real savior, Dumbledore stepped in to stop him.

Dumbledore: Tom, if you agree to join us and join forces with us to fight against the Silver Demon, I will spare your life. ..

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