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Genshin Impact: Please, be more serious!

Genshin Impact: Please, be more serious!

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Mo Lang convened the Three Winds Plenary Meeting in Mondstadt, pointed out the comprehensive development of the sea, land and air forces in Liyue, and the great writer of “Teyvat Three Body (The World Belongs to Collapse)” was released in Inazuma, and the Xumi Kaifa Game APP entered e-sports. era……

I’ve blown up snowy mountains, eaten dragons, laid down in coffins, and been knifed.

In the eyes of the treasure thief group, he is the Pirate King who holds the ultimate secret treasure of the sea.

Among the people of Mondstadt, he was the one who developed free will to the extreme, because he recited the poem “I want to be Miss Qin’s dog” in the square.

Barbara actually used the banner of Fengshen to fight against the fools!

Xiangling actually succeeded in cooking the Feng Molong. She had already succeeded and was eating it.

Xinhai had to compromise due to food issues and provide caviar.

In Liyue, he didn’t even act like a human being and actually did that to the Whirlpool Demon God: in a certain Donglong ruins launch base: “Everything can be blown up!”

[Voiceprint passed, identity information Keli has launch authority, please confirm the strike coordinates. ]

Keli had little stars in her eyes and pointed her hand on the map: “Liyue…”

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