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Fantasy: Obtain the ancient holy body at the beginning

Fantasy: Obtain the ancient holy body at the beginning

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Traveling through the fantasy world, Ye Yi was shocked to find that he had become a licker?

The original owner fell in love with a woman and even offered the treasure to her. However, the woman fell out on the spot, causing the original owner to be ruined and the family to face a catastrophe.

However, just when Ye Yigang crossed over, he obtained a god-level shopping mall system, and there was also a ‘one dollar instant kill’ column.

[Ancient Holy Body Dao Fetus: One of the strongest physiques in the world, the strongest physical body and the strongest Dao Fetus are fused! The strongest existences of Taoism and physical arts only exist in mythology]

The price is one spiritual stone!

[Great Devouring Technique: One of the three thousand magical powers, ranked among the top ten. It can swallow everything, refine one’s own origin, ignore all darkness, and increase the speed of cultivation a hundred times. 】

The price is one spiritual stone.

[Fighting Intent of the Gods]: Condensing the will of the boxing of the seventy-two god kings in the heavens, and practicing it with the supreme spirit, you can directly cross a great realm.

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