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Fantasy: Me! Destiny villain

Fantasy: Me! Destiny villain

Native Languagechinesse

Just after traveling to a fantasy world, you are faced with a situation where the child of destiny is about to slap you in the face? Gu Changge said he was a little confused.

Not only was the heroine sent to him personally by her Holy Lord father, but even his ex-fiancée, who had made a three-year contract with the son of destiny, admired him immensely?

Tsk, the hatred value of Son of Luck was fully increased at the beginning.

This feeling is a bit sour.

Fortunately, my identity is a bit awesome. I am a true disciple who came down from the Immortal Sect in the Upper Realm.

Isn’t it easy to trample to death a little child of luck?

Wait, there is a system dedicated to the protagonist?

It seems that this is to make him go further and further on the road of destiny villain.

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