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Evolution starting from Snow Wolf King

Evolution starting from Snow Wolf King

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[You killed the intruder, bloodline +1, spiritual power +1]

[You control the ancient ruins, evolution +1, strength +10]

[You have a good sleep, your vitality +1, your charm +1]

Traveling to the world of spiritual energy recovery, Lin Xiao became an aloof, cold and arrogant snow wolf, and acquired a god-level system that could make him stronger while breathing.

From then on, there was a snow god and wolf god worshiped by thousands of people in the world. The place where he was located was called the sacred land Snow God Mountain.

When Lin Xiao conquered the world, all the gods retreated, leaving only his legend in the world.

Some people call him the Snow Wolf God.

Some people also call him the lonely shadow.

There are even countless creatures and humans who worship him as their ancestor and engraved it on their totems.

Lin Xiao: “The invincible life is nothing more than eating and sleeping, simple and unpretentious.”

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