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Entertainment: Being overheard, the sisters became corrupted

Entertainment: Being overheard, the sisters became corrupted

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After Lu Yun traveled through time, he found that he was filming the Hua Shao tour group with Yang Mi and Six Ginseng.

Suddenly awakening the ability to comprehend and defy heaven, I thought it was an eye-catching journey of pretense.

But as the program was being recorded, he felt more and more something was wrong.

Before Yang Mi could return to China, she terminated her contract with Jiaxing and went to court.

Reba and Bai Lu always wear high-heeled shoes and hang out in front of them after the broadcast.

Sister Tianxian, who is cold to the outside world, is uncharacteristically always posting.

What’s even more outrageous is that in the middle of the program, Zhao Liying came to have sex with Song Yi?

Hey wait!

What’s that look in their eyes?

Yang Mi: Don’t you want the Luminous script? Come! Sister, I have it!

Reba: Who will grow taller, me or Naza? You ride on the horse to compete!

Bai Lu: Come on, little brother, have a bite.

My innocent big boy!

I rode the horse just to pretend to be criticized, not to pretend… Hey! Why! The style of painting has collapsed! It collapsed!


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