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Elf: Rebuilding Alola, I am the Digital Emperor

Elf: Rebuilding Alola, I am the Digital Emperor

Native Languagechinesse

Travel across the Elven Continent and become a member of the Alola region.

I applied to join the alliance many times but was rejected.

Su Xuan said that this kind of thing cannot be tolerated!

Digimon system, start!

Constantly pry the talents of other alliances and exchange them for new Digimon to defeat the entire alliance!

Serena: “Flower Fairy Beast, use the Flower Fairy Cannon!”

Xiaoyao: “Go! Garuda Beast! Shadow Wing Slash!”

Ma Li: “Demon beast, dark wave!”

Alliance President: “Stop fighting, is it okay to set up the alliance headquarters in Alola in the future?”

Kona: “I’m sorry, Kanto Alliance, I quit. Ice Sky Lordmon, freeze everything!”

Xiaozhi: “Mom, is this lion beast really given to us by Uncle Su Xuan? He is so good to our family!”

Green: “Hahaha! I’ve always wanted to see your jealous expression on my face! Red! King Kaimon! Fire Slash!”

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