Conan’s Watch
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Conan’s Watch

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Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: chinesse Posted by: jolyne Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Conan’s Watch

I heard that liking someone is a troublesome thing.

Danger, of course I know danger.

But, you know what?

Every time I think of you struggling in the dark, I want to become the enlightening star in the sky and guide you; Want to turn into a flame and warm your cold heart. Give me a chance, let me be your sun and bring you warmth.

If I also fall into this abyss, can’t I, stand by your side.

People like me don’t deserve feelings.

Go, go, go.

Being with me will only bring you endless danger.

You could have bathed in the sun, why bother me to fall into darkness….

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