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Black Basketball: Championship Glory

Black Basketball: Championship Glory

Native Languagechinesse

When he woke up, he became a high school student in Neon, and he also had a lovely sister named Fujiwara Chika.

Ryunosuke had a headache.

As a shooting guard under Kai Tsune, the pressure he faces is to surpass a perverted three-point shooter like Shintaro Midorima.

Ryota Kise: Ryunosuke, the strongest three-point shooter surpassing Midorima, an all-around violent shooting guard!

Kamizou Ichiro: Ryunosuke is the strongest shooting guard, he is too strong!

Hisashi Mitsui: Ryunosuke is the strongest talent.

Ryunosuke: “Sorry, Midorima’s shot was too accurate. I just want to be a salty fish…is that okay?”

Sanno Industry, an undefeated legend!

In the era of miracles, the most talented person!

The battle between geniuses does not lack passion and emotion.

PS: The old driver’s new book, if you don’t like it, kill me.

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