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Sailing: I got gourmet cells chapter 242

“Amplify desire? This is quite terrifying. ”

As the king, Neptune knows very well how terrifying human desires are. The world is in such chaos now because of human desires.

Once this desire is continuously amplified, the consequences will naturally be quite terrifying.

The Celestial Dragons are completely Although there are a few weird results of not restraining desires, the desires of most Tianlong people are indeed quite terrifying.。

“But don’t worry now, the toxins have been removed and you can eat it directly. I just happened to go get the grill out here. ”

After saying that, Qin Mo came to the top of the mountain. There is a stone tablet of the Nitro clan here, and as long as he interprets the content on it, he can directly activate the barbecue grills here. After

Qin Mo activated it, a large number of barbecue grills spread out on the mountain. , although I don’t know how long ago it was built, but now it looks like brand new.。

“This is…………BBQ grill? ”

Jinbei asked in confusion. He naturally knew about the barbecue rack and had seen the small-sized one, but wasn’t this one a bit too big?。

“This is what the Red Nitro clan prepares. Because of their huge appetites, they grill a lot of food at once, otherwise there won’t be enough to eat. ”

Qin Mo said with a smile, everyone else has gourmet cells, but the Nitro clan has a pure appetite, and their food intake is amazing.

Under Qin Mo’s control, with the assistance of Nami and the others, a large amount of barbecued meat and vegetables were eaten. After they were made, the size of these kebabs made even Shirahoshi think they were huge.

But the aroma was so overwhelming that everyone couldn’t care less and just started eating.。

“These foods are probably enough for the residents of Fishman Island. Is it necessary to bake so much? ”

Looking at the mountains of various ingredients, Jinbei couldn’t help but say, although the people of Fish-Man Island are not short of food, what should they do if they can’t eat it? This is a big problem.。

“Don’t worry, our appetite is different from normal people, so eating these dishes is not a big problem. ”

Qin Mo said with a smile. Their food intake is quite terrifying. Although the food seems to be a lot, it is not a big problem.

He will not waste food.

After hearing this, Jinbei stopped caring. After all, the food here is It was indeed quite delicious. It was so delicious that he couldn’t help but keep swallowing his saliva.

Although he was given some ingredients as a Shichibukai before, those ingredients before were completely different from the ingredients here. After all, The grade of the ingredients here is too high.

There are also high-grade ingredients like the meat of the Raging Dragon and Wolf. After Qin Mo and others ate it, their strength also increased rapidly, and their cells were activated. The activation of cells caused the bodies of

several people to emit A large amount of light shines on the surrounding sky. The sky at this time has begun to simulate night, so the light is very exaggerated.。

“Your bodies! ”

Bai Xing was at a loss when he looked at Qin Mo and others. He didn’t know why their bodies were glowing.。

“Don’t worry, our bodies are special. As long as we eat some ingredients and high-grade ingredients that are very suitable for us, this will happen. When this happens, it means that we become stronger. ”

Qin Mo said with a smile. The flesh of the flaming dragon wolf and the corona sunflower have continuously improved Qin Mo’s strength a

lot. Even after exiting the explosive form, Qin Mo’s strength is now close to four digits. And it’s true

. The combat power will also be more powerful, completely surpassing the combat power of thousands of levels.

The improvement brought about this time is much more terrifying than the four beasts. The four beasts are strictly a one-time event. Even in the original work, the four beasts incident It didn’t make the Four Heavenly Kings stronger, it just taught them how to use appetite energy.

As for the improvement of food cells, there wasn’t much, but the Four Beasts Incident was a spiritual transformation for the Four Heavenly Kings, and it was also The reason why everyone in the human world recognizes the Four Heavenly Kings.

After the existence of the Four Heavenly Kings, they are the backbone of the human world. The Rain of Benefit brought back by Aru is also for this reason.。

“Is this why you are so powerful? Is it really good to be seen by us? “(To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Jinbe couldn’t help but ask. Everyone had been guessing the reason for Qin Mo’s strength before, but now it appeared so clearly in front of him, which made Qin Mo so powerful. Jinbei felt a little unbelievable。

“In fact, this is not a secret. After all, you have eaten these foods, so the question is, have you become stronger? ”

Qin Mo asked with a smile. How he became stronger has never been a secret. It is useless for others to know, even if he explains it word for word. But

he is not Blackbeard, so naturally he will not expose his ability openly.。

“Indeed, we also ate these foods, but we didn’t feel anything at all. ”

At this time, Jinbei also understood. It turns out that there is a reason for becoming stronger. There must be some special conditions, but they don’t meet such conditions. Unsurprisingly, these conditions should be

very harsh.

Jinbei was thinking the same thing. There is no problem. After all, it is terrifyingly difficult to obtain and fuse gourmet cells. Even

if people in the pirate world can extract them, it is still very difficult to implant them into their own bodies.

Blue Nite What Luo’s technology has been experimenting with for so long has not been completed, so it is naturally 450 impossible for them.

Even if there are one or two lucky ones, these lucky ones can only be found by scouring the sand.

Wulaoxing and other Tianlong people are simply impossible Go gamble, so it’s useless。

“This is why, even if I tell you, you can’t do the same as me! ”

Looking at the newly obtained gourmet cells, Qin Mo said, he got these gourmet cells from the system.

This time during his trip to the old first ecological zone, he got another gourmet cell。[]

Only the gourmet cells produced by the system are the best gourmet cells. They have no side effects and the gourmet demons born have no intelligence. There is no need to worry about any problems that may arise later.。

“It’s true that we think too much! ”

Jinbei nodded. In fact, he didn’t intend to tell anyone. Jinbei is a person who keeps his promises, and the decisions he makes will basically not change. So even if

this matter is not important to Qin Mo, he still It would not be as simple as telling this matter.

After all, Qin Mo came here this time to help Fish-Man Island. After all, after Whitebeard died, there has been a very dangerous situation here on Fish-Man Island. Qin

Mo Mo activated the power of the Sea King, giving Fishman Island the power to protect itself.


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