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Sailing: I got gourmet cells chapter 241

“Lightning and thunder noise! ”

As the sound waves turned into thunder and lightning, the body of the blazing dragon wolf was swallowed up by the thunder and lightning. The endless thunder and lightning seemed to destroy the world. Under the attack of the thunder and lightning sound waves, the blazing dragon wolf also roared.。

“Paiyinquan! ”

However, the next second, Qin Mo had already appeared in front of the opponent. Under the vibration of the sound wave, his fist hit the head of the blazing dragon wolf. For a

creature like the blazing dragon wolf, it was already There is no longer a saying that it has a copper head and an iron tail. It became chaotic under the attack of Death Sound, and the most vulnerable place is between the eyebrows on the top of its head. So now Qin Mo’s punch also directly hit this area

. Place.

With the explosion of terrifying power, the head of Lieyan Dragon Wolf was directly deflected by a punch, and his body also collapsed directly with “Zero Two Zero”。

“Sonic cutting! ”

Qin Mo is just taking advantage of your illness to kill you. He will not let the Flame Dragon Wolf recover. He is very good at striking first, and the punch just now was not just a simple punch

. The skills of acupoints were mixed in. Under these acupoints, the Flame Dragon Wolf was unable to resist at all. In

the end, Qin Mo easily took down the opponent while the opponent did not recover, and the giant knife turned into sound waves quickly cut open The opponent’s body was cut off, and a huge head was cut off.

However, after doing all this, Qin Mo did not stop, but quickly completely decomposed the flame dragon wolf, and performed ten minutes on each piece of meat. Precise acupuncture。

“It’s done. It’s really troublesome to acupuncture so many parts at once. ”

After finishing, Qin Mo also returned to everyone.。

“Is it necessary to be so exaggerated? Not only were they all divided, but they were also all acupointed! ”

Nami asked, they all learned the acupoint skills, but is it a little too much to perform acupoints after they have been cut like this?。

“It is no exaggeration at all. This is a creature in the food world, and the flame dragon wolf itself is also very powerful. Even if you break it down, you can recover with its strong vitality.。”

“In the food industry, there are actually many creatures with super self-healing abilities. Even if there is only a piece of meat left, it is possible to regenerate. Although this extreme self-healing ability is very rare, it must be controlled well. ”

Qin Mo said. He tried to bring the opponent directly into the space just now, but failed. The only explanation is that this guy is not dead at all, so he still needs to control his acupoints.。

“Even if he doesn’t die, is this guy immortal? ”

Jinbei was also shocked. After all, it’s outrageous to not die even if it’s cut like this. “。

“In fact, it is normal. After all, there is such a thing in this world. A guy who eats the underworld fruit can still live even if his body has completely decayed into bones. ”

Qin Mo said that it can be done in the pirate world, let alone the captive world of gourmet food. The captive world of gourmet food also has many strange resurrecting materials and ingredients, especially the quilt is the final center, and its resurrecting ability is also quite good. Outrageous。

“Someone with the underworld fruit ability? I’ve never heard of this, but Marco, the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates’ First Division, ate the Phoenix Fruit, and his self-healing ability is actually very strong. ”

Jinbei doesn’t know about the Underworld Fruit, but he still knows about the Phoeni

x Fruit. Marco has an incredible self-healing ability. He is not a natural type, but he can perform operations similar to the natural type with his terrifying self-healing ability. .The

only thing that can target this kind of self-healing is Hailou Stone.。

“There are so many incredible things in this world, but Lord Qin Mo is so powerful that he could kill such a powerful beast so easily. ”

Neptune couldn’t help but flatter him, or maybe it wasn’t that he wanted to flatter him, but that he was telling the truth.。

“I also took advantage of the fact that this guy had just been unblocked and hadn’t recovered yet, otherwise it wouldn’t be that easy to deal with him. ”

As for Qin Mo, he will not talk about martial arts with the other party, but will be simple and crude.

And he will not learn from Kaido, who will not admit it after doing it, and will sneak attack when it is time to attack, no matter what How moral. (If you want to read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

To put it bluntly, Kaido’s sneak attack means that he is both responsible and independent.

If he does it, he will do it. As a pirate, he should do such a thing Isn’t it a very simple thing? Why think so much and make excuses after doing it? If you really are such a tough guy, just learn from others’ Ka Er……….

Knowing that someone on his side was playing dirty tricks, he directly gave him a fork. Although Kaji and Kaido were incomparable in terms of strength, in terms of tough guys, Kaido was not worthy of Kaji’s shoes.

Qin Mo is not averse to sneak attacks and the like. After all, it is a very efficient method, but the premise is that if you do it, do it, otherwise you will be despised.

At the same time, Qin Mo also heard the sound, the sound coming from the ingredients. At this time, the flaming dragon and wolf were already dead, so Qin Mo also heard the sound.

The meat of the Flame Dragon Wolf cannot be eaten directly. After eating it directly, it will become like Kilim, amplifying the inner desires without limit, and then people will get lost in it.

Of course, Kilim’s problem was not entirely due to the Flame Dragon Wolf. After all, this guy was already like that before eating the Flame Dragon Wolf. After eating the Flame Dragon Wolf, it got worse.

If you want to eat the flesh of the raging dragon and wolf, you must go through processing, and the method of processing is at Qin Mo’s side。

“Corona sunflowers really complement each other! ”

Qin Mo looked towards the direction where the sound came from. The corona sunflower has powerful energy. This bright energy can directly eliminate the part of the Flame Dragon Wolf’s meat that amplifies desire. In this way, the Flame Dragon Wolf’s meat will not have

any What a big problem.

Take some corona sun 5.2 sunflowers and drip the juice on the meat of the blazing dragon wolf. Soon, the meat of the blazing dragon wolf will emit a golden light. Wait until the light dissipates

. , the flesh of the Raging Flame Dragon Wolf is no longer purple-black, but has returned to that bright red color.。

“Is this also a cooking step? ”

Anyone who knows Qin Mo knows what he is doing, because Qin Mo can hear the sound of ingredients and kitchen knives, so Qin Mo can easily complete cooking under the guidance of ingredients. And this should be one of the steps in


“That’s right, there are toxins of desire in the flesh of the Blazing Dragon Wolf. If you eat it directly, you will easily lose yourself, so what you have to do is to remove this toxin.。”

“Corona sunflower is the best antidote. ”

Qin Mo said looking at the corona sunflower in his hand.


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