Resurrection of spiritual energy, starting a hundred times the physical potential Chapter 905

Chapter 905 can’t help it
Just as the carriage was moving smoothly, a group of men dressed in black were quietly following.
Jiang Xiaolong also felt this slight change and slowly opened his eyes.
“Someone seems to be following.” Jiang Xiaolong said lightly.
Dan Jixing smiled and said, “It’s all right.”
Jiang Xiaolong could only hear a piercing sound of breaking the air, followed by a series of sword qi sounds, but there was no sound of fighting.
Not long after, the voice also stopped, the curtain in front of it was lifted, and a white-clad guard leaned out and said, “Dan Shen, it has been solved.”
Dan Jixing nodded slightly.
Jiang Xiaolong was shocked in his heart, this killing was so decisive, and he didn’t hear any screams at all, it seemed that the strength of these guards was far higher than that of these sneak attackers.
Seeing Jiang Xiaolong’s solemn face, Dan Jixing waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, it should be a person of the Forbidden Army.” What the? Forbidden Army?” Jiang Xiaolong opened his mouth in surprise, “Why did the Forbidden Army kill you?”
“Kill me? They didn’t dare, just warned. Dan Jixing’s face was indifferent, and he was slightly helpless.
“Why?” Jiang Xiaolong asked doubtfully.
Dan Jixing smiled and said, “Since there is nothing to do, then I will tell you about it.” “Do you know that the Lord of the Xuanyi Pavilion died of illness six years ago?”
Is it the Occult Pavilion again? Jiang Xiaolong nodded, waiting for Dan Jixing’s next words.
The Xuanyi Pavilion, the Dan Pavilion and the Immortal Pavilion are also called the three pavilions of the Zhongzhou Mainland, and the Xuanyi Pavilion Master and I are very good.
The cabinet owner died of illness, the Xuanyi Pavilion was not under the command, and the Forbidden Army wanted to merge the Xuanyi Pavilion into it, and if it were not for my hindrance in the past few years, I am afraid that it would be two cabinets now.
“Aren’t the two halls and three pavilions of this army all serving the monarch, and why did the forbidden army incorporate the Xuanyi Pavilion?” Jiang Xiaolong questioned.
“The Forbidden Army has been cultivating its own forces, commanding Xuanyuan Kang’s right to smoke his heart, and he doesn’t know what idea he is playing. Monarch Qiu Guan also knew all this, and he didn’t know why he was connived at such nonsense. ”
“Isn’t there a penal hall?”
“The Forbidden Army covers the sky with one hand, but what ability does the Punishment Hall have?”
Hearing this, Jiang Xiaolong nodded slightly, it seemed that this Jundu was not at peace, it was much more complicated than he thought.
Jiang Xiaolong asked, “Elder Dan, you are good friends with the Xuanyi Pavilion, do you know Su Xin?”
“Hahaha, Su Xin’s child was the one I watched grow up.” The cultivation talent is extremely high, that is, the personality is a little childish. Saying that, Dan Jixing laughed from the bottom of his heart.
Thinking of Su Xin crying like a child in the cave, Jiang Xiaolong couldn’t help but laugh.
“Since you have made good friends, it will be much easier to handle.” Jiang Xiaolong was now looking forward to entering Jundu.
Sure enough, there was much calmer on this road, and there were no more waves, and Jiang Xiaolong also took this opportunity to cultivate with peace of mind.
This time, another half a month has passed. Jiang Xiaolong obviously felt that the speed of the carriage was extremely fast, and it seemed that the driver was driven by true qi, and he couldn’t help but let Jiang Xiaolong once again sigh at the terrible strength of Dan Ge.
With the cultivation of twelve times the speed, Jiang Xiaolong had already touched the threshold of the fourth-order immortal master, and now he was only one foot away from the door.
“Ahead is Jundu.” Dan Jixing said suddenly.
These words also made Jiang Xiaolong recover from his cultivation and slowly open his eyes.
Pulling back the curtain of the carriage, the spectacular scenery of Jundu was also displayed in front of Jiang Xiaolong’s eyes.
The walls of Dancheng were already very shocking, forty or fifty meters long, but compared with Jundu, it was simply eclipsed.
I saw that this city wall was like a black cliff, about one hundred and fifty meters high, the top was towering into the clouds, and above the city gate, there were two big golden characters: Jundu.
What shocked Jiang Xiaolong the most was that under the illumination of the sun, there was a faint golden glow above the black city wall, which echoed with the sunlight.
Under the weaving of silky rays of light, a transparent golden shield resembles an upside-down bowl, covering the entire throne.
From time to time, there were whole lines of soldiers patrolling, almost without any time gap, and the strict guarding of this Jundu was indeed incomparable to that of ordinary cities.
“Jiang Xiaolong, the first time you came to Jundu, why don’t we go down and take a walk?” After driving for such a long time, my old bones are going to rust. Dan Jixing quipped.
“Where, Elder Dan, you are still in your prime.” With that, Jiang Xiaolong gently supported Dan Jixing and got out of the carriage together, the four personal guards immediately followed closely behind, and Elder Dan Shu also hurried down from his horse to follow behind.
Before entering the city gate, I saw that the soldiers outside the city gate were already kneeling in unison, not daring to look up. A man who seemed to be the commander of the soldiers quickly ran over and knelt down in front of Dan Jixing, saying, “Welcome Dan Shen back to the capital!”
Dan Jixing smiled and walked straight into the city gate.
“Dan Lao is such a big card face!” Jiang Xiaolong laughed and laughed.
Elder Dan Shu behind him was slightly proud at this time, explaining, “Above this Zhongzhou Continent, if you talk about influence alone, Dan Shen is under one person and above ten thousand people!”

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