Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 99

Chapter Ninety-Nine The Complicated Situation in Jin Province!!

Li Mingxuan returned all the way from Zhejiang Province to Jianghuai City.

The first thing to do was to gather and optimize the six coal mines stored in the Fairview Coal Mine.

In this way, Fairview immediately added 18 million tons of ultra-high-quality coal.

The 18 million tons of coal was aggregated and optimized, using only 0.8% of the system’s energy.

Of course, considering the compression ratio to the original energy, this 0.8% is equivalent to the past 80%.

However, the so-called grain in his hands, the heart is not panicked.

After Li Mingxuan knew that nuclear waste could be used as energy, he was no longer chopping on the energy issue as in the past

If there is a lack of energy, it is a big deal to go to a nuclear power plant.

If the domestic one is gone, it can also go to foreign nuclear power plants for looting.

Of course, before the system is upgraded, better permissions are granted.

Li Mingxuan, whose detection range is narrow, is still preparing for a wave in the country now. Wait until the system is upgraded, maybe you can really enter the foreign country.

And this process should not be too far away.

After all, the upgrade condition of the mining system is to collect 2 million tons of minerals.

That number looks like a lot.

The coal mine in Guangguang Jianghuai City wants to complete this production for several months

However, if the seven coal mines in Jindi are added together, the process will be greatly reduced.

Maybe it will take a month to complete.

However, now Li Mingxuan needs to unseal the seven coal mines in Jindi first.

End of September 2002.

The SASAC has changed the Mining License of Fairview Minerals.

The assets of Fairview Minerals, the scope of mining, were determined.

That includes the seven coal mines.

After getting the permit, Li Mingxuan brought three or four people who could be trusted from the Jinxiu Coal Mine in Jianghuai.

I went to the same city in Jindi.

Tongshi, known as Yunzhong, Pingcheng, yunzhou in ancient times, is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Jin Province, and is one of the three sub-central cities established by Jin Province.

Located in the central city of the Jin-Hebei-Mongolia border area, it is positioned as an important integrated energy base.

The city administers 4 districts and 6 counties, with a total area of 14,176 square kilometers

In the past, Shen Shifang founded the Shengshi Mining Group, which was located in the districts and counties under the jurisdiction of the same city.

At present, the proven reserves of coal resources in the whole city are as high as 38.04 billion tons, of which 271 are local coal mines in districts and counties.

Its coal is not only supplied throughout the country, but also sold in large quantities overseas.

In 2002, because coal was cheap, much of the coal was bought by plaster country merchants.

Surprisingly, these plaster merchants transported these high-quality coals to the country and chose to fill them into the sea.

In 2002, when everything was focused on the economy, not many Chinese people paid attention to this matter at all.

Those plaster countries, in fact, bought coal is not used for consumption at all, because the plaster is narrow and dense, and resources are scarce.

So these people bought the coal of the flower growers at a very low price as a wartime energy reserve.

And a lot of this coal comes from the same place in the same city.

Li Mingxuan led four of his men to a coal mine in the former Shengshi Minerals.

The coal mine is now completely out of production, and the entire coal mine is guarded only by a grandfather in his fifties at the door.

The factory area was empty, and forklifts and various equipment were casually visited.

It was only a short period of ten days, originally a large mine has become such a withered state, when Li Mingxuan led people to the front of the coal mine, the fifty-year-old uncle shouted: “Shengshi Mining, closed the door, closed the door, if you buy coal, go elsewhere!” ”

Hearing this, Li Mingxuan walked over with someone and said with a smile: “Uncle, Shengshi Mining is closed, but after Jinxiu Mining is about to open, the old doorman has not understood for a while.” ”

Wei Xiaosi, who came with him, smiled and said, “Old Master, this coal mine already belongs to our boss!” ”


The old doorman was stunned for a moment, and then he reacted, he looked at Li Mingxuan and said, “Are you the new boss who succeeds Boss Shen?” ”


Li Mingxuan nodded, and then took out a certificate issued by the Sasconal Commission, which marked the change of ownership of the mineral.

The old janitor glanced at it, though not quite understood.

However, he still saw the official seal and the description of the changes to the minerals.

“You… Well, the owner… You! ”

The old janitor was a little nervous.

“My name is Lee!”

Li Mingxuan said.

“Boss Li, hello, I am the doorman in the mine, and everyone else calls me Old Liu!” Old Liu introduced himself. ”

“Well, old Liu, then take me into the mine to have a look!”

Li Mingxuan said.


Old Liu was a bit slurred.

Looking at his expression, Wei Xiaosi frowned and asked, “What’s the problem?” ”

“This… Is a bit of a problem, hey… Boss Li, you will know when you enter the mine! ”

After Lao Liu finished speaking, he walked toward the coal mine.

Hearing his words, Li Mingxuan and Wei Xiaosi and the others glanced at each other.

This time, Wei Xiaosi and the other three people of the Jinxiu Coal Mine were all sent by Li Jianguo to be responsible for Li Mingxuan’s safety.

The other three are veterans with certain reconnaissance and combat capabilities.

Of course, they are only a little better than ordinary people.

It’s incomparable to that kind of real special forces.

However, like in some novels, what special forces fall into distress, and then are defeated by the protagonist Tiger’s body.

Li Mingxuan had never touched it at all.

In fact, if it is really a special forces retired, how can it be difficult to find a job.

A large number of rich people will give generously to these people.

To get back to the point, these three veterans are all Jianghuai people, so they are extremely trusted by Li Jianguo.

He is generally protected for his own safety.

However, now that his son was coming to Jin Province, Li Jianguo sent them all over.

Followed Lao Liu into the mining area.

Soon Li Mingxuan frowned.

Because in the mining area, there are a lot of people who are filling up with coal, these people will not fill in large bags, some people are driving tractors, some are driving forklifts, and some people are driving vans.

Each one is like grabbing a crop, loading coal.


Wei Xiaosi was stunned as he watched from the sidelines.

It should be known that with the seizure of Shengshi Mining, these mines are supposed to belong to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, that is, the state.

Now the SASAC has packaged the mine and sold it half and sent it to the Li family.

Then all the coal produced in this mine, of course, belongs to the Li family, and these people are equivalent to stealing money from the Li family’s pocket.

“What the hell is going on here, why don’t you stop them!”

Li Mingxuan asked at Old Liu.

The doorman Lao Liu immediately explained: “These people are all workers in the mine, Shengshi Minerals suddenly collapsed, but that Boss Shen owes a lot of wages to the miners, and now that the Shen family has fallen, they are worried that they will not get wages, so they start to sell the coal on the mine!” ”

Speaking of this, Old Liu sighed.

“I can’t help it, all this coal is sold to Brother Long, I don’t dare to stop it!”

Li Mingxuan was confused and asked, “Who is this Dragon Brother again?” ”

He understands why miners smuggle coal, after all, you owe people wages.

Although it was the Shen family who owed wages, who let him take over the Assets of the Shen Family at a very low price.

Then this debt, he still needs to repay.

But suddenly a very dragging name came out, which made him a little depressed.

“Brother Long used to be brother Scar’s younger brother, and later heard that brother Scar chose to be independent after the accident in the imperial capital, and he recruited some of Brother Scar’s men, which can be described as a hegemon in the county town, and no one dares to provoke!”

“Isn’t he even afraid of the county patrol chief?”

Li Mingxuan asked curiously.

“That’s not it, but our county patrol chief basically doesn’t care about Brother Long!”!”

Old Liu Dao.


Li Mingxuan asked.

“Of course, I am full of filial piety!”

Old Liu whispered, afraid of being heard.

Hearing this, Li Mingxuan admitted that he was a little underestimating Jindi’s form.

A small county town bastard can feed a bureau chief in the form of filial piety.

You can see how harsh the environment is here.

However, he had come to Jindi to seek wealth, and as long as these people did not disturb him, he was not a bao, and Di Renjie could not rub sand in his eyes.

However, if anyone stood in his way, even if it was the young master of the provincial governor’s family in Jindi, he would dare to fight.

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