Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 91

Chapter Ninety-One Assassination!!

Shortly after the tunnel collapse incident, Shen Shifang, the owner of the Shengshi Mining Company in Jindi, received a call from the mysterious person in the imperial capital.

“Your son Shen Hao has died in the imperial capital, and the murderer is the third generation of the wang family of the four major families of the imperial capital, Wang Sheng, and now the imperial capital royal family is setting up an inspection team and is about to go to Jindi, so you are doing it yourself.”

“Hey… Feed! ”

Shen Shifang took the phone and called hard.


But there was only the sound of hanging up on the phone.

Even if he dials back, it is only a hint that the other party’s phone is turned off.

At this time, Shen Shifang was collapsed.

He already knew in advance that his son had died, after all, his son had not taken a bodyguard to the imperial capital.

After Shen Hao’s accident, these bodyguards reported to him.

However, these people were not by Shen Hao’s side at that time.

Just listening to the official explanation, saying that the vehicle encountered the tunnel collapse, Shen Hao unfortunately died.

After receiving this news, although Shen Shifang’s heart was like a knife, he sent his son to the imperial capital to make contacts, but he did not expect that now it was a white-haired person sending a black-haired person.

However, since it was his son who died in the accident, even if Shen Shifang was sad, he couldn’t find anyone to avenge him.

However, with today a mysterious phone call came.

The so-called accident was actually the work of the Great Young Master of the Imperial Capital.

In addition, killing his son was not enough, the other party actually wanted to kill him completely, and sent an inspection team from the imperial capital.

After so many years of mixing in the rivers and lakes, Shen Shifang knew that once the inspection team came to Jindi.

Even the officials they fed themselves might not be able to keep it, let alone him.

Think about how many bad things their father and son have done over the years.

Killing people, kidnapping, extortion, embezzling state-owned assets, privately mining and stealing, the fundamental reason why the Shen family can become a hegemon in Jin Province, is their money.

This money feeds those who are in office, so they can turn a blind eye to everything.

However, the people of the imperial capital may not eat this set, after all, there is the shadow of the imperial family behind it.

As soon as he thought of the Wang family, Shen Shifang had a look of hatred on his face.

It wasn’t enough to kill his son, but to take his share.

It’s intolerable!

Yes, you are the four major families of the imperial capital, and your status is noble.

But the clay man still has three points of anger, not to mention the revenge of killing his son.

There is a saying that comes from, willing to be widowed, dare to pull the emperor off the horse.

Since their Shen family was bound to be destroyed, then he Shen Shifang didn’t care about any offense.

So he called in his right-hand men.

A man called Scarface.

Because this man had many centipede-like scars on his face, these were all left behind when he fought with Shen Shifang.

Over time, many people forgot the man’s real name and called him Scarface.

“Shen Ye!”

Scarface said respectfully.

“Scar, how did I treat you before?”

Shen Shifang asked.

“Naturally there is nothing to say, But Shen Ye also commanded, the knife scar naturally complied!”

Scarface said fiercely.

“I want you to go to the imperial capital and kill someone, do you dare?”

Shen Shifang looked directly at Scarface and asked.

Hearing that he was going to the imperial capital to kill people, Scarface frowned.

If it was in Jindi, his sword scar would not even frown at all, but the imperial capital, that was under the imperial city roots.

Even in the feudal era, those jianghu rangers did not dare to make trouble there.

Not to mention this era.

But if he refused, he knew Shen Ye’s character too well.

As long as he chooses to refuse, then the end of what awaits him will definitely not be good.

This person is fierce and fierce, and is famous in Jindi.

“Shen Ye, leave it to me!”

Scar nodded.

“Go to the imperial capital to find a person named Wang Sheng, he is the third generation of the four major families of the imperial capital, he should be very famous, I don’t care what means you use to find him, and then Shen Shifang said with a fierce face.”

As a result, Scarface left Jindi with a gun.

And Shen Shifang naturally will not sit still, he plans to quickly dispose of the property in hand, take a sum of money to run to Southeast Asia, and then go to a country where there are no extradition regulations for the flower grower.

Scarface didn’t take the train plane and so on all the way, in order to escape the checkpoint

It took him three days of hard work to get from Jindi to the imperial capital.

However, he was not familiar with the land of life, and he could only hide in a small hotel for the time being.

Investigate some things.

Soon he was at a stop outside a large hotel when he heard a rich second generation call out Wang Sheng’s name.

Wearing a baseball cap and mask, he immediately tied up the rich second generation.

Prepare for torture to extract confessions.

However, before he could use the torture, the second generation of the rich actually recruited everything.

This made Scarface a little depressed.

However, he also knew some information, the three generations of Wang Sheng of the Imperial Capital Family were a brother in the Imperial Capital Circle.

Most of the entire family works on the patrol system.

At the founding of the country, his grandfather was the director of the imperial patrol, which in the past was equivalent to the rank of the nine admirals.

Upon hearing this, Scarface’s face was depressed.

Shen Shifang wanted to let him die, if he killed Wang Sheng, it would be equivalent to stabbing the patrol nest.

Then where can he escape to this mouse?

The flower grower is big, but he doesn’t have an inch of room for him.

However, if he does not do it, his wife and children are estimated to be difficult to escape shen Shifang’s poisonous hands…

Thinking about it, he was ready to do a vote for his family.

From the mouth of the second generation of the rich, I knew that Wang Sheng was now a probationary patrol.

But sometimes he just drove around in a patrol car.

“This is a good opportunity!”

Scarface thought so.

As for this rich second generation, after getting all the information he wanted, he directly wiped the neck of the other party with a knife.

Anyway, the people who died at his hands already don’t know how many, if caught

There is no difference between one more or two, the same is to eat peanuts and rice

So, on this day, he got the address of a barbecue shop that Wang Sheng often came from.

After many days of squatting.

Finally, one day, a young man driving a patrol car, wearing a patrol suit, epaulettes, age, and appearance just like the rich second generation described, took some friends to the barbecue restaurant

At this time, Wang Sheng, Li Mingxuan, Zhang Kai, Li Kun and others were all together.

They had come to celebrate the fact that the imperial capital had patrolled and sealed the heavens and the lower floor.

Yes, yesterday, the relevant departments of the imperial capital sent hundreds of patrols, martial patrols, and special patrols to completely seal the entire tianxia downstairs.

The rescue of hundreds of women who had lost their feet was the biggest event of 2002.

At that time, the boss who had lost Wang Sheng’s face was arrested for the crime of taking in women.

This incident was eight years earlier than in later generations.

This even involved a high-ranking official.

However, the old master of the Wang family spoke, then even the great leader of the Chinese family must give face.

No matter how much you intercede, it is useless.

This incident caused a great sensation in the imperial circle.

Because everyone knows that the backstage of the tianxia downstairs is the Xu family of the imperial capital. Whether two big families are going to war, many people are thinking.

However, the Xu family was silent about this.

Even the three generations of the Xu family who had shares in the heavenly building, and Xu Shao, who was far away in the magic capital, did not say a word.

At this point, everyone understood that the old master of the Wang family must have reached some kind of agreement with the old master of the Xu family, or exchanged benefits.

Let the Xu family give up the heavenly building.

Of course, what exactly it is, no one knows except the parties.

“Xuanzi, this kebab shop tastes absolutely perfect!”

Wang Sheng said excitedly.

Last night he personally led a team of people to seal off the ‘Heavenly Tower’, which is like a war, he won.

Looking at The Boss Tan who was handcuffed and escorted to the detention center, Wang Sheng’s face was comfortable

The next day he couldn’t wait to invite his best friends to celebrate.

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