Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 9

“I also doubted it, but this report is real and can’t be true anymore, Dad, if you don’t believe me, you can call the fourth brother!”

Li Mingxuan said with a smile.

Hearing this, Father Li immediately took out his old antique Motorola V100 mobile phone and gave Wei Xiaosi a call.

In this regard, Li Mingxuan was confident.

In fact, he and Wei Xiaosi had already prepared their lines, and even the exploration report was made by Comrade Xiao Li who asked Wei Xiaosi to find a professional person.

Sure enough, on Father Lee’s phone.

Wei Xiaosi said almost exactly the same as Li Mingxuan.

In short, they took precautions to re-explore the coal situation of the Fairview Coal Mine.

Although Wei Xiaosi himself was actually quite strange, because although they lied, the coal mine itself could not deceive people.

Indeed, as the report said, the coal quality of the whole coal mine is frighteningly good and excellent for mining.

Most of the coal seams are three meters underground, and the most surprising thing is that in general large coal mines, seven meters thick coal seams can become the main coal seam.

However, the main coal seam of the Fairview Coal Mine is ten meters thick.

What’s even more incredible is that the quality of coal is scary.

The professional prospector, who had been hired by a lot of money, was stunned when he received the report.

If wei Xiaosi hadn’t given three thousand yuan as a sealing fee, then the professional prospectors would have made the whole mining bureau clear about it.


After hanging up Wei Xiaosi’s phone, Li Jianguo’s whole person could not say how relaxed, and the whole person felt a little fluttery.

A million tons of reserves, and sulfur, ash, moisture and so on are very scarce high-quality coal, but not ordinary thermal coal can be compared, this kind of coal is best transported to steel plants to make iron.

Even in 2002, when coal had not yet taken off, a ton of high-quality coal could sell for 400 yuan.

That is to say, the “Jinxiu Coal Mine” is not a small coal mine with only 100,000 or 200,000 tons of reserves, but a large coal mine worth more than 400 million.

“More than 400 million!”

Even Li Jianguo did not dare to imagine how much money it was.

You must know that this is the year 2002, which has just entered the 21st century, and the economy of flower growers has just taken off.

Of course, considering the equipment procurement, taxation, and mining costs, these 400 million, the maximum can fall into the Li family’s estimate is only more than 200 million.

However, that professional report only estimated the approximate stock of the Fairview Coal Mine, but in fact, there were 1.5 million tons of coal underground.

And it’s all open-pit coal, which makes mining extremely cheap.

Therefore, this coal mine can bring at least 400 million yuan of net income to the Li family.

If you wait for two years, the coal quality of Jinxiu Coal Mine can be sold for at least 700 yuan / ton or more.

After all, at that time, even ordinary thermal coal rose to more than three hundred per ton.

However, just when Father Li and Mother Li were excited, Li Mingxuan said:

“Father, mother, are you going to let him go like this?”

Hearing this, Father Li immediately became full of anger again, and he really couldn’t imagine that a person could become so crazy because of jealousy.

But he did not know that the description of jealousy in the Seven Deadly Sins was

“I want you to get better and better, but you can’t be better than me!”

That’s why Zhang Maocheng is so crazy.

In the nineties, this guy was still an obscure little man in the Mining Bureau

At that time, Father Li was worth millions.

In addition, for the sake of power this guy married the daughter of a very fat mining bureau leader.

In a look at Father Lee’s beautiful wife.

That jealousy made him more and more twisted.

Always thinking about making Li Jianguo, who was better than himself, pay the price.

Hearing his son’s words, Father Li immediately said with a cold look in his eyes:

“Of course not, since he wants to harm our family, Lao Tzu naturally will never let him have a good time!”

Hearing this, Li Mingxuan suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, he was really afraid of his father and woman’s benevolence, and felt that Zhang Maocheng was his hair, so he forgave him.

However, where did he know the anger in Father Li’s heart after hearing the recording.

Don’t say that it is just a small hair, even if it is a brother, dare to calculate him like this, it is also a situation of endless death.

In addition, it was he who felt that deep sense of betrayal, so no matter what, Li Jianguo would not forgive the surname Zhang.

“Do you have any ideas?” Son? ”

After this incident, Li Jianguo was also a little impressed with his son at this time.

Although he didn’t know how his son saw the true face of Zhang Maocheng, Father Li knew that it would definitely not be Wei Xiaosi who planned this matter

Because although Wei Xiaosi was not stupid, he didn’t have so many hearts and eyes.

Then the only thing left is his son, who is only 18 years old.

At this time, Li Jianguo had a feeling of old gratitude.

“Dad, you should have more contact with the surname Zhang and the mine director of the big mine surnamed Liu recently, so that they can get the Mining Permit down as soon as possible, and then we can take the exploration report and borrow a sum from the bank.”

Li Mingxuan said here, paused, and continued:

“As for how to get along with the surname Zhang, Dad doesn’t need me to tell you.”

Father Li nodded, he wasn’t stupid, he wouldn’t get angry until the Mining License came down.

The most important thing now is how to earn money back and supplement the family’s severe finances.

As for how to retaliate in the future, he believes that his son must have already had a plan.

“By the way, this time I got this recording thanks to one person, Father Hudlin, do you know?”

Li Mingxuan asked.

“Hoodlin? … Wait, isn’t that the kid who used to defend Kona? Son of Old Man Hu! ”

Li Jianguo thought about it and really remembered the boy.

Because Hu Delin always caused trouble everywhere when he was in the Jianghuai Steel Mill, he was also a very famous thorn in the factory area.

Either a scoop was opened today or a fight was fought tomorrow.

“Well, I have time to introduce you to zhang Maocheng this time.”


Father Li nodded, as for how his son knew the bastard, he didn’t care, because he believed that his son could handle it well.

For an instant, he seemed to feel that his son had grown up.

He used to ask his son to shelter himself from the wind and rain, but now he needs to rely on him.

At least in this matter, if there was no Li Mingxuan, I don’t know what would happen.

“It is worthy of Lao Tzu’s seed, it is excellent, learning is not enough, when the time comes, donate a few millions to what school can not go!”

Li Jianguo secretly said in his heart.

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