Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 86

Chapter Eighty-Six Lori the Giant Panda!!

On September 3, Li Mingxuan’s aesthetics major was told to go to the teaching building at 7 p.m. for a meeting.

Coming to the classroom, Li Mingxuan learned that there were more than thirty students majoring in aesthetics admitted to Yanda University this year.

Most of them are still girls.

Just when Li Mingxuan and Zhou Kun, the fat man in the same dormitory, and some acquaintances whispered.

A short-haired young man in his thirties who looked like he was not a big grade, but his hairline was very dangerous, wearing a set of short-sleeved white shirts and suit pants, walked to the podium: “Hello students, I am your counselor, Yang Guodong!” ”

As he spoke, he wrote his name in chalk on the chalkboard, then turned his head.

“As a counselor who will accompany you for four years, if you can confide in me if you have any difficulties in life, I will help you wholeheartedly.

“Zhang Bing!”


“Wang Peng!”


“Li Mingxuan!”


Every time a person’s name is pointed out, Yang Guodong will carefully observe the appearance of this person and firmly remember it in his heart.

“Tong Shan!”


A timid voice shouted that Li Mingxuan looked at it, and it turned out to be a girl who was probably less than 1 meter 6 tall and had a long twisted braid, with a doll face like twelve or thirteen years old, big eyes with bright eyes, and baby fat on her cheeks.

The body is a good explosion, the giant panda at least has E girls she and Xia Yuqing, Qiao Yanran are different, is that kind of cute type.

However, this girl named Tong Shan seems to be a little afraid of life, and her voice is small when she shouts.

So much so that Yang Guodong almost didn’t hear it.

In addition, the girls are very poorly dressed.

Although the gray cartoon rabbit shirt worn on the upper body seems to be washed cleanly, if you look closely, you can see that the cuffs and other places of the dress are very worn.

He wears very rustic black cloth shoes on his feet.

Li Mingxuan looked at her a few times from behind, and Tong Shan seemed to look back with some feeling, and suddenly found a handsome boy staring at her, and she immediately turned her head like a frightened little rabbit.

Then the body is obviously a little abnormally tight and tight.


The corners of Li Mingxuan’s mouth revealed a smile.

To tell the truth, he finally found a target in Yanda.

Although the girl is far less stunning than Xia Yuqing and Fan Shuangshuang goddess, but that innocence is what makes her eyes light up.

As soon as I saw her, there was an urge to take her into my arms and protect her.

Zhou Kun, who was beside him, saw Li Mingxuan staring directly at Tong Shan with his palm on his pillow, and he said as if in disbelief: “Brother Xuan, you won’t look at the short child who looks like a junior high school student!” ”

Hearing this, Li Mingxuan rolled his eyes and said disgustedly, “Fat man, what do you know!” ”

To tell the truth, not far from Tong Shan’s face and figure, if in the future life of the existence of a certain sound, put on white stockings, tie up a double ponytail, carry a fluffy bag to properly explode the giant panda Lori.

And Li Mingxuan kept staring at it, Tong Shan was very uncomfortable facing the girl in the same room next to her, and said timidly: “Who is that boy, how does he always stare at me!” ”

Hearing this, her roommate Yao Ling, an ordinary-looking young girl, looked behind her and said, “Just named, it seems to be called Li… Mingxuan! ”

“Li Mingxuan!?”

Tong Shan read it in her mouth, as if remembering the name.

At this point, the entire class finished counting.

Yang Guodong closed the roll call and said, “I probably already remember your name, although our class size is not large, but we still have to choose a class leader, he will be responsible for some of the class activities, who wants to be this class leader can talk to me now!” ”

Suddenly, the whole classroom was silent.

For a long time, no one took the initiative to sign up.

Seeing this situation, Yang Guodong directly named: “Since no one wants to be the squad leader, then I will directly assign, Li Mingxuan!” ”

Li Mingxuan was a little speechless.

He never imagined that the counselor would directly mention his name.

So he responded in the back row: “In! ”

“Li Mingxuan, your entrance exam score is the highest in the entire aesthetics major, for the time being, it is up to you to be the class leader!”

Yang Guodong said that Li Mingxuan originally wanted to refuse…

However, as Yang Guodong’s voice fell, the boys cheered excitedly one by one.

At this moment, even the counselor Yang Guodong himself is a little different, is Li Mingxuan so prestigious on the boy’s side?

In fact, where did he know that after the 320 bedroom did not have Shang Yong, the entire bedroom became the center of the third floor.

Every day I don’t know how many people come to cool off.

Even if the people in the 320 bedroom are not there, the air conditioning is never turned off.

All the electricity bills are taken care of by Li Mingxuan.

In addition sometimes cigarettes, drinks, movies can be watched and so on are also offered.

In the eyes of almost all the boys in the aesthetics major, ‘Xuan Ge’ is the idol If there is really any boy who wants to run for class president, in addition to Li Mingxuan, they are the first to disagree.

It can be seen that in just two or three days, Li Mingxuan has surrounded all the boys in the class.

The girls thought the counselor’s decision was a bit hasty.

But at first glance, this squad leader actually got the support of all the boys, and I couldn’t believe it.

The girls were very curious about how this very handsome boy had gained the trust of so many people in a short period of time.

“He. He’s awesome! ”

Tong Shan opened her mouth wide and whispered to herself.

Yao Ling on the side also nodded subconsciously.

“Since so many people agree, that’s it!”

Speaking of this, counselor Yang Guodong continued: “Tomorrow will start military training, I hope all students have a good rest, get ready, well, today’s class meeting will be here!” ”

When he finished, he left the classroom.

Leaving a group of people to say hello to Li Mingxuan.

Looking at the handsome boys who were surrounded in the center, Tong Shan firmly remembered Li Mingxuan’s appearance in her heart.

There are also some small worships.

She felt that this boy was too powerful, and she herself could not handle the relationship even with the people in the same room.

Now only Yao Ling and her on the side were better.

Everyone else was a little disgusted with her shabbiness.

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