Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 85

Chapter Eighty-Five The Expelled Roommate!!

However, many philosophy students from the same floor began to wander to the 320 dormitory.

In particular, the 320 dormitory also has Li Mingxuan’s laptop, which can watch movies at any time.

I don’t know who made a film of the island country and put it on the computer

Suddenly, many of the Yanda high-quality students who had not been poisoned were boiling with blood one by one.

You should know that many people who can be admitted to Yanda university used to be obedient treasures in the family, and they were the children of other people’s families as said by neighbors.

Many people have been extremely simple in their minds except for exam accidents.

But because of this, the more curious they became about the videos on their computers.

The world can promote friendship between men, in addition to having been in prison together, carrying a gun together, there is also a relationship that has watched the film together.

Anyway, there is still a period of time before the actual class, and this time everyone can indulge themselves.

To this end, Li Mingxuan asked Zhang Zhiqiang and Hong Han to buy many drinks from the commissary and put them in the refrigerator, as long as the dormitory came, they would give them for free.

On the first day of school at Yanda University, countless dormitories spread the name of Li Mingxuan. Many people don’t even care about their age, and they shout ‘Xuan Brother’ one by one.

Together with Zhang Zhiqiang in the dormitory, Hong Han is no exception.

And Li Mingxuan is also very generous, in addition to the computer, air conditioning, drink hospitality.

He also put the remaining two Chinese cigarettes on his desk.

“If you want to try it or smoke it, take it yourself!”

Suddenly, countless people cheered.

At seven or eight o’clock in the evening, Li Mingxuan’s 320 bedroom.

There was a picture of a group of people watching a movie, a group of people playing poker.

It is estimated that it is difficult for outsiders to imagine that this is actually the dormitory of Yanda University.

At this time, Li Mingxuan was playing with others while drinking red wine.

A chip for fried gold flowers is 10 pieces.

His hand was good, and he got two flushes, three flushes, and five straights to win about eight hundred yuan.

One of the card friends, a fat man named Zhou Kun, contributed the most.

Many of the three floors of the entire 30th floor are freshmen of the Faculty of Philosophy.

And this fat man and Li Mingxuan’s application for the same major is actually aesthetics.

The aesthetics major can recruit 20 or 30 students at Yanda every year.

Compared with the absolute unpopular major, the Department of Astronomy and the Department of Archaeology, a much better fat man called Zhou Kun, from Pengcheng, whose home is to import and export electronic equipment.

Also very rich.

So playing cards and losing a few hundred bucks is a drizzle for him.

Zhou Kun looked at the bottom card, doubled and shouted the chips, while tasting the red wine in the goblet.

“Roman Nikonti, it’s just good, I’ll buy a few bottles another day!”

Li Mingxuan looked at the card, the card is good is Shunzi, and he directly followed.

The other two saw the card and immediately discarded it.

As a result, Li Mingxuan compared the size with Zhou Kun.

Both were shunzi, but Li Mingxuan’s shunzi was bigger, so naturally he won.

And Shang Yong, who leaned against the bottom bunk by the door and played PS games, looked at the full house of people with great disgust, and the whole room was full of smoke, even some well-behaved babies who never smoked seemed to have to try it.

Shang Yong is actually a person who prefers to be quiet and has some allergies to smoke, but now this situation simply makes him miserable, and his eyes are smoked very painfully

However, Shang Yong could not say anything unless he wanted to be excluded by the entire Philosophical Academy.

In the end, he escaped from the 320 bedroom under the pretext of Xiao Xie and ran to the next bedroom to go through the door.

And made a reporting call to the Academic Affairs Office.

Not long after, someone downstairs came to inform them, saying that the people in the academic affairs office had received a report and came to check on the bed.

Suddenly, the 320 bedroom immediately changed its form.

The cards were immediately withdrawn, and the island movie was not played on the computer.

Instead, it played Zhou Xingxing’s Nine Pin Sesame Officer.

However, even so many people are reluctant to leave The 320 Dormitory, after all, their dormitory is like a furnace, and the coolness here is like heaven.

When a group of academic office people came to Bedroom 320, they did not find any gambling behavior.

Just think this dormitory is too luxurious, air conditioning, refrigerator surprisingly have.

And they can’t put away the heat fast, rice cookers, and so on, just like the bedrooms they checked before.

Because this is a donation of 1 million cash, it deserves it.

The school leaders have spoken, do they dare to disobey the opinions of the leaders?

Finally, Li Mingxuan quietly stuffed a pack of Chinese cigarettes into each of the people in the Academic Affairs Office, and then asked what was going on.

So, these people said that someone called to report the pornographic video of the 320 bedroom gambling.

At this time, Zhang Zhiqiang whispered to Li Mingxuan: “Brother Xuan, Shang Yong that boy has just gone out, and now it seems that he is still staying in someone else’s bedroom and will not come, this guy will not be sick, let go of his cool bedroom, run to other people’s bedrooms to get hot!” ”

“Who knows!?”

Li Mingxuan actually didn’t have the idea of dealing with Shang Yong, he just acted casually.

However, it is clear that Shang Yong is a very unsociable person.

When most of the dormitories wanted to come to 320, he ran away alone as a member of the dormitories.

Whether this matter was reported by Shang Yong or not, because his departure was difficult to escape.

Therefore, after Zhang Zhiqiang’s inadvertent dissemination, soon many people in the Philosophy Institute knew that Shang Yong reported it.

Suddenly, every new student became dissatisfied with Shang Yong. After all, people in the same bedroom actually reported their own bedroom.

In the past, it was simply a traitor, a traitor.

Originally, some people greeted Shang Yong when they met him.

But now most of them don’t see him when they see him.

Because they think that Shang Yong’s character is not good.

Since the character is not good, who wants to be contaminated?

On the contrary, Li Mingxuan gave many people a good impression.

Generous and generous personality is also very good, just when the card game was withdrawn, Li Mingxuan returned all the winning money to the students who lost money.

Of course, Zhou Kun, who had lost the most, didn’t want anything.

Just let Li Mingxuan take this money and invite the people in the surrounding dormitories to have a meal at the school gate tomorrow.

That night, Shang Yong stayed in another bedroom for a long time before returning.

As a result, no one paid any attention to him in the whole dormitory.

Shang Yong, who felt bad, immediately understood that it was possible that he had reported that the matter had been exposed.

Everyone is isolating him now.

He hadn’t slept well that night.

I didn’t fall into a deep sleep until dawn.

As a result, the next day, Li Mingxuan and the three of them got up early and went to the canteen to eat breakfast.

But no one mentioned Shang Yong as a person.

According to Zhang Zhiqiang: “I don’t walk with the traitors in the dormitory!” ”

Although Hong Han felt that it was a bit too much, he did not object to everyone isolating Shang Yong In short, Shang Yong, a person who had been isolated for several days in a row, went to the logistics office to apply to leave the 320 bedroom.

Because no one in the bedroom all day long would talk to him.

Only three days had passed, and that Zhou Kun was transferred to Li Mingxuan’s bedroom under the envious eyes of the people, while Shang Yong went directly to another dormitory building.

“Brother Xuan, you said that Shang Yong is not neurotic, such a good environment, he actually applied to change the bedroom!”

Fat Zhou Kun shook his head and said.

“Otherwise how could you come to our 320 bedroom?”

Zhang Zhiqiang said while nibbling on a book while holding a copy of Ma Zhe.

The students of Yanda University are good at this, they can play when they should play, but they are absolutely conscious when they should be conscious.

“That’s what it says!”

Fat Zhou Kun said with a smile.

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