Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 80

Chapter Eighty Housemate!!

After handing over the money, Li Mingxuan was guided and received some bedding and the like.

Although he is not allowed to spare these schools to issue, but also can not throw away, most likely will be donated to the Hope Project.

Therefore, Li Mingxuan, who was carrying bedding and other items, came to Yanyuan with Xia Yuqing, who was carrying an oversized suitcase.

It is said that the 30th floor and the 28th building and the 29th building were all built in 1956, which is a product of the last century, all of which are four-storey green brick buildings, and these buildings are surrounded by a large courtyard.

When I arrived at Room 320 on the 30th floor, I opened the door and saw two boys cleaning up the house.

Li Mingxuan put the futon and other things on a table, smiled and said: “It seems that I am not the earliest, hello, my name is Li Mingxuan, a blockbuster, The Xuan of Jiyu Xuanang, from Jianghuai, Huizhou!” ”

Hearing his introduction, one of the boys with some dark skin said.

“Hello, Zhang Zhiqiang, from the beautiful Hainan Island!”

Another boy who was a little dry and thin, with a small flat head, said shyly: “Hong Han, Henan Hebi!” ”

Then, the two of them were very enthusiastic to pick up some scattered things in Li Mingxuan’s hands, including water bottles and the like.

At this point, though.

Xia Yuqing walked in with two large suitcases full of sweat.

Zhang Zhiqiang and Hong Han froze as soon as they saw Xia Yuqing, and just wanted to ask the beautiful woman if you had come to the wrong place, this is the boys’ dormitory.

I saw the beautiful woman wipe the sweat on her head, looked at the dormitory environment, and said: “Xiao Xuan, is the male dormitory environment of Yanda so bad?” ”

Xia Yuqing compared her dormitory in the Imperial Dance with here, which was quite good.

And in the dormitory of Yanyuan, the ground may be too long, and the floor tiles are somewhat dirty.

There are four bunk beds, each with a long wooden cabinet in front of and behind each bed.

In addition, there is an old radiator near the balcony, and above it are two small shaking head fans that are weakly fanning.

In fact, don’t say Xia Yuqing, even Li Mingxuan, who just came in for a quick glance, was a little disappointed in the environment of Yanda Dormitory.

In this environment, it was not as good as the third-rate university he had attended in his previous life.

In fact, he knew that like the 30th floor, this kind of old building that is close to half a century, the school has carried out many renovations, but it is still unable to solve the problem of aging facilities.

After more than a decade, these old dormitories will be demolished and new dormitories will be built.

Of course, Li Mingxuan definitely had no way to use those new dormitories.

Then, in the surprised eyes of Zhang Zhiqiang and Hong Han.

Xia Yuqing did not rest at all, and opened the suitcase.

Suddenly, the variety of things inside made both of them look dumbfounded, from air-conditioned quilts, printed sheets, as well as slippers and socks, foreign wine, and cigarettes.

Because many of them are English products, Zhang Qiang and Hong Han can’t pronounce what brand it is.

However, just when Xia Yuqing helped sort out the luggage, Li Mingxuan, who was breathless, took out two bags of Great China directly from the luggage and threw them to the two people.

“Take it and smoke it!”

The two took a look at it, and it turned out to be Zhonghua, and their faces were happy again.

“Thanks, brother!”

Zhang Zhiqiang and Hong Han spoke in unison.

“Everyone is a roommate, polite what, but I thought that those who were admitted to Yanda were all well-behaved babies, and I was worried that you would throw them back!”

Li Mingxuan took out a silver shell Du peng lighter and lit it for himself, and then threw the lighter over.

Zhang Zhiqiang took the lighter and lit one for himself and Hong Han.

Zhang Zhiqiang said while smoking a cigarette: “When I used to learn to be irritable, I would give myself one, but many of us smoked a dozen pieces of hard shell Hibiscus King, not this is good!” ”

However, it was obvious that Hong Han next to him did not seem to be used to smoking cigarettes and had a bit of a cough.

“I don’t smoke a lot, but I want to try it!”

“Oh, I’m used to smoking, I used to be the same!”

Zhang Zhiqiang said, however, that he actually wanted to ask who the beautiful woman over there really was.

However, looking at the busy cleaning up the bed for Li Mingxuan, he did not want to take care of their big beauty, and Zhang Zhiqiang did not ask a question.

In this way, the three of them chatted for a while, and each reported their age.

Li Mingxuan was born in June 1984.

Zhang Zhiqiang was in ’83, and Hong Han was in March 1984.

Both of them were older than Li Mingxuan, and Li Mingxuan could only admit that in terms of age, he had temporarily become the third oldest in the dormitory, and the reason why he said it was temporary was because there was still one person in the dormitory who had not come.

After a while, Xia Yuqing, who had put everything in place, said, “Xiao Xuan, I have sorted out everything for you, if there is anything missing, call me and I will send it to you!” ”

“It shouldn’t be bad, and there should be everything on campus, I can buy it myself!”

Li Mingxuan said helplessly.

Originally, he wanted to clean up with the handle, but Xia Yuqing wouldn’t let him do anything, saying that he and She were friendly and chatting.

These are all things that she should do Li Mingxuan is really a little moved, and her heart is so wife, why should her husband ask for it!

“The quality of things on campus is very poor, I’m afraid you won’t be used to it, anyway, you lack something and call me immediately!”

Summer rain sunny road.

“All right!”

Li Mingxuan nodded.

At this time, Xia Yuqing looked at his Cartier blue balloon watch and said.

“Then I will go back first, and Teacher Qin is probably still waiting for me to go back.”

“Hurry up and go back, I won’t send you!”

Li Mingxuan said.

Xia Yuqing nodded, and then smiled slightly at Zhang Zhiqiang and Hong Han and left.

When she left, the two breathed a sigh of relief.

In the boys’ dormitory, there are just that kind of beautiful girls, whether it is Zhang Zhiqiang or Hong Han are very uncomfortable.

“Mingxuan, I really hope that you tell me that that is your own sister, so that we will not only be housemates but also relatives in the future, brother-in-law!”

Zhang Zhiqiang said jokingly.


Li Mingxuan did not raise a kick in anger and pretended to kick.

Hong Han smiled shyly, “It’s so pretty, Mingxuan, that’s really not your sister!” ”

Li Mingxuan: “!! ”

For these people who want to become their brothers-in-law, Li Mingxuan can only say that he is a single line and completely beat these people into hell.

“Back to the point, what is your relationship with the beautiful woman just now?”

Zhang Zhiqiang was very curious.

“Just a normal friend!”

Li Mingxuan smoked Huazi and said lightly with a gangster-like temperament.

Suddenly, both of his roommates were installed by him.

Then, the three of them chatted with each other.

After about half an hour, the door to the dormitory was opened again.

I saw a middle-aged couple walking in with a fair-skinned, good-looking young man.

As soon as the middle-aged couple saw the three people in the dormitory, one of them wearing a high-end suit, immediately smiled and said, “Hello, you are the students of this dormitory!” ”

“Hello, uncle!”

Li Mingxuan alerted the middle-aged couple.

In addition to the man’s very formal suit, the wrist should be wearing a Hans Lange tourbillon perpetual calendar watch.

In addition, the middle-aged woman’s Omotesando bag, Cartier diamond stud earrings, and necklaces did not look like fakes.

In his previous life, Li Mingxuan did what a substitute driver when he was wandering in the magic capital, and often mixed in nightclubs and hotels.

The more he saw, the more he knew the details of many luxuries.

Obviously, the couple should be richer.

“Hello, I’m good!”

The middle-aged woman greeted Li Mingxuan and the three of them.

Then, the woman said to the middle-aged man: “Come and help your son clean up, nong is not short of West (stupid)!” ”

“Oh, okay!”

The middle-aged man immediately began to pack up his son’s things.

Watching them take care of themselves, however, the middle-aged couple frowned when they saw the beds in the dormitory, three of the four beds.

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