Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 75

Chapter Seventy-Five Jindi Mine II Generation!!

Looking at Qiao Yanran’s sense of escaping, Li Mingxuan showed a smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Dad, are you happy?”

Qiao Xi asked while eating ice cream and blinking his round eyes.

“Is there one?” However, Xiao Xi should not eat too much ice cream at night! ”

Li Mingxuan said as if he had adapted to his father’s daily life.

“But it’s delicious!”

Xiao Xi looked at the ice cream on the table a little reluctantly.


Li Mingxuan touched her slightly curly hair and smiled.

“Let’s finish eating that!”

Suddenly, Xiao Xi’s face was happy, but after waiting for a long time, she did not see Qiao Yanran come back.

Li Mingxuan was a little strange, he put Qiao Xi on the table, and then warned her not to run around.

Went to the hotel washroom to look for it.

Turning into the alleyway where the bathroom was located, Li Mingxuan faintly heard Qiao Yanran’s angry voice.

“Don’t go too far!”

“Miss, I just want to get to know you, nothing else.”

“I repeat I don’t want to know you, just get out of the way!”

“Miss, don’t you turn away people thousands of miles away, just make a friend.”

Hearing this, Li Mingxuan hurried over.

Immediately outside the bathroom, I saw a man dressed in a very high-end suit and wearing a Rolex GMT gold watch on his wrist.

A young man in his twenties, not very tall, with a slightly dark skin, was blocking in front of Qiao Yanran, smiling playfully.

However, when he saw Qiao Yanran suddenly show a happy expression, he thought that this beautiful young woman had changed her mind.

However, then he heard the young woman shouting, “Xiao Xuan! ”

But he saw a young man in a white shirt and suit pants standing behind him with a cold face.

Because Li Mingxuan’s height has recently grown a little, he has been strung from 178CM to 179 and close to 180, which is much taller than the small dwarf who blocked Qiao Yanran’s youth up to 170CM, so he almost looked down at each other.

“Sleeper, who are you, standing behind me is the B-pocket oil (under-play)”

The youth suddenly appeared a piece of vernacular.

Hearing the other party’s vernacular, Li Mingxuan frowned before coming to Qiao Yanran and saying with concern: “It’s all right!” ”

Seeing the other party’s worried expression, Qiao Yanran, who had originally been carrying his heart, suddenly relaxed, his heart was full of warmth, and he shook his head.

“I see that you have not been back, a little worried, rest assured, Xiao Xi I asked the waiter to help watch.”

As soon as she heard her daughter being watched, Qiao Yanran immediately said, “I came out of the bathroom and met this guy and kept pestering me!” ”

Hearing this, Li Mingxuan turned his head and said to the dark-skinned youth, “From Jin Province?” ”

The youth nodded, “What’s wrong with that?”

“Give you advice, don’t provoke this woman, otherwise you will bear the consequences!”

Li Mingxuan suddenly put his arm around Qiao Yanran’s shoulder and said coldly.

Although Qiao Yanran felt that this was a bit bad, she did not struggle.

Looking at the other party as if they had sworn sovereignty, the dark youth’s face suddenly became darker, but this guy may have been arrogant in Jindi, and he really loved Qiao Yanran, a young woman, and immediately said to Li Mingxuan: “Boy, you have the courage to talk to me like this!” ”

However, his voice had just fallen, and Li Mingxuan suddenly raised a foot.

Directly on the other person’s stomach.

The latter was immediately kicked directly to the ground, covering his stomach and wailing.

Just then, several burly men in black suits ran over.

When these strong men saw the dark youth who had fallen to the ground, their faces immediately changed.

Because youth are the ones who their bodyguards need to protect.

The youth cried out to his bodyguards, “Kill him more (kill him), I’m responsible!” ”

Hearing the words of the employer, the strong men immediately approached forward.

Although Li Mingxuan has the plug-in of the alien mining system, he does not have any force in itself, and the system does not give him any physical optimization, if he fights, one or two ordinary people are ok.

In the face of these professional bodyguards, it is looking for death.

However, even as a child of Jianghuai, he absolutely cannot be provoked.

There was no regret about kicking over the dark youth.

He protected Qiao Yanran behind him and put on a posture to prepare for a fight.

However, at this moment, a loud voice sounded.

“What are you?”

When the crowd turned their heads, it was a group of hotel guards.

After all, there was such a big thing going on here, and they weren’t blind enough to hear about it a long time ago.

As the earliest five-star hotel in the imperial capital, or in cooperation with Mr. Huo of Gangjiang, the security of the VIP building is not weak.

A crowd of cheerers surrounded the young man’s bodyguards.

At this point, the bodyguards couldn’t take a shot.

When Li Mingxuan saw this situation, he took the opportunity to make a phone call.

Soon, Makino, dressed in a butler’s suit, came downstairs from the presidential box and said, “Sir, you’re all right!” ”

After all, Li Mingxuan is the platinum IP of the guest hotel that the president of the VIP building has set for a week.

As the exclusive butler of the presidential set, Makino can still recognize it at a glance.

“This guy flirted with my female companion and was kicked by me, and that’s about it!”

Li Mingxuan said to Makino.

Makino immediately chatted with the hotel security captain.

The captain of the security team glanced at Li Mingxuan, then nodded.

Immediately Li Mingxuan was allowed to leave with Qiao Yanran.

As for the dark-skinned young man and his bodyguard, he didn’t look at what place it was.

The men were taken to the security room.

However, the dark young man looked at Li Mingxuan with a sinister face, and it was obvious that the kick made him remember it vividly.

Speaking of which, this young man from Jindi and Li Mingxuan actually have some similarities between their fathers, both of whom are rich, both started with coal, and both belong to the second generation of mines.

However, the difference is that Li Mingxuan’s father rose to the top of the ladder, without a little encroachment on state-owned assets.

The other side is the collusion of officials and businessmen, I don’t know how many people have been killed, and the coal mine operated is also the kind of black coal mine that eats people and does not spit bones.

These people send abductors to black coal mines, working day and night every day, with little remuneration.

I can’t even eat enough.

Want to run! There are special overseers, and once they escape and are caught, it is a severe beating.

In addition, if people die in black coal mines, they will be thrown directly into the rugged mine, and even the corpses cannot be found.

I’m afraid this matter is not easy to be good!

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