Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 73

Chapter Seventy-Three Daddy!!

In fact, for the powerful families of the imperial capital, their children are very cautious about making friends.

Especially in the patrol family of Wang Sheng, Wang Sheng will report what he has lived all day and what he has eaten.

Naturally, the family did not want Wang Sheng to make some unclean friends

But Li Mingxuan was different, Wang Sheng had just returned to the imperial capital from Lingnan and was helped by him twice.

Once in the sky upstairs, once in the gambling stone field.

In addition, why is it that it is obviously a pit, but the Li family can obtain great wealth one after another.

Once is lucky, twice can be lucky, but if this luck continues, it is not lucky.

It’s a kind of luck!

An unspeakable kind of luck in the dark!

Shortly after the middle-aged man left the old man’s room, Wang Sheng’s father, Wang Anning, received a report from his subordinates.

It is said that the li family’s bid for two iron mines in Huo County has an extremely rare hematite layer iron ore content of more than 70%, and even more than was once considered the world

The best Brazilian Vale iron ore grades, which also break the history of flower growers without high-quality iron ore.

After hearing the report, Wang Anning paced in his room and remembered the words of the old master.

“It seems that the Li family really has luck!!”

Then, he ordered his subordinates not to investigate the Li family, and they should know that they knew almost everything.

Unbeknownst to him, Li Mingxuan, whose family was once investigated, refused the request of a group of second-generation people to sing in the afternoon after eating shabu lamb.

Drove away and went to the Houhai Courtyard.

Speaking of which, the courtyard that cost him 140 million yuan is beginning to be renovated, and although the former Marancia Chinese horse owner has also renovated the courtyard, some places are changed according to his liking.

Unlike the original courtyard, there is almost no furniture left in the courtyard.

Li Mingxuan can only spend a lot of money to rebuild now.

Some people may say, why not buy some antique furniture to fill in the courtyard, isn’t it more tasteful?

Li Mingxuan wanted to say, don’t you respond?

Imagine a bed of Ming Dynasty huanghuali, after hundreds of years of history.

You know who has been lying on it, what has happened, and even whether this bed has ever died in a chaotic world.

In fact, Li Mingxuan really admired those who bought a piece of Ming and Qing furniture and used it with dignity.

In fact, Li Mingxuan basically has no love for antiques, and that thing is worth something that is indeed valuable, but it is worthless or worthless.

Most of it is artificially hyped.

With the mind of collecting antiques, it is not better to find a contemporary skilled craftsman to make new ones.

When he arrived at the courtyard, Li Mingxuan saw a group of workers working against the extreme heat.

The construction company was introduced by Qiao Yanran, specializing in the professionals who repaired this kind of courtyard.

There are even professors of ancient architecture at the Palace Museum, who can change the revised courtyard back to the original state.

Of course, the cost is not low, and it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars for repair and correction, materials, etc.

However, the money is worth it.

Standing on the back floor of the courtyard and looking at the courtyard in front of him, Li Mingxuan was still very satisfied.

According to the construction period, he can move into this courtyard in half a month at most.

Of course, before that, he needed to get a batch of good wood from the south and come to the imperial capital for processing.

It is always impossible to place thousands of pieces of cheap furniture in the hundreds of millions of courtyards in the furniture city.

That’s a bargain!

However, seeing this courtyard, Li Mingxuan couldn’t help but think of Qiao Yanran, so he couldn’t help but make a phone call.

“Hey, little Aunt Joe!”

“Xiao Xuan!”

Qiao Yanran said with some surprise that a lot of time had passed since the last time the two had met.

But her mind never forgot the warmth of that night.

“Do you have time in the evening, I just returned to the imperial capital, I want to invite the beautiful little aunt Qiao to dinner, I don’t know if I have this honor!”

Li Mingxuan said with a smile.

“Giggles, you like to make jokes about my old aunt, I promise you, but can you take Xiaoxi, I’m taking her to play in the park!”

Qiao Yanran said apologetically.

Li Mingxuan knew that for a young woman like Qiao Yanran, her daughter was more important, and if he showed a little hesitation, then he could basically say goodbye.

“Of course there is no problem, just in the VIP Building Hotel!”

Li Mingxuan thought about it, the first time he came to the VIP building where the emperor lived, the hotel gave him a platinum VIP card.

The next time you go to the VIP Building Hotel, you can skip the reservation and directly book a private room.

And the restaurant in the VIP building tastes really good.

“VIP building?” Okay, that meet! ”

Qiao Yanran nodded. As an imperial capital, Qiao Yanran naturally knew the location and grade of the VIP building. After hanging up the phone, Li Mingxuan went directly to the VIP building to make a call.

In addition to the independent restaurant set by the president, there are four restaurants in the VIP building, including Various Cuisines of Chinese and Western Cuisine.

After reporting his VIP card number, the operator of the VIP building has already booked a private room.

Driving from the back to the VIP building on Chang’an Avenue, I did not expect that the doorman who picked up the car was still the same as the last time.

“It’s you, sir!”

The doorman said hello, and it was obvious that he was very impressed with Li Mingxuan, who gave a 100-yuan tip.

“I didn’t expect it to be you!”

Li Mingxuan nodded politely, and then he threw the key to the doorman: “Park my car!” ”

“Okay, sir!”

The doorman said respectfully.

When Li Mingxuan walked into the hotel, he looked at the Rolls-Royce Silver Angel in front of him, as the doorman of the five-star hotel ushered in so many vehicles.

He naturally knew the Rolls-Royce brand.


“It seems that this gentleman is really a big man, I don’t know if the beautiful tour guide lady followed him, it is estimated that it is almost the same!”

The doorman envied the life of the rich in his heart.

Then he parked his car in the parking lot.

Under the guidance of the lobby manager, Li Mingxuan went all the way to the restaurant in the VIP building.

A restaurant with a very Western-style decoration.

After about ten minutes, Qiao Yanran led a beautiful girl of seven or eight years old to the restaurant under the guidance of the waiter in the restaurant.

“Sorry, Xiao Xuan, I’ve been waiting for a long time!”

Qiao Yanran said apologetically as soon as she came over.

Watch her in a light purple dress with a pearl necklace around her neck.

The super panda is incredibly tall.

A mature and feminine breath swept over her face, although Qiao Yanran’s words on appearance were not as good as Fan Shuangshuang and Xia Yuqing.

But this mature style is incomparable to the two.

Li Mingxuan said slightly dryly, “No, I just arrived!” ”

At this time, he saw that the little girl who was being held by Qiao Yanran’s hand was blinking and staring at herself, the little girl looked very cute, with big round eyes, like black pearls, looking curiously.

Wearing a pink dress, she holds a panda toy that is very big for her.

“This is Xiao Xi!”

Li Mingxuan smiled and squinted.


Qiao Yanran nodded, and then said, “Xiao Xi, this is your brother Xuan!” ”

“Brother Xuan!”

Qiao Xi shouted obediently, his voice was sticky, and it sounded very beautiful.

“It’s so cute, if only I could have such a beautiful child in the future!”

Li Mingxuan said with a smile.

However, the next moment, I heard Little Qiao Xi shouting, “Daddy tons! ”

Belch! Li Mingxuan thought he had heard it wrong, so he smiled and said.

“I’m not in my twenties yet, and my ears are a little back!”

However, Little Qiao Xi shouted again.


Li Mingxuan: “…!!! ”

Qiao Yanran: “…!!! ”

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