Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 72

Chapter Seventy-Two The Man of Luck!!

The group drove to a small shop in Zhongguancun.

The so-called fly restaurant is not bad health, but the kind of door is not large, the location is difficult to find, and even non-local indigenous people do not know the shop.

Get out of the car.

Wang Sheng introduced the restaurant to Li Mingxuan, who was not an imperial capital.

“Xuanzi, don’t look at the small door of this restaurant, but the taste is really good, especially his meat is a must!”

“Oh, then try it!”

Li Mingxuan said with a smile.

Immediately after, a group of people walked into the restaurant where the owner was a lean man in his forties, and his eyes lit up when he saw Wang Sheng’s group.

“Wang Shao, but I haven’t been here for a long time!”

“Yeah, I’ve been somewhere else for two years, and everything else is easy to say, just read about your family.”

Wang Sheng said with a smile.

“That’s a good feeling!”

The boss said with a smile.

“Is it still the same?”

“Well, boss, you look at it!”

After Wang Sheng finished speaking, he went to the box next to him.

In fact, Li Mingxuan had just come out of the Imperial Dance’s canteen and was not hungry at all, but seeing that these second generations were so interested, they couldn’t shirk their good intentions and were ready to try.

Copper hot pot with smokeless charcoal was served.

In the air-conditioned box, eating a bite of the hot pot of the old imperial capital is actually a kind of enjoyment.

Along with plates of lamb, haggis and so on are brought up.

Li Mingxuan admitted that this hot pot restaurant is really good, the soup base is delicious, and the lamb is also very good.

But to say that it is better than other stores, it is almost interesting.

However, when the boss personally served a plate of special meat, this impression was immediately forgotten by Li Mingxuan.

“Well, Xuanzi, I haven’t eaten this kind of meat before!”

Zhang Kai said with a smile.

“Brother Sheng used to come to this restaurant with our favorite, just for this plate of meat!”

“Sven Man Li Kun said.”

“Fat and lean evenly, the taste is particularly good!”

Wang Sheng shabu the meat on one side and praised it.

“In fact, there are many places in the imperial capital now that have this kind of shabu-shabu called sun meat, but this boss is the inventor of sun meat, and the taste is the most authentic!”

Duan Youjun explained.

“This thing is the brain of the sheep, wrapped in rib meat on the outside, which forms this kind of meat, and now it is very popular in the emperor!”

Liang Jiang said.

Hearing this, Li Mingxuan also ate a few more pieces, and the taste was really good.

But just as they were feasting.

In the most mysterious part of the imperial capital West Mountain.

In a room, a middle-aged man who looked 60% or 70% like Wang Sheng was talking to a white-haired old man about things.

While holding the scissors to trim the flowers and grass in the room, the old man said: “That matter has not been clearly investigated?” ”

The middle-aged man shook his head: “The whole Huaqing has been checked, and even evacuated the school once, but after rummaging through it, I have found nothing, Father, it is not strange that you say that this matter is strange, since we have not found even a trace.” ”

Speaking of this, he seemed to say to himself: “In a few meters underground, with the lead chamber as an isolation, even the Huaqing nuclear physics professor wants to study and needs to apply, but under that kind of protection, those uranium mines have disappeared silently, which is something that some ghosts can’t do.”

However, the old man smiled and said: “The more confusing the event, it must be done by people, you have also studied materialist education for so many years, how can you still believe those things that the gods are nagging, think that the plum blossom file was bizarre, and the last check is not also the work of the secret agents?” ”

“I don’t believe those gods and ghosts, but this matter is really different, and the people who did it have not left any traces.”

The middle-aged man sighed.

“Forget it, you should find a way to solve the case as soon as possible!”

The old man put down the scissors, and then sat down on a recliner and said, “Is the little monkey still safe for a while?” ”


As soon as he mentioned this, the middle-aged man laughed: “Xiaosheng’s child did not make any more trouble, but he did make a good friend.” ”

“Oh, where’s the fox friend again?”

Old man road.

“This time it’s really not, speaking of which, I just got the information, Xiao Sheng ran to gamble on the stone and actually cut out a piece of dragon jadeite, and fell fiercely on the face of the cai family’s boy!”

“Oh, that’s his luck!”

The old man snorted coldly.

At his age and status, he no longer valued those external objects.

“Tell me about the little monkey you just said about that nice friend!”

“The cause of the matter is the Didu Motor Show…”

Therefore, the middle-aged man told the story of the matter, from Wang Shengsan Swordsman and Li Mingxuan at the auto show, all the way to the gambling stone just now.

If Li Mingxuan was here, he would definitely be surprised to investigate so clearly.

“Li Liujin, hahaha!!”

The old man heard the nickname his little monkey had given his friend, and laughed rarely.

His old eyes seemed to be reminiscing about the past.

“In the past, our troops also had a few drinks, five or six pounds, but those were just sorghum wine degrees low, Maotai words, I really haven’t heard of anyone with this amount of wine.”

“Speaking of this Li Liujin, I also sent someone to check it out, but I found some interesting things!”

The middle-aged man continued.

“Li Liujin’s real name is Li Mingxuan, and he was admitted to Yenching University this year, but the interesting thing is that their Li family actually started by mining coal!”

“Coal mine!? Those coal dealers? ”

The old man originally heard that Yenching University still had some smiles, but as soon as he heard the coal smile, he immediately retracted, obviously he knew about the dirtiness within the coal industry.

“No, no, no, father, the coal mine in this boy’s home is different from the ones in Jindi that steal state-owned assets and collude with local officials, and the people are completely legal and compliant mining, no, it can even be said that the state-owned enterprises are in the pit people’s homes.”

The middle-aged man added.

“Oh, and this kind of thing?”

The old man was a little confused.

Therefore, the middle-aged man told the story of how to buy a small coal kiln in Jinxiu Coal Mine.

“Oh, this Li Liujin also helped the little monkey who just returned to survive two crises, and the family was so lucky, it seems that he is a person with luck!”

The old man sighed.

For the old man, he can not believe in the theory of ghosts and gods, but he cannot believe that some people are born with great luck.

For example, that Zhu Yuanzhang started a bowl, but he was the last emperor.

“Well, since the little monkey has such a person around him, you don’t have to care, and in addition, in the case of legal compliance, if necessary, you can also help that Li Liujin!”

When the old man finished speaking, he closed his eyes on the recliner and waved his hand to let the middle-aged man out.

Even if the middle-aged man had three flowers hanging on his shoulders in the patrol suit, he did not dare to disobey the old man and obediently withdrew.

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