Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 7

As a jerk, Hu Delin didn’t even know where to buy the listening device, which he had only seen in the secret agent TV series.

However, as the old saying goes, people walk humane, ghosts take ghostly paths.

The naturally walked the mixed road, they just inquired on the road, and soon found several sets in a special police equipment company.

Wei Xiaosi left 5,000 yuan for Hu Delin to do it.

In fact, installing a listening device sounds like an exaggeration, but in reality it is normal.

There were more than one such incident in the news before the rebirth.

It is said that a senior executive of a certain state-owned enterprise has secretly installed seven or eight eavesdropping devices for eavesdropping in his office.

Therefore, after handing over Zhang Maocheng’s home address to Hu Delin, Li Mingxuan waited for good news at home.

He believed that even if this “Uncle Zhang” was good at pretending outside, he could not continue to disguise himself at home, and there would always be times of negligence.

And as long as this guy shows his horse’s feet, his purpose is achieved.

However, the next Monday, Li Mingxuan still did not block the soft and hard bubble of his mother Liu Qin and went to school.

His high school is in the second middle school of the city, which is one of the best high schools in the whole of Jianghuai, and is known as the first in science.

As for how Li Mingxuan’s garbage grades entered this school, the imagination also understands.

In the second middle school of the city, even if it is the most difficult Huizhou province in the college entrance examination every year, it can also be admitted to one or two Huaqing and Peking University students.

Others include the examination to Aurora, Zhejiang University does not know how much.

The whole high school is in the thousands, as long as your grades can rank around 400, you can go to a university. 、

200 is 211,985 or something like that.

In 2002, the gaokao date was July, not June.

So there are still two months to prepare.

Looking for memories to come to the third (first) class of high school where he was, Li Mingxuan was noticed by everyone as soon as he walked into the classroom.

The third year of high school (I) is a key class, in which the students are naturally the top grades.

The reason why Li Mingxuan was able to stay in the key class was, of course, he gave money.

In fact, in addition to Li Mingxuan, there were several other people in the whole class who also entered in this way.

Therefore, some good students immediately looked at Li Mingxuan with contempt.

Maybe Li Mingxuan would still be a little upset when he was stared at by this cockroach-like gaze, but now he has been groping in society for many years.

When The Magic Capital was a courier brother, he had also felt a look of disgust that was even more disgusted than this kind of gaze.

Naturally, he had cultivated a moody and disfigured city government.

“Lean, Xuanzi, you’re finally back, and I thought you weren’t ready for the college entrance examination?”

At this time, the people sitting in the last row of the class shouted at Li Mingxuan.

It’s morning reading time every day, and those who feel disturbed look at the two with dissatisfaction.

Li Mingxuan didn’t care to come to the last row and sat in his seat.

As for the school bag, well, he never carried it with him when he went to school, because all his books were either on the desk or in the drawer.

Only then did he look at his classmates who were shouting at him.

Hoven, his sworn enemy in high school, this guy’s family is doing running transportation, although not as good as Father Li, but it is also a small asset.

Both are the kind of poor students who spend money to buy two.

This guy has a nickname called Mosquito.

Later, this guy did not go to college in the college entrance examination, and went to the magic capital to go to a specialty

After graduation, he stayed in Modu to open a trading company, and before Li Mingxuan was reborn, he had already reached tens of millions of assets, which can also be regarded as taking root in Modu.

In 2002, after the Accident of the Li family, Huo Wen was the only classmate who gave away three thousand yuan.

Although the money was not much, Li Mingxuan was also very grateful.

When The Magic City ran the courier, the two also drank together.

But by then the gap between the two men’s identities was already very large.

Not a class person at all, Li Mingxuan, who had a strong sense of self-esteem, rarely contacted this sworn party at that time, and gradually the relationship between the two became estranged.

“I said mosquitoes, even if I don’t take the college entrance examination, I can’t bear you in my heart!”

Li Mingxuan sat in his seat and said with a smile.

“Roll! You should say this to the goddess of the forest! ”

Huo Wen said without anger.

As soon as he heard him mention the Goddess Lin, Li Mingxuan was stunned for a moment, and then began to look for it in the classroom.

Sure enough, he soon saw that in the second row of the classroom, a person wearing a second middle school uniform and a single ponytail had a back.

Lin Weiwei, the goddess of the second middle school and high school, her skin glows like jade in the early morning sun

Green silk is like silk.

And that face without a single flaw was gradually awakened in Li Mingxuan’s mind from the long-sealed memories.

It reminded him of the name of a TV series in later generations.

A slight smile is very overwhelming!

Lin Weiwei was also a dream of Li Mingxuan when the love Dou first opened.

Unfortunately, in his third year of high school, he finally plucked up enough courage to confess, but he was ruthlessly rejected.

Even if it is the Li family, it is still quite rich, and it is very famous in the field area.

However, things are not human.

Now Li Mingxuan is at most a little appreciative, he will not touch true feelings for any woman in his life.

Because before he was born again, he had already been emotionally broken.

He will always remember that once he overcame the inferiority of his family’s poverty to confess to a goddess, but the answer was

“Your money for a month of courier delivery is not enough to buy me a bag, poor ghost, why do you have to confess?”

Since then, until he was almost forty years old, Li Mingxuan had never found a girlfriend.

So after being reborn, he will never really be moved to find a girlfriend.

Because he has fully recognized the true side of this creature of women.

Glancing at Lin Weiwei’s back, Li Mingxuan shook his head.

After the college entrance examination, he didn’t seem to see this woman again, even if it was the last graduation dinner of high school, because at that time, his family did not participate in the file.

After just listening to the mosquito, Lin Weiwei went to the imperial capital.

“Forget it, I still like the kind of woman who can be hit by money, this woman is probably impossible!” 」

Li Mingxuan thought so, and gave up.

The main thing for him now is to train his father to become a mining tycoon, so that he can lie flat in the second generation of the mine.

This is called Jackie Chan the Father.

It’s not easy for him to say.

In addition, it is necessary to find a way to find the energy of the alien mining system.

He also asked about the system AI on this issue, but according to the system, as a primary energy source, one million kWh of electricity can be charged 1%.

However, it will completely absorb the electrical energy in an instant.

The result could be that the entire downtown area will lose power in an instant.

Therefore, the matter of charging with electricity was immediately ruled out by him, because he did not want to expose his abnormality.

Don’t underestimate the authorities.

Of course, the alien mining system is also able to automatically collect solar energy, wind energy, etc

But with E-level permissions, this speed will be very slow, and it will be possible to recover 1% every three months.

Li Mingxuan, who was preparing to make a big fuss in the mining industry in the future, could not bear this speed.

“Or wait for the summer vacation, in the name of tourism to see everywhere!”

Li Mingxuan could only think like this.

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