Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Bid for Iron Ore!!

Originally, Fan Shuangshuang still wanted to ask Li Mingxuan to go out and sit down at the bar.

However, after hearing that Li Mingxuan was not in the imperial capital, he was a little disappointed.

“The next time I go back to the imperial capital, I will definitely invite Sister Fan to have a drink!”

“Well, Li Shao, don’t miss the appointment!”

Fan Shuangshuang said.


Then the two ended the call.

To tell the truth, if it wasn’t for Fan Shuangshuang on the other side, it was hard for him to believe that Fan Ye would even have such a sneering side in the future.

However, this is also a reality.

In front of the capital boss, many female stars are just playthings or jokes and jokes.

Celebrities who look brightly dressed are inevitably prostituted behind them.

However, this also gave Li Mingxuan a chance.

“There is time to ask Kunzi, his mother’s entertainment company does not accept shares, and then recognize a few dry daughters is the best.”

Li Mingxuan thought dirty in his heart.

But before that, he had enough money to lose.

Early the next morning, Li Jianguo, Li Mingxuan, Wei Xiaosi and Gao Bo drove two cars from their homes.

The first one was a Rolls-Royce Silver Angel, driven by Gao Bo, a veteran and now Father Li’s full-time driver.

The other is the Mercedes-Benz S600 driven by Wei Xiaosi.

The Lee family sits in the back seat of the Rolls-Royce Silver Angel, and their destination is Luan City.

Because today is the day of the auction of two iron mines in Huo County.

Li Jianguo, who received an invitation from Anjiang Iron and Steel Factory, is determined to win these two iron mines.

From Jianghuai to Lu’an, the whole journey is more than 200 kilometers.

More than an hour later, at about eight o’clock in the morning, the two cars arrived at the Huatai Hotel in Lu’an City.

At this time, the entire fourth floor of the hotel has been chartered by the Anjiang Iron and Steel Factory.

Anjiang Iron and Steel Factory has been laying out the Huoxian Iron Mine since the 1950s and 1960s, and it owns the vast majority of the shares in huoxian iron ore.

Therefore, this auction is nominally huoxian iron ore to sell ore, in fact, Anjiang iron and steel plant is ready to sell some iron ore that cannot generate profits.

When the Li family’s father and son’s car stopped at the door of the Huatai Hotel.

Many of the aspiring iron ore owners were quiet.

“The logo of that car is Rolls-Royce!”

A boss said.

“Well, it should be a Rolls-Royce Silver Angel, plus tariffs of about 6 million, followed by the latest Mercedes-Benz S600, more than 2 million.”

One understands

The owner of the line exclaimed.

“Who has this pomp and circumstance, is it the big boss?”

Another boss said.

However, there is a lot of discussion.

Gao Bo, a driver with white gloves, got out of the car and opened the back door of the Rolls-Royce Silver Angel.

Father Li combed his big back with hair oil, sorted out the suit on his body and walked down.

In his own face, he has a tall figure, and his momentum immediately suppresses these local bosses who are ready to bid.

Li Jianguo scanned the week with eagle-like eyes.

I found that none of the local bosses dared to look at him.

This is the way to the main entrance of the hotel.

Li Mingxuan, who wears a white shirt and trousers, casually follows his father and acts as a background board.

After all, on this occasion, even if he is dressed formally, the age cannot be suppressed at all.

“Who is that, this aura is unbelievable, just that look seems to be warning us.”

When Li Jianguo and the others entered the hotel, some people couldn’t help but ask.

“He is the owner of the Jinxiu Coal Mine in Jianghuai!”

Someone suddenly recognized it, “Fairview Coal Mine, it turned out to be him, no wonder!” ”

Someone sighed.

And some of the closed-minded bosses have no idea what the Fairview Coal Mine is?

“Is the Fairview Coal Mine famous?”

“Dude, are you not mixed in Huizhou Mining, You don’t know about Jinxiu Coal Mine!”

“Is it a state-owned enterprise or a Yang enterprise!!”

Suddenly, the people on the side rolled their eyes and explained: “Jinxiu Coal Mine is neither a state-owned enterprise nor a Yang enterprise, but a private coal mine, but it should never be underestimated, Jinxiu is now famous in Huizhou Province, because its rise is legendary.” ”

“Is there any story in this?”

Someone asked.

“Can you think about it? The coal produced by a private coal mine turned out to be the top of the whole flower grower, even surpassing foreign coal mines, you can imagine that their coal was actually excavated from those abandoned coal mines… Magical no! ”

“Abandoned coal mine?”

“Yes, the small coal kiln knows what it is, basically some large mines do not want marginal areas, but it is these marginal areas that have made the legend of Jinxiu Coal Mine rise, it is said that now Jinxiu has at least millions of tons of top coal reserves, and has been selected as the list of enterprises supported by Anjiang Iron and Steel Plant.”

“Millions of tons of top coal, isn’t that worth billions?”

Someone exclaimed.

“Who says it’s not, if these coals are mined, that Li Jianguo is estimated to be the richest man in Huizhou.”

Another humanity.

Li Jianguo, who did not know that he had been said to be the richest person in Huizhou, took the elevator to the fourth floor of the hotel.

As soon as he got out of the elevator, a middle-aged man in a formal suit and a majestic look greeted him.

“Jianguo, here you are!”

“Oh, Director Huang, why are you here today?”

Li Jianguo said in surprise.

The two immediately greeted each other by the elevator.

At this time, Wei Xiaosi said to Li Mingxuan from the side: “Huang Weimin, the deputy director of the Anjiang Iron and Steel Factory, last time he came to the Jinxiu Coal Mine for an inspection, I and my master received it, and our Jinxiu entry into the support list was also the help he gave. ”


Li Mingxuan nodded, for this kind of big factory leader still needs to be good.

Li Jianguo and Huang Weimin exchanged pleasantries for a while, and then were introduced into the auction hall by the waiter.

Rows of chairs have been placed inside, and many well-dressed successful people have sat on the chairs and exchanged ears.

After Father Li reported his name, the waiter gave him a 08 sign.

It was 10 a.m.

The whole hall was already full of people, no less than hundreds of people. First of all, Huang Weimin, deputy director of Anjiang Iron and Steel Plant, delivered a thank you.

Next, there was the speech of the leader of Huoxian Iron Mine.

Finally, the leaders of the Huoxian County Party Committee said that the iron ore auction was completed.

Enterprise reform, ideological emancipation, let more dynamic private enterprises join in mining development, revitalize the economy of Huoxian County, and so on.

It took more than an hour to speak.

At about 11:30, the invited auction emcee stepped onto the stage and detailed the history of the two iron mines to be auctioned, as well as stock, quality and so on.

Finally, the most exciting moment came.


“Huoxian H3 iron mine, the starting price is 10 million, and each price increase is not less than 100,000!”

The emcee’s voice just dropped.

“15 million!”

Someone shouted.

“20 million!”

“22 million!”

In the end, the price soared all the way to 53 million, and the bidding slowed down.

“H3 iron ore storage capacity of 1.8 million tons, most of which is 45% content of poor magnetite, now Anjiang Iron and Steel Plant purchase price is 98 yuan / ton. It is worth about 180 million.

But considering the 25% cost, tax rate, the price of more than 80 million to win the meaning is not much. ”

Li Jianguo whispered to Li Mingxuan.

After all, mining iron ore takes time in addition to cost.

Originally, the two iron mines were not large mines, and if it took several years to earn ten or twenty million, it would not make any sense at all.

In addition, this does not take into account the price fluctuation of iron ore.

However, because he had not actually visited the H3 iron mine, Li Mingxuan could not give advice.

However, thinking about his Apocalypse Mining System, 2 million tons of mining would be required to upgrade the authority.

Some of it is too slow to rely on coal alone.

“Dad, try to take it down, after all, Fairview Minerals can’t stop at the coal industry, even if you don’t make money, you must first open the channels of iron ore!”

Li Mingxuan suggested.

Li Jianguo nodded, then picked up the No. 08 call card.

“61 million!”

Although many of the people present were dirt bosses, no one was a fool.

After receiving the invitation, they all investigated the iron ore market on the world, and naturally knew the bottom line of the price, and after 60 million, the number of price calls was significantly less.

Often the emcee shouted several times before someone slowly called for the price.

“62 million!”

Seeing that his price was overtaken, Father Li directly raised his card and said: “70 million!” ”

There was a roar, and there was a noise in the field.

Li Jianguo suddenly raised the price by 8 million.

This price has dissuaded most of the bidding companies.

After a while, the emcee looked at no one and bid anymore.

“70 million times a time, and no one else is calling!”

Watch as no one answers.

“70 million twice!”

“70 million three times, sold, congratulations to this boss for obtaining the ownership of H3 iron ore!”

After the emcee knocked on the mallet, he pointed at Father Li and congratulated him.

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