Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 57

Chapter Fifty-Seven Buying a House!!

After the four of them left the heavens, after being convinced that Li Mingxuan was really okay, they drove to a nearby barbecue restaurant to eat a street stall.

Wang Sheng ate the roast meat while cursing and grinning.

“Today’s incident must be Cai Xianlong’s Wang Baegg seducing that surname Zhou.”

Li Mingxuan was a little curious: “Who is Cai Xianlong?” ”

Zhang Kai, who was on the side, explained: “The three generations of the Cai family in the capital city, do you know Hualiang? His father was the vice chairman of Hualiang. His grandfather used to be in the Ministry of Foreign Trade! ”

As soon as he heard this Li Mingxuan, he knew that the Cai family should also be no less powerful than the Wang family.

Think about what kind of unit Hualiang is, as a vice chairman, it is at least a main hall level.

It can be seen that this family is not ordinary.

“This Cai Xianlong and Sheng Ge don’t deal with each other?”

Li Mingxuan ate kebabs

Hearing him ask this, Li Kun held up his glasses as if he were lecturing.

“In fact, everyone in the imperial circle knows that although the relationship between Brother Sheng and Cai Xianlong cannot be said to be good, it is not bad, but something happened in the middle!”

Wang Sheng tore a bite of the roast meat and said, “Or I said, one day I saw him pestering a girl in our compound, and I fucking fucking fucked up and fucked him and fucking ”

Li Mingxuan almost squirted the food in his mouth.

“And then what?”

Li Mingxuan was full of curiosity.

“Then it is said that one was broken, and one was left, and then I was assigned by my grandfather to the Lingnan Mountains as a soldier for two years.”

Wang Sheng wiped his mouth.

“Then Liang Zi was thus knotted, and it is said that in the past two years, that guy has become very sinister in the circle, and he knew that he should have kicked the other one out!”

“Come on, Brother Sheng, you fortunately didn’t do that, otherwise, the Cai family would never let you go, even if you can’t be caught, you want to return to the imperial capital.”

Zhang Kai’s father was a district chief and a departmental-level cadre.

Therefore, Zhang Kai also knows more.

“If you don’t come back, you won’t come back, you don’t know how comfortable I am in the mountains!”

Wang Sheng said

Speaking of this, he looked at Li Mingxuan.

“Xuanzi has this love today, my brother wrote it down, from now on you are my iron brother Wang Sheng, and you can use my brother’s words in the future.”

“Brother Sheng, you are too polite!”

Li Mingxuan shook his head.

“No, Xuanzi, you don’t know the seriousness of the matter, today’s surname Zhou is here to lose my face, think about it, I just returned to the imperial capital, if I lose face, in the circle of the imperial capital will be completely discredited.”

Wang Sheng said solemnly.

“Yes, what is mixed up in the imperial circle is fame, originally Brother Sheng left for two years, if he was surrounded by a magic capital as soon as he came back, it would be a very serious thing.”

Zhang Kai explained.

Hearing them say this, Li Mingxuan realized that the imperial circle was really complicated enough

The four of them ate at the barbecue until late at night before exchanging phone numbers and driving back to each other.

However, Li Mingxuan’s name also began to circulate in the imperial capital circle.

However, it was the deeds of him who drank alcohol and killed Zhou Gongzi, and Li Liujin’s name was also passed on from then on.

Later, when Li Mingxuan heard this name, he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Returned to the summer rain sunny apartment in the middle of the night.

The three sisters of the Xia family went to the Summer Palace to play in the afternoon, and in the evening, Xia Yuqing went to the Emperor Dance to practice dance as usual.

It is said that the instructor of Xia Yuqing National Dance is ready to sign up for “Dance World” for her next semester, which is the only TV program with dance as the main content of Yang Mama’s variety channel, and is a TV literary and art program that integrates classic art display and dance comprehensive popularization, and was established in 1999.

Therefore, although Xia Yuqing did not need to do odd jobs anymore, on the one hand, she had to let her sisters adapt to the life of the imperial capital as soon as possible, and on the other hand, she had to practice dance every night, which was very tired.

After playing a game of mahjong, Li Mingxuan said to Xia Yuqing, “If you are too tired, forget it!” ”

“No, it’s because I’m here that I want to pursue the pinnacle of dance, and I want you to see a very different me!”

Xia Yuqing said affectionately.

In this regard, Li Mingxuan could not do anything.

A woman who wants to be better, he shouldn’t stop it.

“By the way, I want Yuxuan and Yurou to go back to school, I don’t know what to do?”

Summer rain sunny road.

“But can they keep up with their grades?”

Li Mingxuan asked.

“Yes, when I left, I always let them study well, these two girls are very obedient, they are not too far behind, and they can keep up with them when they study.”

Xia Yuqing turned over and said.

“Well, then I’ll think of a way!”

Li Mingxuan nodded.

Xia Yuxuan is seventeen years old, if the school is a high school sophomore.

Xia Yurou is still fifteen years old, and it is the third year of junior high school.

“It looks like zhang kai is looking for a way!”

Li Mingxuan was glad that he knew Wang Sheng and the three of them yesterday, otherwise, he would have blackened his eyes in the imperial capital.

Even if you have money, you can’t help two girls enroll in school at once.

With Li Mingxuan’s consent, Xia Yuqing immediately showed a happy smile on her face and saw her beautiful appearance.

“Don’t play mahjong anymore!”

Li Mingxuan whispered, “Will it be heard next door?” ”

Xia Yuqing blushed shyly.

“Let’s be quiet, that’s it!”

After speaking, Li Mingxuan turned over.

Immediately the sound of Hu Pai began to sound.

The next morning, Li Mingxuan got up refreshed, saw the two sisters with black circles under their eyes, and secretly said, “It looks like it’s time to buy a house in the imperial capital!” ”

Therefore, after eating, Li Mingxuan left the apartment on the pretext of going out.

As for what arrangements the three sisters of the Xia family had, then he didn’t need to worry about it.

“Enroll two sisters in your province!”

Zhang Kai, who had not yet gotten up, received a call from Li Mingxuan and scratched his head.

“Let them go to private schools, just as I remember my father has a new private school, it is said that 060 teachers are very strong, called… What’s coming, yes, called Didu Eddie International School. It is a project invested by kangaroo National Education Development Group! ”

Speaking of this, he paused: “But the price is a bit expensive, of course, you have no problem with Xuanzi!” ”

“So that’s it, by the way, Kaige, do you recognize anyone who sells real estate?”

Li Mingxuan asked.

“Xuanzi, you want to buy a house in the imperial capital!”

Zhang Kai smiled.

“Yes there is such an idea!”

Li Mingxuan said.

In 2002, the imperial capital did not have a purchase restriction, as long as you have money can buy.

“That’s great, I know a real estate agent, nice person, when the time comes you can ask her, I will send you her number by text!”

Zhang Kaidao.

“Thank you, Brother Kai!”

Li Mingxuan thanked him.

“If you really want to thank me, wait for your Rolls-Royce Silver Angel to borrow me to open it later!”

Zhang Kai said with a smile on the phone.

“No problem!”

Li Mingxuan is also very generous.

After all, others are looking for you to find a school, and they are helping you contact a reliable real estate agent.

This human sentiment still has to be carried.

Borrowing a car is nothing more than a courtesy exchange.

“Then thank you in advance, Xuanzi!”

After speaking, the two hung up the phone.

Soon Li Mingxuan’s Nokia received a text message.

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