Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 52

Chapter Fifty-Two Fan Ye on Call!!

Li Mingxuan thought that the flower shirt young Wang Sheng was very interesting.

However, he was somewhat curious about the Wang Sheng family.

A family can make the children behave so low-key, which shows that the tutoring is still good.

As for whether Wang Shengjia has money or not, the so-called things are grouped together in groups.

Look at Sven man Li Kunkai’s tiger head ben, plate inch Head Zhang Kai’s Mitsubishi.

However, the two seem to be dominated by Wang Sheng, which shows that Wang Sheng’s family is better than these two people.

Therefore, the four of them drove from the National Exhibition Center to Sanlitun.

Because they are all in Chaoyang District, it only takes ten minutes for the three of them to come to the legendary bar set of streets in Sanlitun.

The street is full of shouts, and if you walk to the door of a store, there will be a BOY with a wine list who wants to beckon you in.

Many tourists see this posture and dare not go in.

Wang Sheng and the others came to a hidden bar familiar with the road, and the bartender saw the three of them and immediately smiled: “Today, why did you come so early, Wang Shao, Li Shao, Zhang Shao!” ”

Then, the bartender saw Li Mingxuan next to him and immediately asked carefully.

“Who is this?”

“Buddy, just met, mix a few glasses of cooling wine to my old position.”

After Wang Sheng finished speaking, he glanced at Li Mingxuan and said, “Go, let’s go inside and talk!” ”

So the four of them entered the bar together.

At this time, there were not many people in the bar, and after everyone sat down in a corner seat, Wang Sheng said, “I will shout at you, Xuanzi!” ”

In this regard, Li Mingxuan did not care about the title, after all, Wang Sheng and others were indeed much older than him.

The biggest Wang Sheng may be thirty blocks.

“Xuanzi, this time the emperor came specifically to buy a car?”

Wang Sheng asked curiously.

Hearing this, Li Mingxuan shook his head and said, “No, buying a car is just a matter of the way, I mainly came to the imperial capital to familiarize myself with the environment, after all, I will report to Yenching University in September.” ”

“Yan Da, I didn’t expect Xuanzi that you were still a bully, how many points did you score in the college entrance examination this year?”

Wang Sheng became more and more curious about Li Mingxuan’s background in his heart, and he thought that he was a rich second generation.

Unexpectedly, this rich second generation was actually ready to go to Yanda University to study.


Li Mingxuan said truthfully.


The three people in the seat inhaled a cool breath, after all, when they took the college entrance examination, they were far worse than this.

“Oh, the old man said all day that none of my friends have been on the table, this should be punched in the face, hahaha, I can also make a yan university bully!”

Wang Sheng secretly said in his heart.

However, when he thought about the college entrance examination he took in 1994, he only scored more than 200 points, and he felt that 679 points was not something that anyone could take.

I don’t know if he’s too stupid or if the other person is too smart.

“Xuanzi, you are a real cow!”

Wang Sheng gave a thumbs up.

Then, the waiter brought several times the mixed cocktail, and the four of them chatted while drinking wine.

Knowing that at this time, Li Mingxuan only knew the approximate identities of the three people.

Wang Shengjia was in the imperial patrol system, and his grandfather used to be the highest official of the patrol.

Wang Sheng’s father, mother, second uncle, third uncle, etc. are all in the patrol system.

The tallest was Wang Sheng’s father, who was now at the level of the main hall.

Wang Sheng, on the other hand, had only been practicing for two years from a certain army.

According to the family arrangement, Wang Sheng is expected to soon join the patrol system, another Zhang Kai, whose father is the mayor of a certain district in the imperial capital and a civilian officer of the Academy of Military Sciences.

On the contrary, Li Kun, who was running with a tiger’s head, had the weakest background.

My mother, a well-known director, now runs a large film and television company with friends.

Produced a lot of film and television works.

In 2001, the popular drama TV series “Orange Red” was filmed by her mother.

“Hey, not long after I came back, my family let me be an ordinary patrol, every day in the sun and rain, you said, Xuanzi, I am not bitter, can’t I choose my career freely?”

Wang Sheng drank wine and complained.


Li Mingxuan didn’t know how to answer.

This kind of situation that does not require an exam to directly enter the patrol system is not known how many people envy.

However, think of Wang Sheng’s family wearing patrol uniforms.

If a large group of people eat every day, there is no color other than that dress.

It is estimated that Wang Sheng did not want to be a patrol at all.

“Brother Sheng, what do you want to do?”

Li Mingxuan asked curiously.

At this time, Zhang Kai next to him smiled and said: “He wants to make a movie, you don’t know that Brother Sheng also went to the Didu Drama Academy for classes, and also begged Aunt Li’s film and television company to take him in, but he was directly swept out by Aunt Li.” ”

Li Kun, a man with glasses, said: “My mother dares to keep him, otherwise, the next day there will be a bunch of patrols to her company, I don’t know what happened!” ”

“As a result, Brother Sheng ran all over the film and television companies in the imperial capital, and none of them dared to keep him.”

Zhang Kaidao.

Remembering the situation at that time, Wang Sheng scratched his head and looked depressed.

“I actually like those stars more, and I am a fan of Zhu Gege, and those female stars who are deeply in love.”

“Che, Brother Sheng, to tell the truth, didn’t you say you like art before?”

Zhang Kai said sarcastically.

“Well, there is art too, and if I can go to the island country, I actually want to make some art films!”

Wang Shengdao.

Li Mingxuan listened to the side for a while, thinking that this guy would wear a patrol suit in the future, but his dream was to go to the island country to shoot art films.

That picture is so beautiful.

At this time, Li Kun said: “In fact, we may not be able to invite the top stars in the pearl, but. Normal stars are no problem! ”

“Oh, is the second generation of our entertainment industry going to threaten in front of Xuanzi?”

Zhang Kaidao.

“Seriously, the top of us can’t do it, but some third-rate, not bragging, always on call!”

Li Kun supported the gold wire glasses frame and said.

Upon hearing these words, Wang Shengyi, who had just returned not long ago, slapped the table.

“Well, call the one who returned the pearl to me immediately and accompany us to drink, otherwise you will say these big things to me, Kunzi alas!”

“Brother Sheng, this is what you said, Kaizi, Xuanzi, you testify, what if I can call you?”

Li Kun also came to temper.

“Go upstairs in a wave, I’ll treat you!”

Wang Shengdao.

“Hahaha, then you please settle, wait!”

With that, Li Kun took out a Motorola mobile phone and broadcast a call.

Just half a minute later, a tall, sexy, melon-faced beauty walked into the bar.

As soon as Li Mingxuan saw her, he thought to himself, “Isn’t this the same Fan Shuangshuang in the pearl?”

Ah, the future Fan Ye!

Just called over?

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