Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 44

After Yuqing’s cousin left, Xia Degui smiled and walked over.

Xia Yuqing immediately frowned and said:

“What do you do?”

“Look at what your child said, why can’t Daddy come and see it?”

As he spoke, he looked at Li Mingxuan and smiled

“Xiao Xuan, what we just said is actually a misunderstanding!”


As soon as he spoke, none of the three sisters of the Xia family believed it.

No one knows better than they do what their fathers are.

Machismo, posing as a parent all day, arrogant

The other is the old cut, a penny that is to be pulled in half to spend.

Such a person would actually come to apologize, and the sun would come out of the west?

Just when the three sisters looked at each other, Xia Degui said to Li Mingxuan:

“The child and her mother are cooking in the back room, Xiao Xuan, come and talk to your uncle.”

“Ugh!” Before Li Mingxuan could speak, he was helplessly pulled into the room by Xia Degui.

After the two left, old Third Xia Yurou immediately said:

“You said our father, this is what kind of medicine is sold in the gourd, it will not be ready to give the brother-in-law a cheat.”

“You’re stupid, can you stop listening to the old people in the village!”

Xia Yuqing knocked the head of the third sister with her hand in disgust, because their family was in the mountainous area, so they had a deep connection with the nearby ethnic minorities.

Like the old wife of the three sisters of the Xia family, that is the Miao.

Naturally, some myths and stories of ethnic minorities circulated in the village.

Xia Yurou immediately rubbed the head that was knocked by the eldest sister and said grievously:

“But our father is so abnormal!”

“Well, that’s true too!” Xia Yuqing nodded.

So the three women ran outside the house and listened to the roots of the wall.

However, what Xia Degui and Li Mingxuan said was very ordinary, that is, asking Where Li Mingxuan was, what was the family doing, and so on.

In this regard, Li Mingxuan was sloppy and confused.

Until noon, the large table in the house is full of various specialties of your province.

Red Miaojia sour soup fish, fried chicken nest dish, pheasant tons of mushrooms, and fried cured meat and so on.

“Come, come, you’re welcome, sit!”

Xia Degui greeted Li Mingxuan warmly.

So, one by one, everyone made it around the wooden table.

However, another thing that Li Mingxuan’s eyes were a little twitching was that Xia Degui took out a bottle of white wine in a transparent glass bottle.

The main thing is that the liquor is still opened, and the bottle mouth is blocked with a cloth.

I don’t know if the wine is in bulk or in bottles.

“Come and come, don’t be rude, go to your uncle’s house as if you were your own.”

After Xia Degui finished speaking, he poured a whole bowl of the large bowl in front of Li Mingxuan.

“Dad, Xiao Xuan can’t drink enough, don’t give him so much wine!”

Xia Yuqing frowned.

“Mm-hmm, or my woman hurts me!”

Li Mingxuan was a little touched in his heart

However, Xia Degui’s face stretched:

“How can a man not drink enough, if that were the case, we wouldn’t have given his daughter to him.”

Get! What else needs to be said? One word dry.

Li Mingxuan directly picked up the large noodle bowl and said:

“Then I’m not going to be rude, come, uncle, make a bowl!”

“Good!” Xia Degui patted his thigh, and then also took up the large bowl.

The two didn’t eat a single bite of food, so one of them dried a bowl of wine.

However, this wine is really a bulk wine of your province, which is exchanged in the nearby Miao village.

The Hmong have a long history of brewing and have a unique set of methods of koji making, fermentation, distillation and blending.

Therefore, the entrance of Miao wine is not spicy, but has a unique taste.

The wine was drunk, and soon the two of them pushed the cups to change cups.

This is also to see that Xia Degui is Yu Qing’s father, otherwise change another person, even if it is the mayor

He wouldn’t drink that.

However, just when the wine was in full swing.

A group of people came from the courtyard, led by a man with yellow hair and a flower shirt with two buttons open.

A lecherous young man wearing a golden necklace around his neck.

The young man is about twenty years old, with triangular eyes, many whites, and his facial features are also very disharmonious.

It looks very fierce.

Behind the youth were two little brothers dressed in similar clothes.

These three people all walked like the eldest, my second eldest.

“Old Man Xia, I heard that Yuqing is back!”

The youth at the front shouted in the courtyard.

Suddenly, Xia Degui’s face was flushed, revealing a touch of bitterness.

And Xia Yuqing was shocked after hearing this voice.

Although he drank a little wine, Li Mingxuan’s mind was very clear, and he looked at the faces of everyone in the Xia family

Just know that the people outside the house are definitely not good things.

Sure enough, the young man who had just shouted walked in with a cigarette and five people and six people.

When he glanced at the people in the room, especially xia Yuqing, who was now dressed in a noble body, the greedy gaze in the triangle eyes could not hide anything.

“Oops, isn’t this XiaoQing’s sister?” It’s getting more and more beautiful, come and show it to my brother! ”

With that, he wanted to use his hands and feet on Xia Yuqing.

The next moment, however, a bottle of wine was thrown directly at the young man’s head.

Suddenly there was a bang, and the bottles were broken everywhere.

The young man was suddenly blinded, and he had no idea of even leaving blood on his head, and his eyes looked directly at the initiator.

Li Mingxuan was holding a half-broken bottle in his hand, and his eyes were as fierce as wolves.

“You dare to ram your grandfather with a bottle, you are dead people, give me a beating!”

The youth covered his forehead, covered in blood, shouting at the two people behind him.

However, Li Mingxuan didn’t care at all, he looked at the two little brothers who were preparing to go up, and said with a somber face:

“Before you touch me, think clearly, if I lose a hair, I will let you sit in jail for the rest of your life.”

As he spoke, he pointed to the car under the hill

“See that car?” Lao Tzu, do you know what level of car it is enough to drive? Bu level cadres…. That is to say, it is one level with your province inspector. ”

“Ugh!” The two little bastards who were originally preparing to go forward were immediately stopped by Li Mingxuan’s words.

The two looked at each other, and there was a little fear in their eyes.

They had seen the car when they came, and it was prettier than the best car they had seen in town.

At first, they wondered how such a car could appear in a small mountain village.

Now it seems that the eldest daughter of the Xia family has flown up the branches and become a phoenix.

However, it was also the first time they had heard that the car was actually an inspector-level car.

They are just small in the town who show people the scene, not to mention the patrol, and the people in the mayor’s family can’t afford it.

The person who beat the mayor’s family was estimated to go to prison, and the person who beat the inspector’s family was estimated to be not far from eating peanuts and rice.

Looking at the two of them stiffened like robots, Li Mingxuan sat on a bench with a big knife and said:

“I’m sure you won’t be so stupid, but I think this man is very upset, especially his mouth stinks!”

When he finished, he took out a handful of money from his black bag

“Palm a mouth 200!”

Suddenly, the two little brothers looked at each other, and one of them said righteously:

“We will not betray Brother Tao!”


“It’s not a question of money!”


“If we beat the big brother, we won’t be able to mix on the road.”




Li Mingxuan directly gave a thousand slaps, and ten slaps could become a million yuan household in the nineties.

“Brotherhood, this is not something that can be measured by money, and the ancient puzzle boy in the movie must be righteous!”

One of the two little brothers is humane.

At this time, Huang Tao, a young man who was injured by a wine bottle, covered his head and was full of emotions.

This is brotherhood.

Ran Goose, Li Mingxuan began to reduce prices at this time.


“You…” The two little brothers were a little sore.


“Hey, how can you lower the price so fast, just said it’s 1,000 slaps.”

“Now there are only 600, dry or not, if not, continue to descend, I believe that there are more people who are willing to use 600 to beat him in the mouth.”

Li Mingxuan said.

Suddenly, the two little brothers were moved, and they looked at their boss dangerously.

Saying that it was their boss, in fact, Huang Tao also put paws in the town.

That is, those who engage in usury in commercial entertainment venues such as informal casinos, there are few people under their hands.

The cost of betraying this guy was nothing at all, at most the two of them turned to someone else.

And Huang Tao was still sighing in his heart, brotherly righteousness.

Now that the lungs were about to explode, the two little brothers were obviously ready to take a shot at him.

Sure enough, one of them said to Li Mingxuan:

“You really gave us a 600 slap!”


Li Mingxuan took out a stack of no less than ten thousand dollars from his wallet and placed it on the table, said:

“These are deposits, and you count the slaps until I’m satisfied!”

“Good!” The two little brothers think about the car that the other is driving, and they are not people who don’t count words.

Therefore, he set up Huang Tao, who was injured.

This guy still wanted to escape, but unfortunately he couldn’t run away when he was caught between two people.

“I’m your boss, you can’t do this to me!”

“Sorry, but now we only serve money!” After the younger brother finished speaking, he kicked at Huang Tao’s knee, and the latter fell to his knees directly in pain.

Then, the other little brother grabbed Huang Tao’s hair and slapped it.

Huang Tao, who was already covered in blood and a little dizzy, was suddenly fanned.

Then there was a sound of one, two, three in the yard…. The number of sounds.

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