Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 38

Look at Hoodlin with a look on his face as if you say something, I’ll do what I do

Li Mingxuan smiled and said

“Brother Tiger, do you know that my father spent 2 million yuan to buy a piece of land in the city?”

“Yes!” Hudlin nodded.

“Well, I discussed with my father and planned to build a large clubhouse on that land where there is a collection of food, drink and fun, and invest 10 million yuan for the time being, if it is not enough, you can invest more!”

Speaking of this, Li Mingxuan paused, then looked at Hu Delin and said solemnly:

“But we want to leave it to you!”

“Me!” Hudlin did not believe it.

“As for the fourth brother, if you don’t let the fourth brother manage it, I will still be his subordinate.”

Hearing his words, Li Mingxuan groaned for a moment.

In fact, at that time, they were discussing who would be entrusted with the matter, and Li Mingxuan’s father and son also discussed it.

In terms of distant relatives, there is no doubt that Wei Xiaosi may be more loyal.

However, after the completion of the clubhouse, the content must have something bad.

Wei Xiaosi was too positive, so Hu Delin was relatively more suitable.

“You don’t need to say much, the fourth brother will be busy with other things, and the future of the clubhouse will be handed over to you.”

Li Mingxuan slapped at Hu Delin.

However, before Hu Delin was overjoyed, he heard Li Mingxuan continue to say:

“Don’t be busy being happy, you have to agree to a few conditions for this.”

“Li Shao, you say!” Hu Delin immediately narrowed his mind and listened carefully.

But the thought that he would manage a large club with an investment of 10 million yuan made his heart beat wildly.

When he was a little, he once went to the provincial city of Luyang but had seen it.

A combination of dance halls, gourmet food, and various entertainment, it can be said that a clubhouse is a gold sucking tool.

Being able to manage such a clubhouse, he was afraid that he would have to take off in the future.

However, Li Mingxuan said with a smile


“First, from today onwards you will be expelled from the Fairview Coal Mine for disobeying the management!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hoodlin was dumbfounded.

“Second, the clubhouse built in the future will be completely transferred to your name and will not have anything to do with our father and son.” You have to advertise that this is the investment of the big boss of the province! ”

“Third, you will have 10% of the profits of the clubhouse in the future, but the rest of the profits do not need to be handed over by you, all left to you for the operation of the clubhouse.”

When Li Mingxuan finished speaking, Hu Delin was completely stunned.

With his INTELLIGENCE, it was obvious that he did not understand why Li Shao did this.

Investing in a large clubhouse, not only do not want to make a profit, but also do not even want ownership.

However, where did he know that the future of the clubhouse must be a place of dirt and filth.

The Li family must not ruin its reputation, whether it is now or in the future.

The future completion of the clubhouse can naturally help the Li family to attract some people, but once exposed.

But that’s a lot of trouble.

Instead of that, it’s better to transfer unclean things to others in the first place.

Not only do not delay enjoyment, but also be able to clear the relationship, why not do it.

“Brother Tiger, you can think about it, whether to agree or not, if you don’t agree, I can also find someone else!”

Li Mingxuan said

“Don’t think about it, Li Shao and Boss Li can trust me so much, we old Hu will sell you more than a hundred pounds!”

Hudlin said solemnly.

“Well, then you can go back!” Li Mingxuan said

After Hu Delin left, Li Jianguo came out of a side door in the office.

“Son, do you think he can be trusted?”

“As long as there is no financial exchange between the clubhouse and our splendid embroidery in the future, whether he is trustworthy or not, it will not affect the overall situation!”

Li Mingxuan said with a smile.

“That’s true, too!” Li Jianguo nodded.

On this day, a notice was posted at the entrance of the mining area of the Fairview Coal Mine.

The notice stated that Hudlin had been dismissed from the Security Section for disobeying the administration.

Suddenly, Hu Delin’s men were somewhat dissatisfied.

They all wanted to ask Father Li for an explanation.

But Hudlin was clever, saying he resigned on his own initiative because he had found a provincial boss willing to invest in him.

Soon a large clubhouse will be built in the downtown area.

When the time comes, he can invite his brothers to play.

Hearing this, those Little Brothers of Hu Delin breathed a sigh of relief.

Immediately someone said that they wanted to follow the boss.

However, most of the younger brothers have become accustomed to working in the mining area, so they can change to an environment with an unknown future, and these people are not willing.

Now whether at home or outside, as long as they say that they are following Boss Li Jianguo, those people outside are envious.

Who does not know the high welfare and high treatment of Splendid.

Three meals are free to eat, and the salary is three or four times the average wage outside.

A few little have talked about the object at this moment, and once they are completely settled, they can get married.

So at this time, they will not leave the Fairview Coal Mine.

Hu Delin looked at some of the little brothers who had been with him before, but now they were leaving him.

This scene made him sigh a little.

After doing these things, the college entrance examination can finally check the score.

Even if Li Mingxuan knew his own family affairs, he couldn’t help but look forward to how many points he could get.

Along with entering the admission ticket number on your phone.

Only to hear the sound of a broadcast ringing in the microphone of the mobile phone

“Language: 135”

“Mathematics: 141”

“English: 136”

“Rationalization: 267”

“Overall score: 679”

Li Mingxuan then checked the score line of Yenching University Huizhou on the Internet last year, and the lowest score line in 2001 was 640 points and the highest score was 688 points.

That is to say, according to last year’s results, Li Mingxuan can basically be confirmed to be admitted to Yenching University.

In addition, his results are still the second place in the entire Jianghuai City.

Eleventh in the entire province of Huizhou.

Well, I almost have to take a city title.

Cheating can do this, it is estimated that it is unprecedented.

Hearing that her son had such a high score, Li Mingxuan’s mother, Liu Qin, was naturally very excited.

I would like to call on friends and friends immediately to spread this good news.

However, the family knew about their own affairs, and Li Mingxuan immediately persuaded his mother that this matter could be as low-key as it could be.

Now that you have been admitted, don’t make more trouble.

However, he underestimated the shock of this incident.

Soon the news spread throughout the school and among the neighbors.

Even the class teacher Zhao Delong couldn’t believe it after getting this news.

It should be known that although Li Mingxuan is in the top class of the second middle school, he obviously spent money, and his grades have always been the bottom of the class.

Now someone told him that such a poor student actually got the second best result in the city.

No wonder he couldn’t accept it.

“What a surprise, what a surprise!” Zhao Delong spoke to himself excitedly.

Soon, word of the matter spread throughout the school.

Because this year’s class he brings is likely to produce two Students from Yenching University.

The other is Lin Weiwei, whose grades are often in the top three of the grade.

She scored 668 points, ranking fifth in the city and thirty-second in the province.

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