Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 27

In fact, the reason why he came to Huaqing, Li Mingxuan came with a purpose

Because in Huaqing Park, there is a nuclear physics research institute.

And since nuclear physics is studied, basic radioactive materials should exist.

Of course, dido also has a special institute of nuclear physics.

However, it is said that the defense is very strict and the area is also very large.

This kind of place, with the E-level authority of Li Mingxuan’s alien mining system,


The ability to explore a range of two kilometers and a depth of two hundred meters may not be harvested.

However, to tell the truth, Li Mingxuan came to Huaqing only to try to see if radioactive elements could be used as the energy source of the system.

If not, he had to find another way.

If so, it is likely that the entire world’s nuclear power plants and nuclear waste will suffer in the future.

Huaqing is located at No. 30 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Didu, adjacent to Yenching University.

Next to the famous Old Summer Palace.

Li Mingxuan drove for nearly an hour before he arrived at Huaqing.

After finding a parking space not far from Huaqing Garden, Li Mingxuan took Xia Yuqing with him and went to the campus.

Xia Yuqing was very curious why Li Mingxuan had to come here in the afternoon.

Wangfujing, Houhai, Temple of Heaven, Sanlitun, Dashilar, and even zoos are not fragrant?

Until Li Mingxuan said:

“I’m going to come here to go to college right away, so I’ll come here to familiarize myself with the environment!”

At this time, Xia Yuqing only knew the identity of Li Mingxuan’s prospective college student, and she was a little surprised

“You were admitted to Huaqing?”

“How is it not like that?” However, it is not Huaqing! Li Mingxuan smiled.

“Nope!” Xia Yuqing shook her head and breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

Obviously so rich, if you are admitted to Huaqing again, is it not a proper winner in life?

Fate, how can you bully people so much!

You must know that when she was a kaodi dancer, it took her a lot of effort.

Huaqing and Emperor Dance are not a hierarchical existence at all in terms of scores.

If Li Mingxuan was admitted to Huaqing, it didn’t mean that he was a proper scholar.

And she was reduced to scum

However, the next moment, Li Mingxuan pointed to Yan Da in the distance

“I applied for Yanda University, and it is estimated that there should be no problem.”

I think that when he was in the examination room, the invigilator copied the answer for him

The excellent students are responsible for doing the problems for him.

Gathering the strength of the whole examination room, if he can’t pass the Yanda examination, it is better to find a piece of tofu and crash to death.

However, Xia Yuqing did not know this.

When Li Mingxuan was gone, she was still in a daze.

The fact that Li Mingxuan applied for Yanda was echoing in his mind.

Well, she admits that compared with Yan University Bully, she herself has indeed become a scum of learning.

Because it is summer vacation, there are not many people in Huaqing Park, and there is no cumbersome registration procedure in the future at this time.

Along the way, I went to Huaqing Academy and felt the impassioned years of the ancestors here

I also went to the Near Spring Garden, the original site of Zhu Ziqing’s “Lotus Pond Moonlight”, walked on the Hanbai Jade Arch Bridge, and looked at the high hills and woods of the distant islands covering the ancient corridor.

Walking along, Xia Yuqing finally couldn’t help but ask:

“I’m curious, if you applied for Yanda, shouldn’t you go next door first?”

Looking at her almond eyes full of curiosity, Li Mingxuan smiled slightly

“Just a little curious about Huaqing, let’s take a look first, in fact, I am also very curious about the imperial dance, it is better to take me to visit it later!”

Suddenly, Xia Yuqing stopped talking, and said after a moment

“The imperial dance is very ordinary, and now it is basically gone in the summer vacation.”

“Didn’t a certain beautiful woman leave?” If you can visit the beautiful woman’s bedroom…. Hey! ”

“Hum, little satyr, ignore you!”

Xia Yuqing blushed and said angrily

When she knew that Li Mingxuan was several years younger than her, she seemed to be even more relaxed.

This flirtatious tone is like talking to a boyfriend.

Watching her stomp her feet forward, Li Mingxuan picked the corners of her mouth and revealed a meaningful smile.

In fact, after seeing this woman, there was a voice in his heart that kept whispering, get her.

After a day together, judging from the tone just now, it was obvious that Xia Yuqing was very good to his senses.

“Keep up the good work and try to win it in a few days, if you give up such a masterpiece, I will regret it.”

Li Mingxuan thought in his heart.

After visiting most of Huaqing, the two finally came to the Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Sure enough, because on campus, there is almost no protection here.

A small two-storey Western-style building.

Immediately, Li Mingxuan excused himself to go to the toilet and left Xia Yuqing alone.

In an invisible corner, he closed his eyes and meditated in his heart

“System, probe, search for targets for energy units!”

“Ding… Probe begins…. Target energy units. ”

The next moment, an invisible ripple spread out centered on Li Mingxuan.

A completely transparent spherical probe wave is formed.

Soon clear 3D images appeared in his mind.

The buildings turn into blue lines, and the people inside turn into moving dots of light.

Some golden substances that looked like flames were marked by the system

As his spirit gazed towards these elements.

The system immediately gave instructions

“Radioactive element germanium (0.013 g), radioactive element rhenium (0.021 g), uranium ore (3 KG), uranium 235 (100 g), uranium hexafluoride (30 g)….”

Throughout the Huaqing Institute of Nuclear Physics, there are many radioactive elements.

Among them, the most common is uranium, and the most expensive is the two kinds of germanium and reambium radioactivity.

It is said that these two elements cost hundreds of millions per gram.

It is also a loss that this is in Huaqing, otherwise the general institute of nuclear physics would never have such an element.

“Can systems, germanium, reamberium, uranium, these be used as system energy?” Li Mingxuan asked, this is the main thing.

If the system answers no, then he has done so much to be blind.

However, after a few moments, the system’s prompt sounded.

“Ding… Radioactive elements are capable of fission reactions, emitting large amounts of energy that can be used as energy for the system. ”

“How much energy can I get if I absorb all these elements?”

“Ding… Estimated…. Estimated… It is expected that the total absorption can give the system 58% of the energy, is it absorbed? ”

“Remove the hammer, the hammer, and absorb the remaining elements!”

Compared to uranium, germanium, and reamium are too expensive, and that little amount is dispensable for the system.

Li Mingxuan felt that it was better to leave some belongings for Huaqing.

And this thing he himself did is a bit unauthentic, Huaqing lost these things, it is estimated that the world is turned upside down.

The next moment, the radioactive elements that had been sealed off in the basement with lead stone slabs disappeared into the 3D map.

At the same time, the system’s prompt sounded

“Ding… After replenishing energy, 55% of the energy is obtained”

“Energy surplus: 70.2%”

Suddenly, Li Mingxuan’s face showed joy.

Originally only 15.3% of the energy, because the detection used 0.1%, now suddenly replenished with 55% of the energy,

At 70.2 percent, that’s enough energy to take his family’s coal mine to the next level.

And more importantly, by absorbing radioactive elements, he also found a way to replenish energy.

In the future, when it comes to energy, there is no need to be so frugal.

The Li family’s mining empire seems to have taken a small step, but in fact it has taken the most important step.

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