Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 248

Chapter 248 The Most Beautiful Hong Kong Sister!!

From the perspective of the gambling king, Li Mingxuan has just spent 10 million Hong Kong dollars.

But the money was nothing to him at all.

And he even doubted whether the money was given to her daughter He Chaowan.

Li Mingxuan may have been raised by her daughter outside.

After all, this young man who has no idea of the origin is very handsome, even the gambling king admits.

This inverted triangle with that comma hairstyle is even more handsome than many stars.

However, if Li Mingxuan knew what the He Gambling King was thinking, he must have been very wronged.

He spent 10 million purely for charity, and thanked He Chaowan for inviting him to a charity dinner.

Let him get acquainted with many hong Kong and river rich noblewomen and their girlfriend groups.

Of course, the main thing is that the money is used for charity in the inland, and he feels that the money is still straight.

However, what he did not expect was that he was misunderstood by the gambling king.

With the end of the charity auction.

He Gambling King issued a thank you speech and announced the amount of donations, a total of 28.65 million yuan donated that night, which will be donated to the China Charity Association.


As soon as the gambler’s voice fell, the banquet hall immediately sounded a fierce applause.

Then the real dinner party begins.

Each group found a small group to drink wine while tasting a variety of food desserts in the hall, talking to each other or exchanging business experiences.

“Li Sheng, the feeling you just threw 10 million yuan is really cool!”

Lin Tian’er of the Lin family said.

“Well, when I gave the earrings, I felt like Pansy’s sister was almost moved!”

Qiu Yongjun said with a smile.

“Who do you say moved?”

He Chao’s big Fang Fangda walked over and said with a smile.

“Sister Pansy!”

Many girls shouted.

It can be seen that the status of He Chaowan in the noble female circle.

Hearing this, He Chaowan smiled and said, “If you want to move me with this little thing, it’s still far from it, but, Li Sheng, do men like to play this trick of coaxing girls with thousands of dollars?” ”

Belch! Suddenly, Li Mingxuan was a little embarrassed.

A woman like He Chaowan, who has a wealth of experience, is shrewd beyond imagination, and is herself a master who is not short of money.

Definitely the hardest object for men to attack.

However, Li Mingxuan’s mind was only that little thought.

Just as the so-called gain I am fortunate, lost my order, and there is no big loss.

Even if it doesn’t matter, that 10 million may be able to produce unexpected benefits.

However, He Chaowan looked at Li Mingxuan silently, and then smiled and said, “But even so, I am actually very happy, thank you, Li Sheng, I will find time to return the 10 million to you!” ”

“Then there is no need, it is just doing charity for the mainland, Miss He, you don’t have to see the outside world so much!”

Li Mingxuan shook his head and refused.

Seeing that he had said this, He Chaowan nodded: “Well, after a while, I will add another 10 million donations to the mainland in the name of a private person!” ”

“Hahaha, then on behalf of the mainland, I would like to thank you for the rich people of Hong Kong and Jiangsu!”

Li Mingxuan said with a smile.

“Then don’t thank you, do charity!”

He Chaowan laughed.

Then she said sorry and said goodbye, and was busy entertaining some elderly celebrities.

Watching this woman navigate in front of various characters, talking and laughing.

Li Mingxuan also admired such a woman.

After talking and laughing with some of the noblewomen for a while, Li Mingxuan said sorry and went to the bathroom.

However, he had just taken a few steps toward the bathroom.

Then a tall woman bumped into him.

Then, Li Mingxuan felt a chill in his chest.

He immediately used brain waves to control the nano-worms that were ready to defend themselves, causing them to abandon their actions.

After all, it was actually just a glass of red wine spilled.

“Sorry, sir!”

The woman looked at the stain on Li Mingxuan’s suit shirt and said with some embarrassment.

Li Mingxuan just wanted to say no, and he was stunned.

“Hey, you’re that female star Li Jiaxin, right?”

Li Jiaxin nodded, and with her current fame on Hong Kong Island, it was not surprising to know her.

“I’m really sorry just now, otherwise, sir, how much does your dress cost, and I’ll compensate you at the original price!”

Li Jiaxin said with a slightly red face.

“Forget it!”

Li Mingxuan said.

This dress can be thrown away when it goes back, and tens of thousands of sets of armani custom suits like this are not very expensive.

However, Li Jiaxin directly called the waiter and brought a hot towel from him.

Rubbed Li Mingxuan.

“Look, that woman, isn’t li Jiaxin, the most beautiful Hong Kong sister?”

“Oh, I’m seducing people there again!”

“I heard that I was abandoned with Da Liu before, and then I followed Luo Zaihui, and as a result, 97 there will be a financial storm, Luo Zaihui is bankrupt, and now he is hungry and ready to seduce new people!”

“It is estimated that it is to see that super handsome guy take out 10 million heartbeats, it is really not a face!”

In the corner where no one could hear, many people saw this side talking about it.

However, Li Jiaxin ignored all this, and she kept wiping Li Mingxuan with a towel.

This made Li Mingxuan a little embarrassed.

In fact, Li Jiaxin also felt very embarrassed to do this, but she had to do it.

She actually came to this charity dinner to find the target of the attack.

Because for her, except for some extremely rich ordinary people, she can’t look up to her.

As soon as Li Mingxuan came to the charity dinner, Li Jiaxin noticed him.

For her, who is known as the ‘harvester of the giants’, because she has seen too many rich people, a pair of eyes have long been trained into a golden eye of fire.

Who is the real rich, who is the pseudo-rich, who is the poor, she can see at a glance.

And Li Mingxuan’s temperament was too good and young when he appeared.

Originally, Li Jiaxin was ready to get to know him, and the other party was dressed up, and at first glance, it was the real rich class.

This kind of dancing noble prince is not common in the Gangjiang River.

Sadly, someone was faster than her.

The three rich and noble women suddenly took Li Mingxuan as a target.

This embarrassed Li Jiaxin.

If she had gone up to talk at that time, with her current reputation, it is estimated that she would immediately be ridiculed by the three women.

So she’s been waiting for her chance.

And when she saw that Li Mingxuan casually threw 10 million yuan to buy a pair of He Chao’s bent earrings and returned them to the other party, she was even more convinced.

This standard is the prince of the giant rich door.

Therefore, when Li Mingxuan went to the bathroom, she deliberately spilled the wine in the past scene.

And because of the perennial acting, the performance is very innocent and perfect.

And Li Mingxuan actually didn’t know this woman’s heart.

However, he knew that the most beautiful Hong Kong sister Li Jiaxin had a “giant harvester.” ”

“The title.”

Is a very material woman c after she and He Chaowan’s ex-husband were together, Before Mr. Xu died, in order to prevent their husband and wife from losing, he got a fund, and he could only use 2 million Hong Kong dollars a month for living expenses, so Li Jiaxin still cried out for poverty every day.

However, she should not be with He Chaowan’s ex-husband yet.

Otherwise, with He Chao’s character, it would have been impossible for her to attend the charity dinner

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