Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 247

Chapter 247 The Gambler with the Black Face!!

Among them, Guan Xi, who followed his father to the banquet, was the most dissatisfied.

He is also very handsome, and he is also a big star, fascinated by many young girls on both sides of the strait and in three places.

However, neither Lin Tian’er nor Guan Yin’er, nor Qiu Yongjun, nor Qiu Yongjun was dismissive of him.

In fact, Guan Xi likes Lin Tian’er quite a lot.

After all, people are not only beautiful in appearance but also have very good family lineage, if the Chen family can be listed on the Lin family.

Not to mention walking sideways in the harbor river, at least it is of great benefit to their Chen family.

Especially in 2002, his father’s Junlei International changed from a luxury stock to a fairy stock, and his net worth evaporated over 100 million yuan.

If Lin Tian’er is willing to follow him, he can delete all the contents of those computer hard disks.

Also, kick those women off.

Unfortunately, Lin Tian’er didn’t dump him at all.

“Who is that man?”

Chen Guanxi asked the second generation next to him.

Then the second generation also shook his head unfortunately, Xie Tingfeng did not come to the charity dinner today, otherwise he might know a little.

Strangely enough, however, before the door incident broke out, the two rarely appeared at the same time.

Even if the Hong Kong media has always said that Guan Xi is Xie Tingfeng’s second.

Just when Li Mingxuan and the three rich and noble girls were talking happily.

He Chaowan walked over wearing a gray tulle dress with silver sequins, and she scanned the dinner hall and found Li Mingxuan, who was talking to three beautiful women.

And she also recognized the identities of the three women, Lin Tian’er of the Lin family, and Guan Yin’er of the Guan family.

Only Qiu Yongjun of the Qiu family made He Chaowan frown a little.

It was not that she had any opinions about Qiu Yongjun himself.

Instead, Qiu Yongjun is the eldest daughter of Qiu Chang, the head of the big house.

And He Chaowan is also he Hongshen’s eldest daughter outside the big house.

At the same time, Qiu Yongjun is also a director of the Far East Group, and his ability is extremely outstanding.

He Chaowan is also a director of Hong Kong Sunshine Group.

The two are also not the kind of stunning beauty, but the kind of attractive beauty.

Therefore, Qiu Yongjun was said by many Hong Kong media as why he overtook the second corner.

He Chaowan was a little uncomfortable with this.

After all, the other party is much younger than her, and she has not been forced into marriage by her father and has not experienced the pain of being with someone she does not like.

Qiu Yongjun was probably happier than she had been.

He Chaowan looked at Li Mingxuan, who was talking to Qiu Yongjun.

If she were 20 years younger, she would probably surround this man and introduce herself to each other.

It’s a pity that the years make people old.

He Chaowan sighed, and then walked over.

“Oh, Miss Qiu likes to ride horses and play golf, those I’m not good at, if you want to talk about sports basketball, badminton, table tennis I’m ok!!”

Li Mingxuan said to the temperamental beauty Qiu Yongjun.

“Well, I also played badminton when I studied at King’s University London, and I have time to play together later!”

Qiu Yongjun said with a smile.

However, at this time, He Chaowan came over and greeted Li Mingxuan with a smile.

“Li Sheng, I was still worried that you would come alone to accompany you, but I didn’t expect you to have such a good chat with these beautiful women!”

“Sister Pansy!”

Lin Tian’er and the others shouted.

“Miss He, I just met these three beautiful women!”

Li Mingxuan said with a smile.

“Huh, huh? However, with Li Sheng’s conditions, maybe he will soon be able to hug the beauty and return! ”

He Chaowan took a glass of red wine from the waiter’s plate next to him and said with a smile.

“Sister Pansy, what are you talking about, Li Sheng and I have only just met!”

Qiu Yongjun said shyly.

“Really? Just met the face red, ring innie (Winnie)”

He Chao bent and quipped.

At this time, the gambling king, Qiu Degeng, Zheng Zhitong, and Lin Jianyue came out after discussing things.

At a glance, he saw that his daughter He Chaowan was talking and laughing with an extremely young and handsome young man.

Speaking of this capable daughter, he has a great debt in his heart.

So later he tried everything he could to compensate and give her everything he wanted, but the gap between father and daughter had always existed, although on the surface He Chaoqiong still respected him, but the gambling king knew that deep inside her heart she had always refused to forgive him.

“Who is that young man, how to have a very good relationship with He Niece, my granddaughter!”

Qiu Degen smiled with a cane.

Lin Jianyue, who had replaced his seriously ill father Lin Bai, muttered, “Where is the playboy, how can Tian Er be so close to him!” ”

He was a playboy himself, so he would never allow his daughter to walk with a playboy.

It is said that the gambling king is also a little ugly.

Although he felt indebted to his daughter, he absolutely did not allow her to do anything out of the ordinary.

If something came out about raising a small white face, his face would be lost, so he ordered a subordinate.

The subordinate immediately nodded, and then came to He Chaowan and whispered in her ear.

He Chaowan immediately raised his head and was looking at the gambling king’s stern eyes.

Although he knew that he must have misunderstood, He Chaowan, who had a knot in his heart, did not want to explain it and chose to act casually.

Seeing that his daughter had no intention of coming over, the gambling king was really a little angry that this was his daughter, tiger poison did not eat children, otherwise, who would dare to disobey his meaning outside.

After all, though, it was a charity dinner.

Since the gambling king had all appeared, everyone stopped talking.

“Welcome, gentlemen of The Harbour…”

The gambler said some initiatives to encourage everyone to donate enthusiastically.

The money was donated to those in the mainland who were affected by the 2003 “Pleasant Feelings.” ”

Affect the poor.

Used to improve their hygiene and medical condition.

All the charity auction items in this charity banquet were donated by the He family and some celebrities.

One of the lots turned out to be a pair of pearl earrings.

Although the host did not do much publicity, Li Mingxuan saw the pair of earrings in a photo of the later generation.

This pair of pearl earrings should have been given to He Chaowan by Chen Baiqiang many years ago.


Someone shouted at the earrings.



The price of pearl earrings is bullish all the way.

He Chaowan originally took out these pairs of earrings and was actually ready to spend some money to buy them back, although she had no feelings for the man for a long time, and even felt that she was very naïve when she was young.

But the earrings represent her experience growing up.

Or what she didn’t want to lose.

However, before she could make an offer, someone shouted directly.

“10 million!”

Suddenly, the whole scene was silent, after all, although this earring was He Chaoqiong’s, it was worth tens of thousands of pieces at most, and it was possible to shoot 700,000 yuan, which was all for the He family’s face.

However, no one thought that someone would pay 10 million.

Who is such a loser, take the money is not the right money!

When the crowd looked around, they saw the handsome and handsome young man.

“Who the hell is this guy?”

“Which loser?””

“Take 10 million to please the He family, this is too big!”

However, Li Mingxuan directly swiped the card, took the earrings and returned them to He Chaowan, laughing.

“Since you don’t give up, don’t take it out easily, next time no one will buy it back for you, Miss He!”

After saying that, he directly placed the earrings and box in the palm of He Chaowan’s hand.

Suddenly, He Chao bent his head to look at the earring box in the palm of his hand, not knowing what to say to stand.

“Oh, you found no, this boy has the style of your youth, a thousand dollars for bo women to laugh!”

At this time, Qiu Degen smiled at the gambling king with his crutches.

It is said that the gambling king’s face is black like the bottom of the pot.

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