Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 246

Chapter 246: The Noble Daughter of the Gangjiang Giants!!

“Charity Dinner!”

Li Mingxuan really did not expect that this gambling king Qianjin, whom he had only met two days ago, would invite him to attend some charity dinner.

However, the Gangjiang people also do popular this.

In fact, the so-called charity dinner, that is, charity is false, the dinner party is true.

The main purpose is to organize a platform for mutual communication.

Of course, elites in various societies will also donate a little money to charity to gain a good reputation.

In fact, he himself did not like this kind of hypocritical charity.

His father Li Jianguo did charity, that is, directly donating money, and sometimes after work, he would care about the quality progress of the donated Jinxiu Primary School.

And never make a big fuss, that’s charity.

However, he had agreed to He Chaowan to accept her invitation, and Li Mingxuan could only nod.

“Well, I’ll definitely go when the time comes!”

“That’s it, see you when the time comes!”

He Chaowan finished speaking, and left without stopping.

Looking at her plump figure with her tight long skirt twisting, Li Mingxuan suddenly thought of Liu Li in the imperial capital.

All are seductive mature women.

The next evening, Li Bird xuan drove the Ferrari Enzo who had just boarded the Gangjiang license plate.

Dressed in Armani’s custom casual suit, we arrive at the Gambler’s villa in Deep Water Bay.

Since he had promised He Chaowan to come to the dinner, there was really no need for him to pretend to be low-key.

Sometimes it is appropriate to show your strength so that people can pay attention to you.

Sure enough, as soon as the red Ferrari Enzo drove into the villa, it immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Many of the second generation of Gangjiang are very curious to see who owns this Ferrari.

You should know that the scene is full of luxury cars, Porsche Cayenne, Ferrari 360, Maserati President and other luxury cars.

But as soon as Ferrari Enzo appeared, he gave these cars a second.

“Which Ferrari is this?”

There are two generations who don’t know each other.

“It’s Ferrari Enzo, last year’s new car global limited supply, not you can buy it with money, the quota of Gangjiang is no more than five units, it is a car that requires a certain identity to be able to buy!”

There is a second generation of cars explained.

Soon they saw Ferrari Enzo parked in the empty parking space and out of the car a very handsome-looking young man.

He was about twenty years old, issued with commas, and wore a blue casual suit that was worth a lot at first glance.

Fair skin, inverted triangular face shape.

Suddenly, many people were a little jealous.

You? Even if you have money, you are still so handsome!

How not to be a movie star!

However, jealousy is jealousy, and they are also very curious about whose son this is, to know that many families in Gangjiang have a tradition of sending their children to study abroad from a young age to open their eyes.

So even if you don’t know someone, he may be a descendant of a family that you know very well.

Li Mingxuan was obviously regarded by them as such a person.

Parking the car in the parking lot outside the villa, Li Mingxuan looked at the parking lot was full of luxury cars, some of which even he couldn’t say his name.

I also have to sigh that there are so many rich people in Hong Kong and Jiangsu now.

In fact, in addition to the top ten rich people, there are many invisible families in Gangjiang, and their wealth is not worse than that of the top ten rich people.

These people have hoarded a large number of properties in Gangjiang.

Rent collection is the collection of one building after another.

Li Mingxuan took the invitation given by He Chaowan and handed it to the waiter in front of the gate.

The waiter was stunned to see that it was Phnom Penh’s invitation, and then warmly welcomed Li Mingxuan in.

At this time, He Chaowan, who was entertaining the distinguished guests and talking to some old uncles, heard someone report and immediately smiled and apologized.

Then it was gone.

And Li Mingxuan walked into this gambling king’s golden and brilliant mansion, because no one knew him, so he could only invite the waiter to take a glass of red wine and drink a little.

However, his arrival has attracted the attention of many people, especially some rich and noble women of the right age, such as Lin Tian’er, the daughter of Lin Jianyue, the owner of Huanya Group.

His grandfather was Lin Baixin, the founder of Lixin Group.

His father, Lin Jianyue, was a standard playboy.

Wang Xiaoxian, Yang Caini, and Shuqi all had scandals.

However, Lin Jianyue’s daughter Lin Tian’er looks like a beautiful woman from 84 years, and she is only 19 years old now, which is the time for light marriage in Gangjiang.

There is also Guan Yin’er, the daughter of the chairman of Treasure Island Risheng Financial Holdings.

Among the three sisters in the Far East, the descendant of the Qiu Degen family, an old tycoon in Hong Kong, is precisely the eldest daughter of Qiu Chang, the head of the big house, qiu Yongjun, who returned from studying abroad from John Niu last year.

His grandfather, Qiu Degeng, is the chairman of Far East Bank, the founder of Far East Development, and the former chairman of the board of directors of Asia Television.

I have to say that the looks of these rich and noble women are very outstanding.

Many people in later generations feel that the appearance of Hong Kong women has seriously declined, in fact, in addition to the progress of aesthetics, it is because those truly beautiful women do not care to participate in the selection of any Asian sister and Hong Kong sister.

TB, star what is far less attractive to beautiful women than in the seventies and eighties…

These noblewomen curiously looked at Li Mingxuan, who had arrived alone, without a female companion.

I kept wondering which rich man this was.

How so handsome, but I haven’t seen it in Gangjiang again.

The first person who couldn’t help it was Lin Tian’er, who directly said sorry to her girlfriend, and then walked over to Li Mingxuan with elegant steps and said: “Hello, can you get to know each other?” ”

Li Mingxuan looked over at the beautiful woman wearing a big red off-the-shoulder dress.

He is about 165 tall, about 20 years old, and has a beautiful face.

Wearing a teardrop-shaped pink diamond earring and necklace, you can see that it is worth a lot when you look at the luster.


Li Mingxuan politely greeted her.

“I’m Lin Tian’er, and everyone else calls me Irene!”

Lin Tian’er held out her hand.

“Li Mingxuan!”

Li Mingxuan shook hands with her shallowly, after all, he didn’t know who the other party was.

Listening to his odd Cantonese accent, Lin Tian’er said with a smile.

“You’re from the inland?”

“Yes, you wouldn’t discriminate against inland people too!”

Li Mingxuan never felt inferior to an inland person, but many Hong Kong jiang people discriminated against mainlanders.

“Of course not, everyone is a flower grower now, and in my opinion, it is much better than the second-class citizens of Hong Kong and Britain in the past!”

Lin Tian’er said.

Hearing this, Li Mingxuan finally smiled and gave her a thumbs up: “The three views are very positive!” ”

“Three views?”

Lin Tian’er asked doubtfully.

“0.1 Worldview, Outlook on Life, Values!”

Li Mingxuan introduced.

It should be known that the so-called three views were only proposed by flower growers in 2009.

However, seeing Lin Tian’er and Li Mingxuan talking and laughing about Guan Yin’er, the daughter of the chairman of Baodao Risheng Financial Holdings, Qiu Yongqiao of the Qiu family also walked over in unison.

“Hello, I’m Guan Yin’er, can you get to know me?”

“I am Qiu Yongjun!”

In an instant, Li Mingxuan gathered around the three beauties of the charity dinner.

Appearance is justice, which is vividly reflected in many occasions.

However, many young men are upset.

After all, beauty has always been a scarce resource, not to mention that the three are still rich and noble women.

That’s scarcity within scarcity.

“Who is this man, so dragged!”

Someone said.

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