Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 242

Chapter 242 Assassination!?!!

But soon Li Mingxuan’s phone rang.

Huo Qigang, Wang Sheng of the imperial capital, Li Kun, Zhang Kai, Duan Xionghu, Duan Youjun, Wang Long of Huacheng, and so on, all those who knew his identity and had his phone call in The Port City called to congratulate him.

It was as if it was not his father who became the richest man, but him.

Li Mingxuan spent the whole morning answering the phone.

Meanwhile, at 1 Gofu Hill Road property.

Transport companies are helping to move all kinds of furniture.

Top-of-the-line Poshiform kitchen utensils, bedding for Restoration.Hardware, powderroom textiles Poltrana.Frau sofas, European-style royal royals, Ferrari for the furniture world.

CC—tapis: Carpets, the Hermès of carpet world.

The villa, which had been empty, was soon filled by workers.

In fact, this kind of thing does not need Li Mingxuan to worry about at all, and the furniture he chooses is the most expensive in Gangjiang.

In the morning, He Chaowan, who got up and stood on the second floor, wore white silk pajamas and looked at the scene of the villa next to him with a coffee cup.

She only remembered 13, and yesterday afternoon, the No. 1 property had been sold.

And it was bought by a young man with a very outstanding temperament.

So, she made a curious phone call and asked on the other end of the phone, “How did I let you check!?” ”

“The license plate was found, it is an ordinary license plate, belonging to the newly established Jinxiu Gangjiang Investment Company!”

The person on the phone spoke in Cantonese.

“Splendid! Is it the super mining group that is on the mainland’s official television station? ”

He Chaowan asked.

“Yes, and the big miss does not know it, Li Jianguo, the owner of the Fairview Group, became the richest flower grower in the mainland with a value of 218.9 billion US dollars in the Forbes rich list discovered today, and also became the richest man in the world!”

The person on the phone said.

“How much, $218.9 billion!! Make no mistake! ”

He Chaoqiong’s voice was raised by a few decibels.

“No, the mining company makes so much money than we do when we open casinos!”

The person on the phone complained.

However, when he remembered that he was talking to the big miss on the phone, he quickly said, “Sorry, big miss! ”

However, He Chaowan was no longer interested in taking care of him and directly hung up the phone.

She fell into contemplation at once, Fairview Group, the richest man Li Jianguo, Li Mingxuan, Fairview Gangjiang Investment Company.

When these few clues are added together, the corners of her mouth bend into a very attractive arc.

Then, through the floor-to-ceiling window on the second floor, she looked at the workers who were constantly carrying things: “Li Jianguo’s son?” I didn’t expect that the neighbor was the prince of the richest family in the world! ”

He Chaowan murmured.

Now she was more interested in Li Mingxuan.

And Li Mingxuan definitely did not expect that the other party would guess his identity so easily.

However, the state’s protection of him has a big loophole in itself.

If you are a person with a heart, it is not too difficult to find out the relationship between Li Mingxuan and Jinxiu Group.

Li Mingxuan did not know that his identity was exposed, and he received a call from the transportation company in the afternoon.

Everything is installed.

Then, the housekeeping company cleaners also cleaned the entire villa inside and out.

They promise that employers can move in at any time.

So Li Mingxuan asked the company’s driver to take him to the Peninsula Hotel first.

Because he still had some clothes and items to put there.

However, he definitely did not expect that someone had already targeted him at this time.

Time back more than a week ago.

That is, the day li Mingxuan first recruited Xu Xin.

After he met Koshi, he didn’t take it seriously.

However, after a few days of thinking more and more about it, he found his brother, Deng Guangrong, the eldest brother of the Gangjiang underworld.

Deng Guangrong is the second-generation speaker of ‘Lian Gong Le’.

His father was the seat of Hongmen.

In both black and white, they are eaten, and Deng Guangrong is also extremely high in the entertainment industry.

Participated in the shooting of many movies, and even Zhou Yanfa and Xie Xian had to play supporting roles for him.

In addition, he also won the popularity of Wang Jiawei, “Carmen in Mong Kok” and “The Legend of Ah Fei”

It was all filmed by his investment.

However, the box office of “Ah Fei Zheng biography” with an investment of 40 million yuan that year was dismal.

He was also taken to the hospital in a fit of rage.

In the name of Deng Guangrong in Gangjiang, even the Xiang brothers of the new art city will not provoke.

Therefore, after hearing about the causes and consequences, and adding that Koshi’s father had said hello to the inspector of half a billion, some of the older generation of Gangjiang sold him this face.

Therefore, Deng Guangrong agreed to the brother of Yongwei.

He was ready to send two younger brothers to arrest Li Mingxuan.

Therefore, after a period of observation, the two people were finally ready to move, and they took the same elevator with their hats and followed Li Mingxuan.

Li Mingxuan did not pay attention to them at all at this time, even if the nano-worm had been secretly protecting him all the time, it would not be hostile to the people who had no action.

So, when I got to the exit of the elevator, Li Mingxuan had just stepped out of the elevator.

The two immediately followed, and one of them had already pulled out a cold knife.

However, by this time, the nanoworm had automatically sensed the danger.

They immediately flew directly into the mouth and eyes of the person holding the knife, and the person holding the knife fell to the ground in pain and cried.

The dangling knife fell to the ground with a loud bang.

Li Mingxuan was also shocked at this time.

The other man saw that his companion was injured, thought that Li Mingxuan had done something, and immediately drew his knife and waved it.

However, his knife had not yet been swung down.

The whole person covered his eyes and lay on the ground in pain.

Looking at the two knives on the ground, Li Mingxuan’s face at this time was completely gloomy.

Although he possesses the nano-robot, an invincible weapon that can easily defeat the army of a beautiful country, he is definitely a weak chicken.

It doesn’t have a super high force value and the ability to dodge bullets from knives and guns.

The knife was fine, but the speed of the bullet was too late for even the nano-worms to protect, so if he was lucky, one bullet would be enough to kill Li Mingxuan.

Just like this time, if the other party is using a gun, it is estimated that Li Mingxuan only has been shot.

This is why Li Mingxuan easily did not want to expose the nano robot of ‘coins’, because that was the bottom card.

Hole cards are only hole cards in the unknown, if they are exposed to let the beautiful country know.

It is estimated that they will send all kinds of killers to kill him twenty-four hours a day.

At that time, Li Mingxuan would not enter the nuclear bomb fortifications to hide.

Or destroy the beautiful country with coins.

There are only two options.

Look at the two screaming men on the ground.

After the nano-worm was convinced that there was no monitoring around him, two piles of silver liquid suddenly appeared in front of Li Mingxuan’s body, and then turned into a cold-faced man in black.

“Take them to the room!”

So, the two men in black lifted the two people underground one by one.

Fortunately, there was no one in the hotel corridor at this time.

Otherwise, it was estimated that it would take only ten minutes to be scared to death, and the two people would do anything.

For example, their boss was Deng Guangrong, and it was Yu Wei who asked the boss to let them tie up Li Mingxuan.

They pulled out their knives not to kill him, but to make him obedient.


Li Mingxuan murmured.

Then he seemed to shout into the air, “Coins! ”

Suddenly, there were two living people here, and the next second there was nothing left of these two people.

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