Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 241

Chapter 241 Daddy Becomes the Richest Man in the World!!

Because the hilltop road villa he just bought is only an empty house, Li Mingxuan can only choose to continue to live in the hotel recently.

The next day, October 31, 2003, the rich list of flower growers was announced in for The Flower Grower Magic Capital “Forbes”.

First place: Li Jianguo, chairman of Fairview Group, worth: $218.9 billion Of which Forbes has introduced to Fairview Group, and its business involves mining, real estate, jewelry and other industries.

Among them, Jinxiu Iron Ore Mining Company, with top iron ore storage of up to 20 billion tons, this part of the resources have a kind of flower family state endorsement, considering the mining cycle and reserves, the valuation of 1100 US dollars Jinxiu Coal Mining Company, with coal reserves of up to 5 billion tons, has the national endorsement.

Valued at $100 billion, Fairview Copper Mining Company…

Forbes suddenly valued all the ‘070’ branches of the mining industry under the Fairview Group.

It turned out to be a valuation higher than JPMorgan Chase.

For a time, the whole flower grower was in an uproar, and the whole world was in an uproar.

After all, China’s second place: Ding Lei introduced the holding of 58.5% of netease shares, the current market value of about 7.6 billion Yuan.

In the 2003 Forbes Global Rich List, Bill Gates was at the top of the rich list with $40.7 billion.

Second-place financial investor Warren Buffett came in second with $30.5 billion in assets.

According to this valuation, Li Jianguo’s $218.9 billion is worth more than the world’s second to tenth combined.

Although some people have long expected it.

But when Forbes actually announced this result, many people couldn’t believe it.

Someone who grows flowers has so much money.

Suddenly, there was a lot of discussion on the Internet.

“Wow, we’ve got someone to replace Bill Gates as the richest man in the world, it’s amazing!”

“That’s the Forbes Flower List, the official global list will not come out until March next year, of course, with the value of Lee’s richest man, five Bill Gates can be richer than him!” 」

“$218.9 billion is how much money is not the richest man who can give a large amount of money to every flower grower.”

“As far as this year’s overall calculation is concerned, there are 129227 million flower growers, according to the calculation of 1.3 billion, each person can share 168 US dollars, and according to the current exchange rate of Chinese dollars to the US dollar, if this money is given to each flower grower, it is 1388 yuan!”

“Kneeling for the richest man’s share of money, it will be worth my salary for more than two months!”

“Ask for a penny +1.”

“Ask the state to confiscate the Li family’s property and send us money!”


“Please ask if the richest man Li has a daughter in the family, please introduce, I am handsome and winey, willing to pour the door!”

“Li Jianguo has a son named ×××, and he can’t even type these two words.

“What’s your name Lee?”

Some people who know Li Mingxuan, Jiang Huairen, originally wanted to write big characters, but as long as Li Mingxuan was involved, they would be blocked, even if separated by commas.

It will be deleted soon.

Therefore, most people on the Internet do not know that Li Mingxuan is the son of the richest man, Li Jianguo.

And Because Li Jianguo was named the richest man in the world, the whole family could not stay.

The Li family’s Jianghuai Nanshan Villa was surrounded by countless reporters, and reporters with long guns and short cannons squatted.

We are ready to fight a protracted war.

As a result, Li Jianguo could only hide in the steel factory.

Because the steel mill is a military-industrial unit, no one can come in with soldiers guarding it.

He specifically called Gang Jiang and complained to his son: “You and I have to hide now, otherwise, those reporters will see me as a walking banknote, I used to think it was good to have money, and now I know how annoying it is to have money, and I can’t even go out!” ”

“Forbes only estimated $218.9 billion, which is too little!”

Li Mingxuan said in the office of the Gangjiang International Finance Center Building.

“That’s less!”

Li Jianguo said in surprise.

“Of course, this month my iron ore production increased to 180,000 tons per day, coal 150,000 tons plus copper ore, etc., the daily profit is at least more than 90 million, a year is now 30 billion, but this is the beginning, wait until we complete the set day next year 550,000 tons, 500,000 tons of coal, the daily profit is close to three hundred million, and such a profit we can continue for decades, just 218.9 billion US dollars is what!”

Li Mingxuan explained.

Li Jianguo now doesn’t know how much money his son wants to make, or how big his appetite is.

He was now in pain and happy.

However, Mother Li did not care about this: “Son, a person in the Gangjiang River clothes to wear warm clothes, to eat well, now your father is the richest man, some are money, you don’t save him money… By the way, you can also take home the beautiful Gangjiang girl, well, at least it must be similar to Zhao Yazhi! ”

For Li Mu, who likes to watch “The Legend of the New White Lady”, Zhao Yazhi is even a representative of the beauty of Hong Kong River.

But this is not a small difficulty!

Li Mingxuan sighed in his heart.

“Well, I will try to find it, as for spending money, I will not give dad a province, please rest assured mom!”

Li Mingxuan said in a loser’s tone.

Xu Xin, who happened to be in Li Mingxuan’s office, was amused.

In her thirties, she is still the first time to see someone lose the story, making it so funny!

After talking for a while, Li Mingxuan hung up the phone.

“Chairman, congratulations to your father on becoming the world’s richest man, it is estimated that now this side of the Hong Kong River also knows, maybe the whole Hong Kong Island has been boiling!”

Xu Xin smiled and congratulated.

“This is not a global list, and what is the use of light valuation, we In the Fairview Group do not list circle money, at most it is just a title, there is no substantive use!”

Li Mingxuan was very indifferent to this and did not rejoice that he had become the richest man.

And Xu Xin saw that he was so plain, this kind of honor and disgrace temperament, even some older and more successful people are difficult to have.

She had to admire the man a little.

“Did MIH south Africa reply on the 4.6 side?”

Li Mingxuan asked.

He mentioned this, Xu Xin immediately entered the working state and said: “Three days ago, we proposed to buy the Penguin 33.7 shares in their hands at twice the price they acquired, and they have given a reply and clearly stated their refusal! ”

“Then send someone to continue the talks, I will give you $100 million of authority, and you must negotiate those shares!”

Li Mingxuan said.

“I understand!”

Xu Xin nodded.

As the future queen of venture capital, she also saw the potential of penguins, and if she could win 33.7% of the penguins for a mere $100 million, she would not lose money.

If penguins go public, the money will soon be earned back.

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