Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 240

Chapter 240 Visiting the Huo Family!!

Huo Qigang introduced Li Mingxuan into the main hall of the Huo family.

Here Li Mingxuan saw a tall middle-aged man sitting on the sofa wearing black glasses, wearing a beige sweater vest and a white shirt.

“Daddy, this will be the son of Mr. Li Jianguo, the boss of the Fairview Group, whom Grandpa once mentioned, Li Mingxuan!”

Huo Qigang said to the middle-aged man.

Hearing this, the middle-aged man with glasses immediately stood up and smiled and said in Mandarin: “Hello, Xiao Lixian, welcome to the Huo family!” ”

“Hello, Uncle Huo, it has always been like visiting Old Master Huo and you, but I have not been empty, it is my disrespect!”

Li Mingxuan gave the Huo family enough face as the second-generation eldest man.

Old Master Huo’s life is also considered to be a flow, there are three wives, and there are many children under his knees, but he is the only one who loves the long house of the main house.

Therefore, in later generations, it is basically difficult to hear the news of the second or third room.

The second generation of the eldest man, Huo Zhenting, huo Qigang’s father, although he has three sons.

The most favored is also the eldest son Huo Qigang.

Hearing Li Mingxuan’s words, Huo Zhenting laughed and said, “I also heard that Xiao Lisheng actually recruited Ms. Xu Xin and invested heavily to set up an investment company, and the future is immeasurable!” ”

Li Mingxuan just wanted to say something.

At this time, a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy who looked very similar to Huo Qigang came over and said in Cantonese: “Daddy, Grandpa invites guests to the restaurant!” ”


After Huo Zhenting finished speaking, he waved his hand to the front: “Mr. Xiao Li, please, the old man will come right away!” ”

There was no way, Li Mingxuan could only follow the master, so he went to the restaurant of the Huo Family Villa on the road, huo Qigang explained: “This is my third brother, Huo Qiren!” ”

“Hello, Brother Lee!”

Huo Qiren said with a smile.


Li Mingxuan responded with a smile.

For this Huo Qiren, he really had no impression.

After all, in the future, he would only pay attention to Huo Qigang.

Few others know.

When the crowd came to the dining room, some of the maids had already laid out all the delicate tableware at the oval table.

However, they are all chopsticks and bowls and do not prepare any Western food.

“Little Li Sheng, please sit!”

Huo Zhenting came to the next head on the left and said to Li Mingxuan.

What he meant was to let Li Mingxuan sit on the right side and take the first place.

Unexpectedly, he just casually visited, and the Huo family actually made him so solemn, which made him a little flattered.

So, Li Mingxuan sat down.

After a while, an old man with a slightly curved back walked into the restaurant with the help of the maid.

His face was a little pale, and he should have just recovered from a serious illness.

The two brothers Huo Qigang and Huo Qiren immediately ran over to help the old man.

The latter’s footsteps were a little vain to come to the main seat.

After Old Master Huo sat down, he looked at Li Mingxuan, who was very handsome.

“Mr. Xiao Li is indeed a table of talents, with the appearance of a dragon leaping and phoenixing!”

Li Mingxuan smiled and said, “Elder Huo, you are really an award, if my father knows that I came to see Elder Huo today, he must be very happy, but he is the most admired old man, you are the kind of person who helps the country regardless of personal comfort when the country is in danger!” ”

“Hahaha, that’s all in the past, I’m old, the construction of the country in the future still depends on you young people, right, Is Li Sheng okay at home?”

Elder Huo suddenly asked.

Li Mingxuan knew that he was talking about Li Jianguo, so he smiled and said: “This has not just been rated as a provincial representative, sometimes the group does not care, just run to the report meeting, all day busy without touching the ground, but do not know what is busy!” ”

Hearing him say this about his father, Elder Huo smiled and said: “It is a good thing that Li Sheng likes to participate in the administration and discussion of politics, and he can only eliminate all kinds of shortcomings and make the country stronger if he raises his opinion more. ”

“Haha, Elder Huo, you said that!”

Li Mingxuan said and heard the words, and Huo Laocai nodded satisfactorily: “In the future, it will be the world of your young people, we have experienced too much and seen too much in our lives, and we have suffered and shed blood, but you are different, you will see the day we may not see, so we must watch out for each other no matter what!” ”

Speaking of this, he looked at Huo Qigang and Huo Zhenting’s father and son, and said, “In the future, whether it is Li Sheng or Xiao LiSheng, they are all our Huo Family guests, and no one must be sloppy, otherwise they will drive out the Huo Family according to the ancestral precepts!” ”

Hearing this, both the Father and Son of the Huo Family were a little shocked and said, “Yes!! ”

Hearing Old Mr. Huo’s last words, Li Mingxuan was a little shocked.

According to history, Elder Huo should have died of illness three years later.

However, it is normal for the elderly to confess to the future generations after a serious illness.

But what surprised him a little was that Mr. Huo’s other eyes on the Li family’s father and son should know that they obviously did not have much intersection, and they needed to achieve the extent that their children were expelled from the Huo family?

Unless the leaders of the imperial capital had said anything to Elder Huo, the other party knew the so-called truth behind Li Mingxuan.

If that’s really the case, what Elder Huo did would be very reasonable.

“All right, Ah Xiang, let’s serve!”

Elder Huo commanded the maid next to him.

“Yes, sir!”

The maid, who was forty or fifty years old, answered the question, and a plate of exquisite dishes with enthusiasm was served on the table.

Mr. Huo even let people open a bottle of 82 years of Lafite.

That’s right! This bottle is really 82 years old and very rare on the market.

Even Li Mingxuan was seeing him for the first time, of course, it wasn’t really gone.

But basically they were secretly collected by giants like the Huo family.

There is no way to see it on the market, as for the later generations of flower growers who consume 82 bottles of Lafite in 82 years a year, think about it and know what is going on.

Li Mingxuan and Mr. Huo tasted the 82-year-old Lafite together.

The taste is indeed better than the lafite taste of the current year, and the tannin is just one point more sour, and the smaller one point is too sweet.

However, because the old man was recovering from a serious illness, the family doctor only allowed a little red wine to soften the blood vessels every day.

So the old man just drank a little.

The rest went into the mouths of Li Mingxuan and others.

In the Huo family, I ate the most authentic Cantonese cuisine, what abalone juice buckle Liao ginseng, a hundred flowers fish belly, white burning elephant mussels and so on.

It wasn’t until after nine o’clock that he chose to say goodbye.

After all, Elder Huo needed to rest, and he had been harassing people badly.

Shortly after he left, Huo Zhenting asked his old master: “Old man, I admit that the Li family may indeed be extraordinary in the future, but does our family need to respect them so much?” ”

“What, do you feel lost face?” Or lose the face of you, the grand young master of Hong Kong! ”

Elder Huo said without anger.

“No, I just think that the other party is just a newly rising family after all, even if there is money in the future, in fact, it does not have much intersection with us, as long as the two sides intersect on an equal footing!”

Speaking of this, Huo Zhenting paused before saying, “The old master seems to take the Li family a little too seriously!” ”

“Heavier than not heavy, you don’t need your evaluation, you just need to urge Qi Gang in the future, Qishan, they can make friends with Mr. Xiao Li a lot, have you heard?”

Old Master Huo remembered what the leader of the country had said to himself and said solemnly.


Huo Zhenting nodded.

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