Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 24

Just as the two were talking, a middle-aged male man walked into the reception room.

“Hello sir, I am the business manager of our bank, and my surname is Pan!”

“Hello, Manager Pan, I don’t know when my money will be available!”

Li Mingxuan said.

Obviously, even if he proposed 200,000 at once, he would not alarm the president or vice president.

After all, this is the imperial capital, there are many rich people, and it is already very face-giving to be able to let a business manager come to receive it.

The Manager Pan smiled and said

“Because you are our Peony Gold Card user of ICBC, we have already taken a special withdrawal channel for you!”

During the conversation, a beautiful teller who barely reached 80 points after makeup walked in

She carried a silver suitcase for the bank.

Originally, the beautiful teller heard that it was a handsome guy who held the peony VIP card, and she also wanted to make friends.

However, when she saw Xia Yuqing, who was still beautiful without powder on the side, she completely stopped thinking about it.

Open the silver chest and inside is a pile of cash.

There are both four versions of the four-person head hundred-dollar bill and the fifth version of the red hundred-dollar bill.

Although the fifth edition of the banknote was issued in 1999, the old banknotes on the market have not yet withdrawn from the market.

Look at this stack of sealed hundred-dollar bills.

Xia Yuqing’s eyes on the side could not move away.

You must know that she came to the imperial capital for three years, studying all day while trying to make money, but the deposit did not even have a stack inside.

Li Mingxuan, who was probably smaller than she was, held a black plastic bag and stuffed the stacks of banknotes into the bag.

To tell the truth, at that moment, Xia Yuqing was really shocked, because she had never seen so much money.

“All right, let’s go!”

Li Mingxuan looked at Xia Yuqing, who was standing motionless, a pair of beautiful almond eyes full of sluggish Xia Yuqing, and pulled her arm and said.

“Oh!” Xia Yuqing only then returned to God.

Hurriedly leaving the bank, Li Mingxuan casually put 200,000 cash in the back of the car.

On the car, Xia Yuqing hesitated to ask questions and answers:

“Mr. Lee, can I ask you a question?”

“My name is Li Mingxuan, a blockbuster, Ji YuXuan’s Xuan, if Miss Xia wants to call, call me Mingxuan, Mr. Li is too restrained, and he is not an old man!”

“Ahh… But…” Xia Yuqing didn’t expect this person to say this, and she didn’t know how to answer.

If you call, you feel a little too intimate, and if you don’t call, you don’t know what to do.

However, in addition, Li Mingxuan, who was close to forty years old in his heart in his previous life, was not embarrassed at all

“In this way, I don’t call you Miss Xia, but I call you rain and sunshine, but rain and sunshine, rain and sunshine, before the rain, the first time I see the flowers, after the rain and the leavesless flowers, let people pity ah!”

Suddenly, Xia Yuqing was shocked.

She really did not think that Li Mingxuan would actually say this poem of the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Cha.

These two sentences mean that before the rain, spring has just arrived, and the flowers have just spit out their bones and have not yet bloomed.

Isn’t that just saying that summer rain is sunny? She was supposed to bloom like a flower in the most beautiful season.

However, before she could fully bloom, the rain was already pouring down.

Does this indicate that her future is like a flower in the heavy rain, falling red and full of leaves on the branches.

Leave one in vain, poor, sigh?

In fact, this is just Li Mingxuan’s feeling and his poem in his mind.

At this moment, he did not know the experience of the girl in front of him.

Watching Xia Yuqing suddenly be silent, Li Mingxuan started the car and said

“The next stop I’m going to the Forbidden City, where is it better to go?”

“It is best to take donghua gate, the north gate of Shenwu Gate can not enter, can only come out of that door, in addition, there is a street outside the Donghua gate, you can rent clothes for photos, there are also places to park.”

Xia Yuqing explained.

“Then go to Donghua Gate, Rainy Sunny, you come to show the way!”

Li Mingxuan said generously.


Xia Yuqing also did not correct it, which is the default name of someone.

After about twenty minutes, the two men drove to the Donghua Gate and got out of a paid parking lot.

To say that it is worthy of the capital, at this time there are vacant spaces in the parking lot.

Parking costs 5 yuan an hour, and the price is quite not cheap.

On a street outside the Donghua Gate, there was shouting everywhere.

Tea sellers, souvenir sellers, rent clothes to take photos and nostalgia are all shouting at the neck.

It was as if the people of the imperial capital liked to shout.

After spending 4 yuan and buying 2 bottles of Yili mineral water, the two went to the Forbidden City.

The ticket is 40 per person, which is the price from the Reform of the Forbidden City in 2001, and it was still 30 before.

Later, it was divided into low season, high season tickets 60 yuan, off season tickets 40 yuan.

Not only that, but you also need to make an appointment to enter the Forbidden City.

This did not exist in 2002.

The two entered the Forbidden City in this way, and Li Mingxuan’s Canon camera was finally able to come in handy.

Take photos along the way, because it is a digital SLR, there is also an SD card in it, so there is no need to worry about capacity.

Next to the two were some tour groups, some big aunts and uncles, followed by the tour guide with small flags towards the noon gate.

At noon, Xia Yuqing began to explain like a professional tour guide.

“Looking to the left and right from the noon gate, there is the Five Phoenix Tower, it is like five phoenixes spreading their wings on it, the middle one is called the main gate tower, and the two sides are called the Goose Wing Tower, just like the phoenix spreading its wings!”

Waiting for the two stone pavilions in front of the noon gate, Xia Yuqing said

“There is a sundial on this side and a copper gage on the other side. These two kinds of artifacts, one represents time, and the other represents the law of measurement.

The sundial indicates the granting of time to the people, the Jialiang indicates the legislature of weights and measures to the people, and it is from these that the entire Forbidden City represents imperial power. ”

Speaking of this, she smiled playfully at Li Mingxuan:

“So now test your son, the launch of the noon gate beheading in the TV series, is there anything wrong with it?”

“Of course, there is, did not watch the TV series The emperor said majestically, come on, launch the noon gate chop!”

“They all say it’s a TV series!”

“TV dramas must also be in line with the facts, don’t those who make TV dramas respect history?”

Get! Some aunts and uncles saw that Xia Yuqing was not only beautiful but also funny, and one by one they left their own tour guides and began to rub tour guides.

In this regard, Li Mingxuan, who was holding a camera, was speechless.

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