Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Establishment of Splendid Investment!!

Speaking of which, after He became famous and had a status, because of his stinky mouth, he really offended many people in Gangjiang, and he was not taught a lesson.

However, this guy has a particularly poor memory and still does not change after being taught.

Originally, Li Mingxuan didn’t want to tangle with the castrated people at all.

After uttering a word of warning, he was ready to leave.

However, watching him leave Yu Wei thought that he was a thief and was afraid, and he was still very jealous of Li Mingxuan’s mysterious background of the imperial capital.

Immediately called out at the Peninsula Hotel.

“Boy, are you a thief in such a hurry to leave, that’s what you did!”

Kow Wai said in a cold tone that Hong Bao on the side shook his head, he had some regrets about coming to the Peninsula Hotel today, just now he wanted to stop Koo Wei from speaking wildly again, but he didn’t come and the people’s words had already been exported.

Hearing Yu Wei’s repeated provocations, Li Mingxuan was a little upset in his heart.

He turned his head with a smile on his face and looked at Koshi.

“You mean that your golden egg doesn’t have this thing, who knows, maybe it’s a great person who is doing justice, and in my opinion the chief executive should give that person a medal to commend!”


He was suddenly blown up.

At this time, Hong Bao finally saw the opportunity to pull Ke Wei to prevent him from continuing to talk nonsense.

However, at this time, Yuan Biao couldn’t look at it anymore and said to Li Mingxuan: “Young man, don’t talk so rushed, how can You Wei say that the grade is not small, give some face!” ”

Hearing this, Li Mingxuan took a deep look at Yuan Biao.

Speaking of which, even if the most famous Cheng Long and Hong Bao in the Gangjiang Circle are also a lot of black history, Yuan Biao can be said to be one of the few people who have no black history from acting to later retirement.

Li Mingxuan coldly glanced at Yuan Biao, then turned around and left the hall.

At this time, Yuan Biao was looked at by Li Mingxuan, and he felt the hair all over his body: “I can’t help it, Master Brother, this young man feels super fierce, and when he looks at it, I actually feel cold all over my body!” ”

Hong Bao nodded, “This kind of person had better not offend, of course, we can’t afford to offend, if we really want to provoke, it will be very troublesome, it will not be good…”

Hong Bao did not continue.

However, Yuan Biao probably guessed something.

However, In his heart, He Wei was completely blinded by anger, and he glanced at Hong Bao and reproached: “Big brother, you just didn’t pay attention to righteousness and didn’t help me!” ”

Then, he looked at Yuan Biao again, and his eyes were full of blame.

In his opinion, both should avenge him and not stop him.

“Kow, I’m helping you, that young man is not something you can offend, and now you’re actually blaming me for not being righteous, well, Ah Biao, let’s go, whatever he does!”

A sentence from Yong Wei also ignited Hong Bao’s dissatisfaction, originally for The Wei who was born in Hong’s class, he still chose to help as much as he could, but his kindness became a donkey liver and lungs.

Some people have to get their heads broken to remember the lessons of the past, and Hong Bao left with his disciple Yuan Biao.

Today’s tea is obviously not eaten.

In fact, Wei Wei also regretted a little when he said what he had just said.

However, it was difficult to harvest the water, and he watched Hong Bao leave directly with Yuan Biao, and his heart was even more cruel to Li Mingxuan.

Then he took a deep look at where Li Mingxuan had left, cursed a few words in a low voice, and left.

And Li Mingxuan actually forgot about this little person in the blink of an eye.

The next day, he received a reply from Xu Xin.

She didn’t hold back anything, but said that she went back to think about it for a night, and felt that the conditions that Li Mingxuan gave her were both a temptation and a new challenge.

She wanted to give it a try, and she said she wouldn’t want a 1 percent stake, or $100 million, if she couldn’t get convincing results in five years.

Therefore, the two said goodbye at the Peninsula Hotel on the same day, and Fairview Investment was officially established in Gangjiang, its main business is investment, venture capital, financial financing and assisting mainland companies to go public.

Immediately, the 10 billion Hua yuan fund of Jinxiu Group, just after Li Mingxuan called and Li Jianguo explained, smoothly changed from ICBC’s Hong Kong dollar settlement through the Hong Kong Bank of China to 12.4 billion Hong Kong dollars into the account of Jinxiu Investment Company.

Because the amount was too huge, even the Bank of China and ICBC headquarters called to inquire.

ICBC is extremely worried about losing the big customer of Fairview Group.

Fortunately, however, the reply given by Li Jianguo was to be used for investment to cope with the past.

With this 12.4 billion Hong Kong dollars, Xu Xin quickly set up a team by relying on his own connections…

The International Finance Center, which was just completed this year, has leased an entire one-story top office building.

Such a big move, especially Xu Xin’s job-hopping from the Barings Investment Group, naturally attracted the attention of the Hong Kong and Jiang media.

In particular, behind this company is the popular Fairview Group, and the funds of up to more than 10 billion yuan have suddenly made Fairview Investment one of the top ten investment financial companies in Gangjiang.

As a result, the media surrounded the downstairs of Fairview Investment like flies.

Xu Xin, who is expected to be able to interview.

Of course, some of these media somehow vigorously smeared this time, and the Fairview Group entered the gangjiang.

This is believed that the Jinxiu Group, which has a mainland government background, suddenly exported the port river through capital reversal, which will cause damage to the financial pattern originally formed by the port river.

Some media even said that Fairview Capital may have come to Gangjiang with political purposes, and Gangjiang’s company should be vigilant.

When Li Mingxuan saw these newspapers, he was really angry.

Oh, if you allow the capital of the Gangjiang to invest in the mainland, you will not allow the capital of our mainland to come to the Hong Kongjiang.

But the qi returns to the gas, but this is also a kind of jealousy of the rise of the Gangjiang River with the mainland.

This is like a few brothers in a family, the eldest is poor because of illness and so on, even to the point of not being able to open the pot.

Therefore, because the second eldest went to the country because of 1.4, the rich family sponsored the eldest’s family.

However, after a while, the boss was well, relying on hard work and making a fortune, the development of the second was far less than that of the boss, so the boss took a sum of money to invest in the second, and the second was extremely unbalanced in his heart.

Your boss used to be mud-legged, how can you have so much money to invest in me.

In fact, where did he know that after the industrious development of the boss, his hometown had long since changed.

In fact, this is the discrimination of the people of Gangjiang.

However, Li Mingxuan felt that since he wanted to gain a foothold in the Gangjiang River, it was best to still have his own tongue.

So he set his sights on entertainment, newspapers, radio, and so on.

For example, the dying Jiahe, Asia Television.

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